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  1. Well said! Thats what I am looking for!
  2. Hey LadyVictoria, thats pretty funny because Victoria just happens to be my absolute favorite!
  3. QuietGuy, that was an entertaining read, thanks! I do go back and forth between the two personality types, but even at my best Marilyn Monroe(when we are out and about), Angelina is always lurking in the shadows and cannot keep herself at bay for too long(usually after we finally get home). With that being said, my intentions are to find a blend that will entice him to make a move before my dark side has a chance. :banana052: Although my honey is an alpha male, our sea of passion for sex is usually churned by my desire.. a bit opposite but its just the way it is. I am considering trying BANG... has anyone experience with it? I know patience will be coming into play here while figuring out what is best for us, im just so EXCITED! Also, do pheromones make the wearer a bit light headed, almost like a high? I have been feeling this way the past couple days and wearing the perfume is the only thing I have changed to my routine...maybe? I like how indecent exposure sounds! Thanks to all! <3
  4. Wow, that was awesome everyone! Thanks for your advice and support My hubby is an alpha male Blue Bear, and I am really excited to try out different kinds now <3
  5. Hi Everyone, I am in need of a little advice.. I was just wondering if Pheromones work for everyone and if you can smell the "unscented" ones on yourself after the dry-time? I have been recently using Blatant Invitation for a few days now but I don't seem to be getting any "different" reaction out of my husband (who I haven't seen in a week). Also, I don't think the smell of the copulins is that bad(is that weird?) Anyway, I started with just using on my cleavage and wrists...nothing...so the next days i doused my chest, torso, and wrists (maybe I wasn't using enough) and dried for 10+ mins..no change in looks, behavior or anything. Are my expectations too high? Should I try another blend of pheromones? Am I doing this wrong? Appreciate any insight, as I am new to this chapter
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