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  1. Very powerful scent. It's a woman who down and dirty and in your face sexy. Might be a little too loud for my personality, but I love the scent in a bewildered, wish I could dare to be this bold.
  2. In the bottle: I get all hyacinth. Almost overpowering. Wet: Hyacinth still, but toned down, and I'm smelling a sweet citrus, probably the orange blossom. Smells gorgeous, but I wish I could smell more of the fruits and sweet herbs. Dry-down: The sweet herbs and fruits come out and it's a soft scent that I really love. I can't really describe it, it makes me think of being little and hiding in my mom's bed, her sheets over my head, early in the morning, getting whiffs of her perfume and the breeze carrying the scents of the garden in. Sweetly, innocently feminine, and for me it's a re
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