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  1. ooh I hafta try that one then.. I love the Sugared roses. Thanks! Diana
  2. I just received my sample vial. OMG. a whiff right out of the bottle and I loved it! I put it on and CANNOT stop smelling myself! Its an instant favorite for me, I have to get a full bottle pronto. Is this a signature fragrance and always going to be around or do I need to order a case of full bottles?
  3. WOW! Thanks, I learned lots from your post!! Just added a few more things to my shopping list... :c38-0022: Diana
  4. :dancingfruits0nm: Wooo HOoo!!! I just received the 1st order I placed!! And OMG I AM LOVIN LOVIN LOVIN the Cuddle Bunny They all smell really wonderful, I cant wait to try the others on.. Thanks! Diana
  5. Cool I'll keep ya posted. Diana
  6. Hi I just recieved my order and am so excited!! I LOVE the Bayberry & Gold and the rest smell YUMMY as well....and thanks for the samples!!! Only one problem... I placed 2 seperate orders...The order I received today was my second order and theres no sign of my first. I checked the USPS track & confirm thingy and it says: Your item was processed and left our NEW YORK, NY 10199 facility on May 5, 2008. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later. They did have 2 different shipping addy's so maybe I'll recieve it tomorrow? I'll post tomor
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