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  1. I wanna be Babs when I grow up! No warning necessary
  2. Well hi there, Chrissy! Yikes, what a read, thanks for leading me to it. I'm not sure why I couldn't find it on my own. So, I've been wearing LP Red for the last several hours after almost giving up on it the first time. To me, it's Gramma's Sticky Buns (heh, I never noted the inference there before..) and maple syrup and French toast with extra cinnamon. It's not bad and is growing on me and I could see it especially during Christmastime and cold weather. That's when I like to do all my baking, too and it's invariably cinnamon-stuff. But I can't understand the male appeal, esp
  3. This exactly. It smells like skin smell, not an added scent.
  4. So, haven't tried it yet but it sounds like a 1950s movie, stopping at the drive-in ice cream store with your leather-coated James Dean/Elvis Presley lookalike boyfriend right after he's been working on the '57 Chevy (Cherry Red with White Trim and those FINS!) and each of you are sensuously licking a vanilla ice cream cone? And makin' plans for the evening? Good to know. This goes into the sample request list
  5. Ohhhh! This is LOVELY! Working my way through my extensive sampler collection Sweet forest smell, like there's a bakery at the end of the mossy path. This could be easily mistaken for 'just the way someone always smells' in that haunting sense. Add some cops and mones to this and...oh, I would bury my face in a furry chest with this.
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