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    Radium Girl

    Hey LPMP family, I been gone for a few weeks for work, but I'm back and having fun with my scents. I love this scent and it's in my "must have" collection. You know you love it when the tester is gone in like two days. Dang this one is GREAT! How do you do it Mara?
  2. This is an amazing scent and I can't believe I've run through two vials. My next order will include a large bottle of this scent because I need it in my arsenal. This is a first time, but I think I'll actually do this one with no pheros. First time wearing it, I got hits all day long. My first test was in the office and it made people stop and stare constantly. It has tremendous staying power and I love that quality. I adore scents that remind me and others that they're still there. I actually have to refrain from picking up this scent everyday!
  3. Made my purchase 10 seconds ago. That's right...I got plans for you Sex and Violins...big plans!
  4. I ROCKED this scent tonight during dinner. I wore LPR w/BANG! Spray 2x and the entire 2nd floor dining area lit up (disbursement helped by ceiling fans going). A couple kept asking me where to find the perfume and the waitress actually tried to sit in my booth...ummm awkward, but WTH..it's cool. NOTE: NEWBIE learns a lesson. I actually wore less! This may seem like a "so what" comment, but you have to know me...I'm a pretty over the top, more is a.w.e.s.o.m.e, slather is the new wearing style type of gal. My advice, if you don't believe "less is more", try it! Mara I will NEV
  5. This scent on me is FREAKING ROCKIN! I mean WOW! Even I want me It is a little strong on my skin and care must be taken to go light. There's something in there with bite, but I can't place the scent name. Even so, it wins my seal of approval. Love it. Has anyone tried pheros with this scent? If so, thoughts?
  6. I'm trying to fall in love with this one, but I'm having a hard time embracing the marshmallow. It goes on sharp and mellows overtime but, I'm not in love yet. I get tons of marshmallows and rootbeer (????) Meh, maybe it's me. I'll add it to my rotation again in a couple weeks.
  7. Hi Ladies, Would you or would you not phero this perfume? If so, what type of phero would mix best? It has a light scent and I'm thinking a nice social phero, but I'd like to solicit opinions.
  8. Dolly you are FAB! Thanks for the explanation. I'll add LAM and BAM to my order this week.
  9. Thanks Beccah. Then I love resins because they smell wonderful on my skin.
  10. OMG, that happen to my I wore this last week with OCCO SLF. I didn't know at the time and found the shirt in the hamper while sorting the wash. I was like "That's not right"
  11. I went all BANG! ladies with LP Red. Check out my review under LP Red...I'm wearing it Friday!
  12. I love LP Red and that must be the reason I love Honeyed Love Potion w/Gotcha!
  13. Thanks, I'm adding it to my purchase this week.
  14. I picked up Caught in the Act w/BANG! and another w/ Popularity Potion. I'm hooked on this scent.
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