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  1. Me three. I love anything with any kind of honey and/or orange blossom.
  2. I'm wary of florals, but this sounds lovely.
  3. I was lucky enough to get a sample of this with my most recent order, and had to try it right away, since it includes three of my favorite notes. It's delicious...I love the LP sugared scents, and now I find I like the honeyed just as well. A full bottle is already in my shopping cart.
  4. Welcome--resistance is futile, as you have already realized.
  5. I should have read this post before combing the LP site!
  6. I'm thinking of ordering something good for the upcoming hot weather; preferably something with coconut.
  7. There's no way I want to have to reapply deodorant every 2-4 hours.
  8. I always stick with oil; I don't care for the feeling of silicones. I want my scents to meld with my skin.
  9. Mine just arrived 10 minutes ago. I was going to give it some time to rest and settle, but impatience got the better of me. This is so delicious. Amber lovers--you must get some. I don't generally like sweet fragrances, but I've loved every LP sugared scent I've tried.
  10. Shipping on the 7th? Good news, since I'm in LA county.
  11. Sassenach


    I'm wearing this today, and I chose it entirely for the name...I needed some confidence today. I'd forgotten what the notes were, but I knew I'd like it. Is it working? Too early to say
  12. I've had a sample of this for several months, but tried it for the first times last night. So green and fresh and lovely. I'm going to set this aside for wearing in warm weather.
  13. I really like this blend, both as a fragance--such a good mix of resins and honey--and as a phero. People are always nicer to me when I wear it.
  14. Thanks for the information. I've just received a selection of scents w/ pheromones, and I'm trying them very judiciously.
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