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  1. ooh I hafta try that one then.. I love the Sugared roses. Thanks! Diana
  2. I absolutely would! With the right outfit of course.... Liz- OOO Monkey heaven!! LOL Too funny!
  3. Its absolutely Gorgeous in person... very well made, and not expensive at all. I don't own it.. Dawn is my friend, more like my sister, so I had the pleasure of trying it on. I keep teasing her that I'm gonna "Steal" it! LOL just kiddin' Seriously her pieces are just as, if not more, stunning in person as they are in the pics. My favorites of her collection are: Amber Glow, Crystal Waters & Autumn splendor... the last 2 are from the "Earth Goddess Collection" Hey Dawn... You should make a monkey necklace!! For those of you that don't know I'm a monkey freak LOL. Diana
  4. Thats one of my Fav's too! I keep teasing Dawn she should call it "Stolen from Dawns home" hee hee....
  5. :c38-0022: Hello and welcome 'lil sis!! Glad to see you here! ^ Did ya see the monkey? Diana
  6. I just received my sample vial. OMG. a whiff right out of the bottle and I loved it! I put it on and CANNOT stop smelling myself! Its an instant favorite for me, I have to get a full bottle pronto. Is this a signature fragrance and always going to be around or do I need to order a case of full bottles?
  7. WOW! Thanks, I learned lots from your post!! Just added a few more things to my shopping list... :c38-0022: Diana
  8. :dancingfruits0nm: Wooo HOoo!!! I just received the 1st order I placed!! And OMG I AM LOVIN LOVIN LOVIN the Cuddle Bunny They all smell really wonderful, I cant wait to try the others on.. Thanks! Diana
  9. Cool I'll keep ya posted. Diana
  10. Hi I just recieved my order and am so excited!! I LOVE the Bayberry & Gold and the rest smell YUMMY as well....and thanks for the samples!!! Only one problem... I placed 2 seperate orders...The order I received today was my second order and theres no sign of my first. I checked the USPS track & confirm thingy and it says: Your item was processed and left our NEW YORK, NY 10199 facility on May 5, 2008. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later. They did have 2 different shipping addy's so maybe I'll recieve it tomorrow? I'll post tomorrow about whether I get it or not. Thanks, Diana
  11. Hi. This is jeff, Diana's husband. DMG and any other immune boosting agent will provide your cat with better ability to fend off and/or deal with disease. DMG, also improves cardiovascular function which will be stressed during asthmatic episodes. Also, Grape Seed extract is another good supplement to help improve circulation in the body. And, Beta-Thym (beta sitosterol) is a natural anti-inflammatory to help inflammed areas (bronchil path). You can view this on www.bestforyourpet.com. Finally, and most importantly is good nutrition. Get your cat on a good natural diet - preferably raw or all cans. Not kibble. Then there are environmental considerations. Humidifiers, air purifiers are always good to use. Litter should be dust free. Do you smoke? Or, do you live in an Old house? Just consider every possible thing that could contribute to breathing. Well, hope this helps. Jeff
  12. Hey Katz, My hubby will post later and explain in more detail... this is more his area of expertise. Diana
  13. Did you get my email addy yet? If not you can check out this company we use their supplements for our pets. www.usanimalnutirionals.com They sell a product called DMG, Im sure would help your kitty. Its wonderful & safe to use for dogs, cats & parrots. People can use it as well (I do), for info on human use you can check out www.dmgdoctor.com Also you can do immune support supplements, those should help as well. I'll ask my hubby which ones are safe & good for kitties. Also heres a couple of good sites for natural animal rearing: www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com www.naturalrearing.com Hope this helps! Diana
  14. Nice ta meet cha & thanks for the welcome! < I just love this monkey!! LOL Diana
  15. Hey!! Nice to meet you Liz! I dont know how I missed your welcome I dont mind at all! Poor kitty!
  16. Umm did i say how much Im lovin this site?? LOVIN IT!! LOL
  17. Nice to meet you Katz & Dolly thanks for the welcome! The Avatar pic is a Pug I painted in a mural for a groomer, he happens to be one of my favorites, glad you like him I'd be happy to help, if i can, with any holistic pet questions. Diana
  18. Hi There!! My Name is Diana and I came across this site yesterday late morning. I have been on here since checking out the fragrances and message board. I ordered some sample fragrances and cant wait to try 'em! I LOVE perfume!! MMmm Yum! Lets see about me ...I am an artist.. I paint pet portraits and murals and also design dog clothing, collars, beds etc.. My husband and I are owned by 3 wonderful Pit Bulls, 3 Shih Tzus and 5 parrots, we also own a holistic Pet shop specializing in nutrition for dogs, cats and birds. My life revolves around animals & art, always has since I was a child. I look forward to meeting you all!! Be well, Diana
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