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  1. Oh shucks. Been lurking here for daaaaays now, was hoping to see the NRs today!
  2. Oh yum yum. I saw this thread go active a couple weeks ago, and it was a lovely surprise to discover a sample of this in my most recent order! I'm not usually big on foody/sweet scents, but this is SO DELICIOUS I WANT TO LICK MY ARM. This smells so tart and happy. I don't know if I get most of the notes; on my skin, it's very very passionfruit-y. Sometimes I thiiiiiink I get a little peach, or maybe a little cream. Oh jeebus, this is literally making my mouth water. It reminds me a lot of my favorite passionfruit candy, made by a small artisan shop that I will now have to go visit as soon
  3. Thank you! And yes, that kitten has ridiculous mind-melting powers with that lick.
  4. Wow. I had to come back and share my experience today with Levitation. This is the first day I wore it out, and I actually like the scent more as it diffuses in public. Pheromone-wise, this made me REALLY comfortable talking with strangers. I live in New York... while not unfriendly, we're not usually chatty folk. Today, I burst out with random small talk as I stood in line at Whole Foods and even smiled at strangers (and got a compliment back!). I'm fairly new to pheromones, and I'd usually chalk this behavior up to a beautiful spring day... but then I got THE BEST customer service I've e
  5. I just got my package, and raced to dab some of this on! I'm really loving the look of Levitation, right off the bat. The green glitter suspended in the oil looks so pretty. When wet, I really smell the sweet strawberry notes. Reminds me of the flavored lip gloss I used as a girl. But the scent morphs within minutes on my skin. One moment it was sweet, then abruptly became sweet orchid, with the orchid getting stronger as it dries. Right now, after about 15 minutes, it has settled into a really feminine scent. I would say that this falls on the side of 'girly' rather than 'sophisticate
  6. Wow, have to join in the 'me toooooo!' chorus, definitely didn't expect such a fast turnaround. Getting that email is so exciting!
  7. Sigh. I *thought* I had my selections all sorted out. But then I read this thread and now I feel like I neeeeeeeeeeed a full bottle of Levitation. Everyone here is such a bad influence.
  8. Oh, I completely agree, MissHazel. This is VERY much an aromatherapy scent. I haven't even used it outside of my apartment yet. It's really not about how I smell to other people with this one at all!
  9. Wow, so much love for this scent already! I'm definitely interested, especially since my skin chemistry didn't like the last Open Windows scent. And with the added DHEAS, this sounds like a power punch! Was definitely going to get a trail sample, but am now contemplating a full bottle right off the bat. Can't wait until the first reviews start rolling in so I can make my final decision!
  10. It's a crazy upside-down kind of thought... but I was almost *excited* for that time of the month to roll on by, just so I could finally try this scent. And I have to say I wasn't disappointed. Heart's Ease is all soft smells and cozy feelings; I felt comfortable, no hard edges anywhere to be seen! This is a rather sweet floral fragrance, with the lavender being the strongest note on my skin. It was quite relaxing to sit there and sniff on this; I can see myself using this one right before bedtime. I was actually fairly surprised at how quick the self-effects were. I had just returned from
  11. Aaaaaaaahhh. I've been checking the site every few hours ever since the new releases were announced, hoping for more information. I have officially become a stalker.
  12. Oh, and I forgot to mention the self-effects. This one made me feel happy and light, and made me want to sing out loud. I put on my headphones for the subway, and instead of reading like I usually do, I ended up just rocking out to my music for the half hour ride.
  13. Ha, I wonder if this scent gets the prize for 'most accurately named'. You're just walking around, smelling clean... while the pheromones work behind the scenes and makes everyone love you.
  14. Oh man. Here I was, two days ago, declaring my love for Sneaky Clean. At this rate, I'm going to have a new favorite every 2 days as I go through my sample pack because I am now IN LOVE love with Enduring Appeal. It's absolutely timeless. The citrus notes just feel so fresh and evokes memories of warm weather and sunshine. After a while, it softens and the floral parts come through. With the included Cougar, I got self-effects of being soft and feminine, yet competent and confident. The prior review, 'light with power' is right on the nose! I'm definitely not getting 'old lady smell' f
  15. I've given Sneaky Clean a few whirls around the block and it's currently my favorite from the sample pack I ordered! On application, the first notes that I smell are the florals. They're light, soft, clean... very much the expensive soap aura that has been described already. The vanilla comes through a little on my skin after maybe 15 minutes; just a hint of sweetness though. This is my idea of a perfect everyday scent; not too heavy, appropriate for work and social situations. The oil base is fantastic; I got whiffs of the scent a good 6 hours after application. By then, the floral notes
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