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  1. Well, it smells...purple. It really does. I think it may have violets, a hint of lily, maybe a small amount of civit or sugared amber for balance, and possibly carnation to give it a bit of brightness (although my nose could be wrong). It is a womanly fragrance, not a pink or a watery fragrance. It just smells luscious.
  2. Oh my God, I love it! I may splurge and purchase some OCCO Black next. I thought I couldn't wear copulins (I think it may the EST I can't wear), but OCCO Purple changed my mind. It is awesome.
  3. This one is great. I thought I was madly in love with "Allegro," but this one is such a perfect complement to the Alpha-Androstenol that I ordered a full bottle.
  4. I really like this one. I tend to like the more "objective" type pheromones, like Beta-Androstenol (my current favorite because it gives off a serious vibe and that is congruent on me) or Alpha-Androstenol (a lot of fun, but it can make things a little silly , and this can sometimes lead to co-workers thinking you lack bandwith). I also like "Treasured Hearts," "True Confessions," and "Drop Your Guard." I've worn "Intellectual Woman" at meetings and everyone listens to me and is respectful. It really is a good work blend and I love "La Vie De Boheme Femme" because it contains "Intellectua
  5. "Treasured Hearts" is really great. I swear by this product and also "Drop Your Guard."
  6. I love "Love Potion Green," but I read in a previous post that it is all sold out (sob! sniff!).
  7. I bought "Blatant Invitation" and I cover it with (drum roll) . . . "Woodland Man." This works perfectly with my chemistry. When I wear this combination, everyone is nice, people greet me from yards away, everyone goes out of their way to help me. I love this place.
  8. Lillith

    21st Century Venus

    I love this one, but it has absolutely no staying power on me.
  9. What a great way to describe this. I am so stealing this expression!
  10. Great! Let us all know how it works on you.
  11. It has really great staying power on me. I originally wasn't going to buy this potion, but I was a little intrigued by the pheromones that were listed in the ingredients. Popularity Potion has been a really great surprise for me.
  12. I swear on a stack of bibles, pheromones do work over the phone.
  13. I am not using a lot at all! I roll on a little of the Popularity Potion each morning on my wrists and by both ears. That's it. I don't even reapply it during the day.
  14. I've had great experiences wearing this product. People act like they almost drunk with love over me when I wear it. I covered it with "Heartland" and people practically tackled me to get my attention. It was kind of amazing.
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