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  1. This is an amazing scent and I can't believe I've run through two vials. My next order will include a large bottle of this scent because I need it in my arsenal. This is a first time, but I think I'll actually do this one with no pheros. First time wearing it, I got hits all day long. My first test was in the office and it made people stop and stare constantly. It has tremendous staying power and I love that quality. I adore scents that remind me and others that they're still there. I actually have to refrain from picking up this scent everyday!
  2. I ROCKED this scent tonight during dinner. I wore LPR w/BANG! Spray 2x and the entire 2nd floor dining area lit up (disbursement helped by ceiling fans going). A couple kept asking me where to find the perfume and the waitress actually tried to sit in my booth...ummm awkward, but WTH..it's cool. NOTE: NEWBIE learns a lesson. I actually wore less! This may seem like a "so what" comment, but you have to know me...I'm a pretty over the top, more is a.w.e.s.o.m.e, slather is the new wearing style type of gal. My advice, if you don't believe "less is more", try it! Mara I will NEV
  3. Thanks Beccah. Then I love resins because they smell wonderful on my skin.
  4. OMG, that happen to my I wore this last week with OCCO SLF. I didn't know at the time and found the shirt in the hamper while sorting the wash. I was like "That's not right"
  5. I went all BANG! ladies with LP Red. Check out my review under LP Red...I'm wearing it Friday!
  6. I picked up Caught in the Act w/BANG! and another w/ Popularity Potion. I'm hooked on this scent.
  7. Hi everyone, I know this scent has been reviewed a lot, but I thought I would add my mixture and experience to the board. The Wonderful Magikal Mara indulged one of my numerous emails about LP scent purchases. While it may seem easy to some, I struggle with what to purchase because everything sounds and smells soo good. I often find myself planning my next purchase before my prior order arrives sometimes hours after my last. Is that a sign of addiction...probably , but there are worse things in the world. In my opinion, I'm doing a service by helping people with smell and subco
  8. BklynG, the samples are dangerous <giddy laugh>. It's creating a very dangerous habit in my life. You should try "Caught in the Act."
  9. Mara, this is such a wonderful incentive and you are amazing. I love how each of my purchases always contain an unexpected surprise that I L.O.V.E.! You win my "Person of the Year" award and it's only March.
  10. Mission: Wear Enduring Appeal to an event with younger men and see if I get hits. Application: Cleavage, behind ears, and wrist with a little smooshy smooshy. Results: Positioned myself at bar and order drinks. Looks of looks and long lingering stares. Leaving the bar, a guy stops me mid-exit to share his phone number. Stop for dinner and a male waiter (not my waiter) keeps serving my table. I had a female waitress and he wouldn't let her do anything. Enduring appeal has such an approachable scent. To me it's light with power. Really great for luring.
  11. I'm a little late with my review, but here it goes. For me, this stuff is STRONG! I'm super cautious after reading Dolly's review about cops and pheros. I ensure not to slather (oil-based) this scent because it's easy to get carried away. It takes restraint to keep it "less is more"!!!! In the bottle: Strong scent of musk and honey. It's intriguing scent and made me do a double take. Applied to skin (wet): Honey scent and I love that it mellows. However, it's not a significant mellow, so slather is not an option for me. It's at this point, I love to deeply inhale because t
  12. Question I wore OCCO: SLF last night and showered this morning. Yep, fun night!!! After a loooong hot shower, I still smell OCCO: SLF two hours later o_O!!! I'm suppose to go out to night. I put Honeyed Love Potion w/Gotcha in my hair before I realized the scent was still there. What should I do? I'm still waiting on my perfume removal soap in my big order. Update: I'll do my OCCO: SLF review tonight. Update #2: So, OCCO: SLF is really really strong. Somehow, I must have gotten a little on my jacket and it was hitting me when I moved around my office. Crisis averted,
  13. Dolly, I read your post and would like to thank you for helping a newbie understand cops a little more. As I continue this journey, I'll keep asking questions to refine and understand the uses. Less is more! Great power comes great responsibility!
  14. Is it like that with all the pheros, I need to test each to find my sweet spot? I like the oils for close contact, but the sprays offer diffusions which I love. To be honest, I'm a little nervous about OD'ing my first round of un pheros. I have a EoW and SS4W un phero coming and I am a little intimidated to get out the starting blocks. I guess, I'll start with two sprays to the chest or hair (no cops) and see if I notice hits. Of course, I could mistake the hits for reeking which would not be good. Is it the same with SS4W, less is more? I want to turn heads in the right way.
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