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  1. Mara And Crew, THANK YOU (Long overdue!) for creating your endlessly AMAZING fragrances/Potions!!! Everything Always arrives in Great Condition (LOVE the pretty bags: I store my bottles by category in them). Can hardly wait to see what the Upcoming Holidays will bring! And a HUGE Thank You for your Aug./Sept. Spell lineup: Every one that I've gotten my hands on is TOP NOTCH! Thank you all for maintaining this fun and informative message board. 100% Better than department store websites (bleah). Have a great Autumn!
  2. chickadee


    OKay. I'll try the "wait & See" method first. It could just be from the weather shift we're having: the aromas that were luscious in 90 degree heat over the weekend smell like cheep shampoo on the crisp cool weather we're having now. Thanks!
  3. chickadee


    It is strange, but I ALWAYS get tobacco in Port Jolie and some others. I thought it was supposed to be like that. But, I guess it's that skin chemistry thing. Some folks say that a fragrance is absorbed into their skin. On me, many turn to the scent of tobacco smoke (nope, I don't smoke... I enjoy a hint of its scent but I don't care to reek like a loaded ashtray). Does anyone else out there "go up in smoke" with some of the tobacco-less fragrances??
  4. chickadee


    I just got Unseelie as my requested freebie during this clearance, and all I can say is drat. I love smoky scents, as in woodsmokey and at LPMP the Smoking Bun, Port Jolie and 221B as well as Katerina Suite. But Unseelie smells like an ash tray (full) on me. No depth beyond that with my skin. Waaaaah, got to go wash up. Oh well, win some (99% are winners from LPMP on me) and lose some.
  5. I totally agree! I would love to get ALL the Aug/Sept collection eventually, because you never know when you or a friend will need that help. The ones I tried with intention, Whisker Wishes, Hex Breaker and Courage & Bravery worked PERFECTLY. I haven't tried my Amber Amour and Love Immortal with intention yet; I've just been enjoying them for their heart warming fragrances. Plus, I would really love to feel the emotion of Lucky Dog! I've had dogs, and when they're happy, they are SO HAPPY. It would be great to feel THAT way after a long day with a spraying water pipe in the basement!
  6. chickadee


    I got this a ways back because I drool over Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock Holmes character and the entire feel of those movies and I wanted to wear anything that could keep me in that frame of mind without looking like a loco in a costume. I still love to come home from working and put on a LOT of this in the evening. Tea, honey & tobacco like in Port Jolie and Tea-less Strumpets are pure joy for me to wear, and 221B is the most ladylike (as in you can go visit your momma wearing this one and she won't raise her eyebrows) of this class. But I can still have my yummy Sherlock thoughts w
  7. Hi y'all! Been traveling down South for work and fun off & on for months with one thought on my mind the whole time (ok, so there were a few others, hah!) and it was about sharing a review of Velvet and Steel enhanced with Swimming With the Sharks phero blend. Because it did the Magic I needed. Here's the scoop: We have a young tough and mean teacher who was messing up my kids minds with the WORST sex ed class ever... some of his "facts" weren't even physically possible. Plus, his extreme Puritan streak (he is probably channeling Cotton Mather) went so far as to urge kids to "try not to
  8. Lawdy. I've been off the forum for weeks, not being antisocial, just hyperbusy with manic gardening, work & chauferring the kids. And cooking (4 teens). But the draw of finding out what new aromatic goodies Mara has created for May has tractor-beamed me back to forum. And I have to get going again! Wah!! once they move out I'll probably get even more busy to avoid the lonelies in the evening. Is there a mellow-mama perfume with repel annoying people pheremones so I can get some peace. Or would repelling people junk up my karma? Hmm.
  9. I get cinnamon smoooothed into vanilla. Frankly, I don't get this perfume. On me, it smells like delish food, so meltingly yummy, how can it be ubersexey - LOL!! It's like a comforting dessert. To my nose it smells"safer" than ones like OCCO or Sugared Honey which smell, to me, like The night of Total Abandon. But I'm heading the warnings and not wearing it to the Shop & Save. Not yet, anyway... I'll forget and toddle in with it on and wonder why I trailing a string of shoppers with happy smiles on their faces, LOL!
  10. Magnified chocolate hazelnut butter cookies!!!! Only the teeniest hint of rose , some powdery feminine backgound, and Big, last all day and and fill every room I'm in Cooky fragrance. My kids love this on me. I love this on me. Although I love rose, i dont mind it vanishing on me in this fragrance. My mum's home smells overwhelmingly lavender-herbal from real bundles of herbs, yet I can smell Rose of Shrewesbury on me when I visited her yesterday. YaY! This is family pleasing scent (treasured hearts would be excellent in this) yet I find a seductve, sexy whiff somewhere down deep. This stays
  11. Tried the cougar - yikes! smells like cat pee on me! Nonetheless, decided to give it a go and wore it to bed and got wicked heart palpitations like I used to get during menopause. The only 'mone i've tried that did that. eek. Yet- taaadaaah- the next day I looked more Sparkly 20 years old than, well, since I was 20!! Actually, i didn't look that sparkly back then. This stuff in AMAZING. So, now i ONLY put a dab on my belly, and even that wee amount works its wonders. I have to find a good place to wear this out in public! Fun Stuff!!!
  12. This is the one to wear when you will be crammed in a bus with forty 10-13 year olds plus other harried chaperones, a priest and a lost bus driver!!!
  13. Have been using this about once a week since January'13. LOVE the Autumn fragrances - I wear them year around even though I'm a Spring person. Lumina seems to unfocus my mind and quiets my emotions. That's good for me being creative & intuitive, a "listening" state of being. OK! And it does REALLY cool things to my eyes. Yes, my plain ol' middle-aged eyes become glamourously dark, smoky. As if the best makeup dude in Hollywood fixed me up to look like a djinn or elf. definately elvin looking. Happens every time I wear this. If I didn't need to think in a logical, linear way sometimes I wo
  14. My favorite pheremone so far. It ALWAYS makes me feel good, more "ME". That helps because I tend to get frayed from all the people I deal with some days. Feeling like yourself is the best way to have solid boundaries! Got my first "hit" on it, complete with violins & cupids... seriousli; I put a dab on my belly before heading out to work - just a little cuz I wasn't sure how potent it would be in a medium size room (and it was in Fuzzy Wuzzy,mmmm.). I'm in the back of the room while a worker, single & 17 years my junior was prepping for a brief speech up front, lots of happily mar
  15. SO Many LUSCIOUS fragrances, but The Smoking Bun is my TOTAL favcorite so far... Going to see about getting it with Gotcha!!! Sweet tobacco is insanely good with sweet & honey flavors, er, scents I could eat my arm!!
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