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  1. Generally speaking, I don't like tea. It tastes odd and bland same with coffee. I need copious amount of cream and sugar to be able to drink either, but I love the smell of both. I generally go for straight foody scents, but this blend is so pretty and delicate and feminine and sweet. It's perfumey and refined without being cloying. VERY lovely blend... adore it :Xmas-Hug:
  2. This one was popular with one of my exes, because it smelled similar to his favorite candy. Some sort of chocolate-covered jelly bar. Tastes better than it sounds, heh. This perfume was actually a favorite of mine for a while too. Deliciously gooey and rich, but I agree on the perfumey note. It doesn't just smell like you've been eating chocolate-covered raspberries; it smells like you ARE a chocolate covered raspberry
  3. Woops I could swear it had tobacco in it... it's the only obvious note to me weird how noses work differently. I guess no one else thinks it's androgynous at all, then Oh well. My man likes it too, but he could probably make posies smell tough and manly Also, sorry about starting a new topic for this. I looked for one first... I promise Missed this thread. Thanks to whoever merged me Thanks PM for the kindly explanation!
  4. Did... did it sell out AGAIN? I see 2009 edition II in the sold-out section. Please say it ain't so?
  5. Okay, I know this was a free gift, so I can't really plug for it... but... Oh my GOD does it smell amazing on my man! I really liked it on me (sniffed the hell out of it when I got my package!) but I don't generally roll with tobacco scents because I don't smoke and it feels too masculine. *shrug* So I passed it on to him (along with some Teddy Man, which also smells stupendous ) because I got the impression it was androgynous (hopefully it is or I have a bit of explaining to do...) and it smells just so damn edible and delicious. I wish I knew what was in it. Maybe brown sugar? Vanilla? I do have a question for Mara and Danna though, if they happen to wander by. Why was it diluted with a bit of alcohol and water? So that there would be more to go around? Just curious And also... might there be more I can buy? Besides that, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE GENEROUS GIFT! :banana052: Hope everyone enjoyed his or her holiday
  6. Well... he likes it. A lot. Lol. I wasn't able to spend much time with him because of his new crazy work hours... but I've seen him a few days this week and wore Red each day, either alone or layered. He's been... cough... rather frustrated. We'll be able to spend Halloween together, fortuantely And of course he loves the smell!
  7. When I first "tried it out" (quotes because it was swatched on my arm with I think seven others... ) I thought I didn't like this one. Boooy was I wrong. I think it's one of my new favorites! Perfect for when you want to wear a sweet scent but don't want to be in-your-face gourmand... like I usually wear 'em, heh. It's delicious and mouth-watering but no one is going to say that you smell like dessert sooo... if anyone out there is wary of foody scents for day wear, no fear here. My only gripes are that it doesn't have huge throw (which I always go for!) and that I seem to soak it up in a few hours it gets very faint and smells a bit like generic incense. I hope my clothes have just been rubbing it off or something, because it'd be awful if this scent didn't work on me!
  8. Just a little update... my man ADORES this. He spent half the time buried in my neck the other night and kept telling me how nice I smelled.
  9. Oh dear. I hope that wasn't a "total stranger stopping you in the street" situation... Hahahah! I would have loved to try this... but I guess I can always content myself with the goodies I just got in the mail today :2179: I've been huffing so much that my nose is burning
  10. Oh wow. I'm SO glad I nabbed the last bottle of this! I've tried strawberry scents in the past... and have probably had the same experience as most of you strawberry lovers. It either smelled too plasticy, or overripe, or nothing like strawberry at all... *sigh!* This is so deliciously strawberry, but not overpoweringly so. It blends so well, and I love the combination of the honey and musk textures... divine! Awesome blend!
  11. I just got my bottle of RED... Oh my gawd it's DELICIOUS! Creamy vanilla and cinnamon everywhere... I'm in love Wet on my skin I can smell the cops, but only if I sniff really hard, and it doesn't warp the smell too much. I could probably throw it on and head out the door without worrying. Now to see what my man thinks this weekend
  12. Soooo... all those times I've heard the first batch described as smelling like "butt cheese" on the PT forums... Even so, thanks for posting this information... very interesting
  13. Thank you! I joined a while ago but got into a funk almost right after and fell outta the whole 'taking care of myself' groove @_@; Only very recently did I become all giiiiirly again. I'm glad to be back, in more ways than one I see there are a few new phero blends as well...
  14. Oh man, I know what you mean @_@ for a long while, I didn't even really try it out, because putting on perfume is typically the very last thing I do before running out the door, and I couldn't stand the gift-shop smell. Recently, I really gave it a go (at home... heh ) and I was very pleasantly surprised. Once it dries down, the blueberry really comes through (when I couldn't smell even a HINT of it wet... just straight cinnamon and apple crust). I can smell the baked fruitiness and creamy vanilla-y goodness, too. Basically, the cinnamon takes a backseat. It's actually very nice for fall... glad I cracked it open in time!
  15. So hey, I had ordered a trial vial of Super for Men about a month ago with someone in mind, but was only just able to give it to him a few days ago. It smells much better on him than me... My skin turns it into straight tobacco, and I don't really like tobacco. Well, I removed the label and didn't tell him it was charged with sexy pheromones, so he doesn't think it is anything other than perfume. He also doesn't know about my own phero use. Okay. This friend used to be a smoker and he recently quit (partly due to my nagging). He said that he used to roll his own cigarettes with honey, and that the perfume smells almost exactly like those cigs. I prefer it after a few hours, when most of the tobacco is gone, and it just smelled like smoky sugar on him. Mmm We were in the mall at the time, in mostly smaller stores. After a while he said "is there something on my face? People keep staring at me!" That day, I kept nuzzling the arm I applied Super to. I asked to sniff him about a dozen times... and while I have no problem touching him, I'm just generally a hands-to-myself type of person with men. So the next day he called me, and mentioned that he had worn Super that day. I asked him how his day was, and lamely prodded for info. Luckily, he didn't make me fish too much. Apparently, two British lesbians started talking to him, and they all just chatted for a little while. Then they both started following him around, like they were just tagging along the whole time--like he was the group leader. He called the experience "weird." I'll keep bothing him for anything unusual
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