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  1. That sounds nice and I love the scent of honeysuckles! Thanks for the review! KK
  2. Hi Countesszero, thank you and I do love it here and am learning so much about oil scents. I'd never used them before until someone shared with me and led me here. LOL KK
  3. Hi liz I bought a full size of LP Pink. I LOVE that scent! Then I got two freebies, Red and Angel of Spring. Red, I'm not real sure if I like it. A lady told me to use it in cold weather and I might like it better. So I'll save it until Fall crisp weather comes around. Angel of Spring, I LOVE it! The only thing is the scent doesn't last long and it's not very strong. I do love the scent though! So far that's all I've gotten. Did you notice the "so far?" Have you been buying the scents for very long? Do you have a lot of nice fragrances? KK
  4. I'm sure addicted! LOL She'll love hugs from you! KK
  5. LOL Thank you liz! I've been called KK since I was a kid, and it stuck. It's because my first and middle name both start with "K." KK
  6. Hi Quidditch Captain, thank you! I loved the Harry Potter books too. The only time when it's not heavn in the country is when the wind blows a certain way and we get cow smell here. LOL KK
  7. Thank you, Dolly! KK
  8. Thank you, Danna KK
  9. I'm KK and I live in Ohio. I'm married and have a grown daughter who lives about an hour from me. I have a fur baby named Melody, she's a ragdoll kitty, 6 years. We live in a small country town and Smuckers jelly is made here. I've always lived in big cities. We've lived here for 10 years now and it's like a piece of heaven on earth to me. I've moved a lot in my lifetime, overseas, around the U.S., lived in Alaska for 8 years, etc. It's so good to be settled now. Sue shared some of her Love Potion samples with me. She started this! It's all her fault that I'm here! I love LP and I'm going to be placing an order soon and I know soon I'll be getting samples to try out more things. Nice to meet y'all! KK
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