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  1. First off, welcome! Secondly, I agree with the other posters in saying that you may have used a little too much. Also, keep in mind that you may have gotten quite a wallop of pheros too when you first opened your package. Even though everything is nicely packaged and sealed, I remember getting a little dizzy and even a bit nauseous when I received my first order. Don't worry though; just give it a little time, and start off small. The advice from the veterans here is great... definitely recommend reading through the different forums! You are going to have so much fun!
  2. I'm not always a pinky pink girl... but it's so much fun to be one once in a while. Definitely going to take this combo out for a whirl. I love the great ideas I get from this forum!
  3. I usually wear the Cougar phero in the Enduring Appeal scent, and had completely forgotten that I had gotten a sample of this to try! I put this on today mixed with unscented lotion all across my upper body. It's interesting to me that both Cougar scents have grapefruit as an ingredient, but they smell so different and evoke such different images. On me, Cougar Potion smells mostly sweet and musky... like some others who reviewed this, I also thought this perhaps had vanilla in it. It gave me a feeling of warmth, and a more grounded type of sexy than Enduring Appeal (which is brighter, mo
  4. BklynG

    Snow Musk

    I was a little hesitant to try this one on, since it was released as a winter scent. But to my surprise, this works with the warmer weather as well! As several other reviewers have mentioned, Snow Musk is veryvery light on my skin. I'm curious if anyone had gotten a full spray bottle of this; how does it diffuse? With the oil, it is so subtle and soft... I can't imagine anyone else being able to smell this without nuzzling up to my neck! But I really like it on me. I previously had qualms about musks precisely because they seemed so heavy and cloying on my skin, but Snow Musk has none of
  5. Oh shucks. Been lurking here for daaaaays now, was hoping to see the NRs today!
  6. BklynG

    Novice from NYC

    Just wanted to send a warm welcome! Nice to see someone here from my neck of the woods. Enjoy experimenting; it's a blast!
  7. BklynG

    Skool's Out!

    Thank you!! (And yes, I am in Brooklyn!)
  8. BklynG

    Skool's Out!

    Got this one as a sampler and decided to try it on today. Not what I expected AT ALL. I was thinking that I'd get sugary lightness and fluff, but I'm smelling more smoldering tropical lushness. Very grown up, very dancing-to-bongo-drum-beats. On my skin, I definitely get the coconut, and possibly the sandalwood. I agree that this seems rather unisex; would love to smell this on a guy, as I'm finding it verrrrry sexy. Rawr.
  9. Oh yum yum. I saw this thread go active a couple weeks ago, and it was a lovely surprise to discover a sample of this in my most recent order! I'm not usually big on foody/sweet scents, but this is SO DELICIOUS I WANT TO LICK MY ARM. This smells so tart and happy. I don't know if I get most of the notes; on my skin, it's very very passionfruit-y. Sometimes I thiiiiiink I get a little peach, or maybe a little cream. Oh jeebus, this is literally making my mouth water. It reminds me a lot of my favorite passionfruit candy, made by a small artisan shop that I will now have to go visit as soon
  10. Thank you! And yes, that kitten has ridiculous mind-melting powers with that lick.
  11. Wow. I had to come back and share my experience today with Levitation. This is the first day I wore it out, and I actually like the scent more as it diffuses in public. Pheromone-wise, this made me REALLY comfortable talking with strangers. I live in New York... while not unfriendly, we're not usually chatty folk. Today, I burst out with random small talk as I stood in line at Whole Foods and even smiled at strangers (and got a compliment back!). I'm fairly new to pheromones, and I'd usually chalk this behavior up to a beautiful spring day... but then I got THE BEST customer service I've e
  12. Hm. I am helping out a client with party prep this evening, and I decided to try out the new Levitation scent. Open Windows plus DHEAS. Not sure if that will make everyone too chatty for your purposes, but just wanted to give it a shout-out!
  13. I just got my package, and raced to dab some of this on! I'm really loving the look of Levitation, right off the bat. The green glitter suspended in the oil looks so pretty. When wet, I really smell the sweet strawberry notes. Reminds me of the flavored lip gloss I used as a girl. But the scent morphs within minutes on my skin. One moment it was sweet, then abruptly became sweet orchid, with the orchid getting stronger as it dries. Right now, after about 15 minutes, it has settled into a really feminine scent. I would say that this falls on the side of 'girly' rather than 'sophisticate
  14. Wow, have to join in the 'me toooooo!' chorus, definitely didn't expect such a fast turnaround. Getting that email is so exciting!
  15. Sigh. I *thought* I had my selections all sorted out. But then I read this thread and now I feel like I neeeeeeeeeeed a full bottle of Levitation. Everyone here is such a bad influence.
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