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  1. Shelly, that post was hilarious and wonderful! Fantastic report. ...Wow. I've been using pheros & reading reports for just under three years, and that is the most direct hit I have ever seen. She basically described exactly what was being done to her without realizing it. That's amazing.
  2. Airborne is a placebo, just so you know. You're better off with Time Release Vitamin C and zinc if you can stomach it. You need to eat some starch before you take zinc because it's rough on your stomach, but it works. Echinacea, which is the "active" ingredient in Airborne, was proven several times to be a placebo, most notably by the New England Journal of Medicine in 2005. It's the old "I took some and then saw mild improvement over time, so it must have worked" things.
  3. LOL at "outside voice"...but what on God's green Earth is a KSPBF? Since H&S seems to be appropriate for similar goals (it's probably healthier to have your attitude, but I kind of do want everyone to love me) I'll probably stick with that for now. Not ruling out Treasured Hearts for the future, though. Hee! You crack me up.
  4. Thanks, Carrie! I missed you! Rosebud! Did you steal a baby?! I had been planning on getting H&S, so I'm glad to hear that recommendation. It seems like less of a gamble than Treasured Hearts because I recognize all the ingredients in H&S except Epi-Androsterone. But I also don't know what the heck 5a-Androstenol is, which means I don't recognize or have experience with (that I know of--I realize we're not aware of every component in Androtics's mixes) two out of three ingredients in Treasured Hearts, which makes me a titch nervous about trying it. H&S sounds like an
  5. I actually just read Mara's brilliant post about the rumors regarding different batches/strengths of EoW, so please disregard my previous question! Thanks, Mara!
  6. I'm back and have missed you all so much!! I've been lurking intermittently, but for awhile didn't have the money to buy any products and really didn't think I had anything to contribute to the discussion, so I am so glad to be back. After the betrayal of a certain group of people who ran the forum where many of us met, I am so incredibly grateful that we have a kinder, wiser place to gather. Thank you Mara, Danna and Ail! <3 Okay, enough gushing! I have to tell you guys, switching from Androtics to LP is a bit of a shock because I thought I was really knowledgeable, and now I'm jus
  7. ...Wow. This seriously throws me for a loop, because of all the talk over the years about how people thought they bought bottles from different batches and the smell was drastically different, etc. I need to process that for a second! I echo everything Lor said.
  8. Has EoW gotten stronger? My bottle is from two years ago and it's strong but it doesn't smell that bad, like I'd have trouble covering a single drop.
  9. Good Lord; I'm glad I know this. Everyone always talked about EST as being the one pheromone with a natural odor that is actually pleasant, so I would have thought nothing about spraying it in my hair. I know not to do that now, jeez! I can't afford the straight stuff at the moment anyway...maybe in a few months. I have Cuddle Bunny on order, though. :banana055:
  10. Great report, Dolly...wow, what an a**. It's great that you stood up to him like that, though. Good going.
  11. Thank you, ladies! Ail, I've missed you, so it's great to have a place to correspond.
  12. *waves* Hi, PheroTalk ladies!
  13. Hello! My name and location should be obvious from my username, but...I'm Laurie and I live in New York. I've been lurking for quite awhile as I've been a PheroTalk user since January 2007. Finances are tight, but I hope to invest in some of your pheromone blends soon, as your prices are amazing and thanks to Androtics I have a lot of friends here on your boards! Happy Spring! <3 ETA: Oh...I'm 21 and have just graduated from college this month.
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