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  1. Sometimes, less is more. If you mix too many pheromones together, it can overload someone, or the pheromones can cancel each other out. Alpha-androstenol and copulins often work well together, but TAF and TAH are opposites to some extent. Sometimes these everything-but-the-kitchen-sink mixes backfire a bit.
  2. Thanks for the warning. Memo to self: don't accidentally wear this one to work!
  3. I bought Eternal Chain this month. I have so many "Love Potion" fragrances, I don't want to keep opening bottles until I have used up some of what I have, but your review may convince me to open this bottle sooner rather than later. August was a really good month for fragrances.
  4. Well, it smells...purple. It really does. I think it may have violets, a hint of lily, maybe a small amount of civit or sugared amber for balance, and possibly carnation to give it a bit of brightness (although my nose could be wrong). It is a womanly fragrance, not a pink or a watery fragrance. It just smells luscious.
  5. Oh my God, I love it! I may splurge and purchase some OCCO Black next. I thought I couldn't wear copulins (I think it may the EST I can't wear), but OCCO Purple changed my mind. It is awesome.
  6. Hi, KrazyKat: I hope you have fun. - Lillith
  7. I mixed this with "Cuddle Bunny" for the copulins, and, this time, "Tantric Butterfly" really worked. I think I am going to revised my previous post on this one. I think a "TAF" and copulins mixture is the key.
  8. This quote has been miscontrued to lead people to believe Napoleon didn't want Josephine to bathe because he thought her unwashed body was sexy. What Napoleon really may have meant was, "I'm coming home. Don't do anything, just wait for me."
  9. Some weightlifting contests will disqualify you if you wear pheromones, so this might not be the best idea.
  10. It's not bathing that is bad. It is the commercial deodorants and perfumes, I believe, that can squelch your natural pheromone signature. Buy your perfumes only from this site and find a substitute for deodorant that works for you.
  11. Is anyone ordering a "Set of 10 New Releases -- Full Size" this month? http://lovepotionperfume.com/store/Specials.html
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