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    Sugared Roses

    another favorite crisp scent that i lovarly. i cant imagine being without it because it makes all things beautiful, esp scents thst i am on the border with, it just amps them up. hmmm, i love this scent, its what i wear to bed
  2. this was very very nice, very sweet and deep- somehow i feel like it could use a toner for the sweetness or something to hold it togethet, thats where layering comes in for me. i used a few dropns of occo slf with this to give it some "depth" lol.... i am no scent expert, still very new at this, i would love to hear how others handle this very very happy scent and very sweet scent. delicious!
  3. this nas got to be the freshest cleanest purest smell i've ever smelled and its intesne such that when i wore it i needed just a little dab here and there and im good to go. this is my most favorite scent so far from lp, its hard to say from the gazzillion samples i got, but truly from what i recieved, velvet stel and cougar take the top spot and unbelievably all the scents i recieved smell soooo wonderful, its hard to pick the next best. if anyone can suggest another velevet and steel like scent.. the fresheness, airyness, wateryness, coolness, crispness, cleamness, smoothness then please
  4. Sigh! The last bottle was in my cart and I lost it. I ordered a sample and it is AMAZING. It was my first must have! Followed by LPMP red. Now I'm like agh, anyone want to trade? Lol. I will buy u whatever appropriately priced scent for a bottle of hot and sticky. Off to the trade forum I go!
  5. Miss hazel, any feedback on your mans low testosterone fix.? Been having same issue with my hubby, he fed soy formula, obese until 6 yrs ago, gaining too much weight again, losing hair and he's only 26., I wanted to know what worked. I didn't want to try something on him that will send him outside the house looking for fresh women since m preggers and not very frisky , but I wanted to help myself out from being the one constantly riding and moving, you kno being the freak like we used to by wearing scents that would ramp up his manlyness and make me want to ravish him and him ravage me-
  6. I'm loving these reviews. I do think and agree that occo's and sexual phero's should be private use, no matter the agenda. d rather be safe than sorry. But I also love that they raise testestorone levels because ummm in my opinion they are a lot of soft men out there today who could use a boost at their manhood. Lol
  7. hello Shehoss. i truly hope you get a chance to come back online and i will introduce you to dr l wilson. he deals with a lot of lyme patients and by following his very easy and simple protocol- mostly diet related and nothing crazy or extreme except that he encorages dropping wheat/gluten and processed milk. i swear you will be healed, because u want to be and you been ready to be well... i know i say that with a lot of confidence, but yes you will. please please contact him at Dr. Lawrence Wilson <larry@drlwilson.com>. he will definately advise you on which practitioner you could v
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