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  1. I'm going to have to dig out an aged sample of Sugared Cream that I have and give it another go! I loved it then but its fun to see what the beautiful process of aging does to it also...
  2. LFM wears almost like Cougar on me...but with a bit more spark! I find sales associates are super friendly and really go out of their way to make sure I receive excellent customer service. Today was one of those days... but each and every time it happens I can't help but smile... love my LFM spray!
  3. Lemon Coolers? I love those! For some reason I am the only one who loves lemon in this house... thats dandy... more for me!!! Edited to add: Oh Z I N G E R S !!! Jeepers... Its been years! I remember those now
  4. My goodness... I just continue to read and read all these wonderful reviews on these Fairy Cupcakes! CAN NOT WAIT to give them a whirl !!!
  5. This is still my favorite! It puts a bounce in my step each time and I continue to get compliments. If you love citrus with sparkle this one is for you!
  6. This is still one of my absolute best summer fragrances!!! When the warmer days start to appear... I find myself gravitating toward Jungle Colada. It continues to give me consistant compliments. I gotta say you can tell when someone has walked in my "scent cloud" while wearing because with the women they are compelled to ask what scent I'm wearing and with the men there is much more of a "Me Tarzan" look
  7. I love this! I put this on yesterday and received sooo many compliments - This has aged even better!
  8. I can not believe I have never reviewed this! I have a couple of these bottles stashed away.... they are second choice after Cougar! When I wear Sugared Apples I always ALWAYS get huffed and "mmm yummy" compliments. The more I wear SA the more I am noticing that a lot of mean really love and are attracted to the scent of Apples!
  9. I adore my new full bottle! So very yummy! I ordered this un-sniffed because of the reviews and my love of Peach! I was a bit worried about the honey but.... whatever type of honey is in this - I can wear!!! Some honey do not play nice with my chemistry but this one behaved <----- (I had to use him... he is adorable!)
  10. We can't wait to hear about your day!!!! Make sure to fill us in!
  11. Muhahahaha! It was a typo! AND a completely uncomfortable statement for all!!!! it was... "LICKABLE" I will also add... it felt like one of those "Did I just say that out loud?" moments ta-boot!
  12. Thank you ladies... more notes have already been jotted down! I don't care how long I have been wearing pheromones... I still take oodles of notes! Now that sounds like an interesting combo! I have yet to purchase Open Windows after all these years... I must still be trying to get my sexy back and just have not purchased it yet. I do have Cougar in spray and oil while Super Sexy is in oil. WooHoo! I had already ordered A Touch of Cerise with Bang prior to reading your post.... So EXCITED now!!!!
  13. "mmm.... that is likable vanilla!" Attention Ladies !!!! If you would like that comment in the checkout line (while your husband is also with you!) from the man that was with his girlfriend/wife the combo that made that uncomfortable silence was : AVV and OCCO White
  14. This bottle has aged quite lovely.... Maybe its just me... but I have just as much fun re-sniffing the perfumes after they have aged just as much as I do when I first open an order up upon arrival ! Its fun to see how they have "morphed" with time! Love!
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