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  1. I'm in an open relationship with this amazing guy who hits every button I have. While we date and hang out like your average couple, there is something of a loose and casual sub/Dom* aspect to our relationship which we both enjoy hugely. One thing that I've noticed is that he is less excited by me taking the upper hand in our sexual relationship (as I am the sub) than when he does. I've noticed that cops and SS don't seem to have much of an effect on him, and I suspect that this is because of the "alpha female" vibe that goes along with it. Any suggestions? I'm trying out TMI next, but I'm thinking that Lace might be a better idea.
  2. This was my first try at a PE, and I'm still in love with it. As it's aged the sugar and honey have melded together into a crazy delicious candy-like feel, without being too foody or too ober-the-top. The cinnamon has become a strong but suble back note, almost salty, to help ground it. I love it to bits
  3. I've been on a real peach kick over the last year, which is a bit odd as I am not a fruity scent person. This is really nice! I was a little worried that it would be too similar to Buttercream Peach, but it's a different peach with a different cream backing. It's a bright peach that stays bright the whole time, but the honey and musk grounds it. A bright, almost tart perfume with sweetness from the honey and cream, followed by the musk and vanilla rounding it out.
  4. I fell so in love with the original, but alas at the time I was a poor student and couldn't afford a bottle. I was hoping that this would end up an exact dupe on my skin, but like all hopes this didn't exactly work out that way. What I get instead is an entirely different, but entirely lovely perfume. A while ago I was toying with coming up with a PE called "Altar Scent", with the idea of that mixed perfume you get from working at an altar - a mix of rose essence and sweet, smokey incense. This turns out EXACTLY like that on my skin. It really does feel like incense smoke rather than 'smoke' on me, and a cross between dried rose petals and rose essential oil. Chocolate and cocoa scents can end up like old ashtray on my skin, so I suspect that this is mercifully in the 'insence' categorty rather than 'burnt plastic'. It makes me feel like my magical juju is just barely contained - controlled power, but ready to use when needed. I'm pretty much in love with this.
  5. I'm kind of in the mood for a heavy honey and wood scent, but that's probably because it's winter down here
  6. Celrynnya

    Tingle Tangle

    I really wanted to like this, but I'm glad I only bought a sample. Musks are always iffy for me, and I missed in the description that there was an Egyptian musk here. Egyptian musk is always a kill note when it comes to perfume for me. My personal feelings aside, the pink sugars and white musks work together to give a classic, almost floral scent. I was to say 'vintage' perfume, not in that old lady kind of way, but more harking back to the time before aldehydes were discovered. Think fancy eau de toillet.
  7. Would I be able to reserve a bottle of Spring's Lusty Cherry?
  8. Stalky McStalking... I'm desperate for a bottle of The Land of Nog, but the shipping costs! Oh the shipping costs! Stupid being international...
  9. I have a feeling that my personal pheromone profile already has a bunch of cops in it. I've never really had any real hits before (actually, only once with SLF), and my theory is that any additional cops make me smell more like me, rather than something that seems different than normal. I'm an odd little thing, though, and I tend to have very different experiences with pheros than most of the ladies here.
  10. I bought a full bottle of this on a whim when it was released, with the theory that it would sell out if I waited for a sample firsts (long postage to Australia is long). The thing is that even though I was absolutely sure this would entirely not work on me, my inner imp told me to take the risk. I tend to amp musk like a buck in heat, amber like I've been smearing myself with raw and unpleasant tree sap, and patchouli like a hobo hippy. I really, really don't like patchouli as anything more than the whisper of a base note. It gives me a migraine and makes me gag. I don't do well with OCCO Black, and it has taken something like ten years of aging for my first bottle of LP Black to mellow enough for me to wear it - and even then only very lightly (I really love it, but too much and the patch ruins my day). So, yeah, I had no particularly good reason to buy this. But... one cannot deny the imp. To me, this isn't really like OCCO Black or LP Black on my skin. It has far more honey than LP Black, but way less vanilla. I think the musk note is the same as SLF, or at least very similar. The amber feels like the rich, round amber in Sugared Amber (the heart note amber). The patchouli is very, very smooth, though, and - wonder of wonders - not at all dirty or gross. I was expecting something a bit more dark and dry, to be honest. It's weird to contrast what I thought it would be like, and what it ended up being. From the description I was expecting something a whole lot deeper and pervasive - black and red musks, black amber and getting slapped in the face with the patchouli stick. It feels instead opulent, classic and confident. I get the impression of the kind of confidence and self-assurance that an established lawyer - probably a prosecutor - would wear in a closed court session. All in all, this is a resin-based perfume that I can wear without feeling all brain stabby. There have been all kinds of drama at my work (I'm thinking about going to HR, or even a lawyer, about defamation of character by one of my workmates, for example), and it's been brought to my attention that I need to start acting in a more "professional" manner (don't get me started). If I'm going to have to clean up my act and join in the political bullshit, I will certainly use this as my secret weapon...
  11. I'm actually pretty excited that there are so many scents for the boys
  12. This scent confuses me, but in a good way. Brown sugar? Totally. Hot milk? Like Compromising Positions, baby. Simple Sugared scent? WTF? This to me smells like Anzac biscuits. There's no real American equivalent that I can think of, but this certainly has the same golden syrup and oats feeling to it. Very almost spiced, but that's more the golden syrup and the oaty thing making me *feel* like it's spiced, without it actually being spiced. This smells like the kitchen of a fairy god mother who is about to fill you full of cookies and tea.
  13. If I'm on the label, how could I resist? This is a very bright, fresh and tart peach paired with a slightly over-ripe peach; ever so sweet, and ever so bright and shimmery. Compared to Buttercream Peach, it is certainly a bright and fresh peach. Even so, while it's not a sickly, jammy-sweet scent, it is certainly a sugared scent. It reminds me of something that we occasionally have in Australia at Christmas time (our Summer); you take a piece of super-juicy ripe fruit, give it a squeeze of lime, sprinkle it with sugar and either put it under a grill (broiler, I think it is in the US), or grill on a barbeque/grill pan for a few minutes until the suger crystalizes. It is amazing, and you should all try it. And the perfume, too
  14. Very boozey and nutmeggy when first applied. It's a little bit more spiced that Compromising Positions, and less creamy. When I first tried it, it smelled like Christmas pudding - all fruity and full of brandy with allspice, nutmeg, and a dash of cloves. It didn't last too long on me, but it's definitely worth a try
  15. Rich and warm without being POW SPICE. This reminds me of Christmas fruit mince pies without the fruit. In fact, it actually smells like the mix of spices I use to mull cider. Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and vanilla melding all the spices together. It doesn't last very well on my skin, so you might want to slather or reapply. I had no issues with redness or irritation, and I have super sensitive skin, so I think that this one should be safe for most users
  16. Noms! I know I've had disagreements with people over cocoa butter vs. white chocolate, but bear with me! To me, this is very much a cocoa butter rather than a white chocolate scent. It is fatty, a little musky, and a little cool. I think that if this had more sweetness and creaminess I'd see it as a white chocolate, but I am a bit of a white chocolate snob It is not super sweet, but still very warm and round and comforting. It borders on the side of a slightly less rich milk chocolate. I love it
  17. I'm a microbiologist and immunologist, and I work with a lot of mice. One thing that I've noticed is that my mice are always more happy and placid than those of my male colleagues. I always assumed that it was because I was gentler and faster (thus not extending the period of being bothered by humans) than the boys in my lab, until I saw this article; http://www.nature.com/news/male-researchers-stress-out-rodents-1.15106 I'm actually really curious about this and was thinking that if I could get ethics approval it might be worth investigating, as stress is supposed to increase the pathology of most diseases, including the one I work with. Because of this, I was wondering if there were any LPMP pheros that are more of a "standard gender" type of molecule rather than a "hyper sexy" molecule. Any advice is most welcome!
  18. Sugareds are what first got me into LPMP - I'm happy to wait for more future deliciousness!
  19. Kind of a damp, waxy green with a touch of sweetness. Kind of a cousin to daffodils.
  20. It's a good thing that I just got my tax return back
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