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  1. Hi, everyone! I'm writing to ask advice about which phero blend(s) to try in the workplace. I start a new job in the medical field next month, and while I know my information solidly and do well with memorizing facts, I have social anxiety and struggle to initiate and maintain conversation. Evaluations have agreed that I project patience and intelligence in my work, and that's a good start! But I also wish to connect with others and to communicate approachability, compassion, and safety (especially during these difficult times). I'd like to use an unscented phero so that I don't run afoul of rules against perfume, and the blends I'm considering are Balm Bomb (to calm/soothe both others and myself), Open Windows (to be more approachable and maybe help others feel better), Swimming with Sharks (since it's specifically a workplace blend), Savage Beast (calm, trust, and respect sound good), or Empathy Potion (which the website says can be made on request). Can anyone speak from experience or intuition, to recommend one of these pheros over the others? While they all sound great, financial constraints limit me to choosing one or two! Thank you for reading this far and for any advice you have to give.
  2. All of the pheros out there seem to revolve around sending a specific signal to others, whether that means "I'm sexy," "I'm smart," "Do me now," (hee!) or some other message. As odd as this sounds, I'm wondering if there's a phero that might help me be more invisible, as opposed to more noticed or attractive. I suffer from bouts of depression and am in the middle of a pretty bad one right now. When I'm very, very low, I don't want to deal with people at all. Even basic greetings or chitchat to cashiers, bus drivers, or other folks dealing with me as a customer feels like a huge drain. I dread leaving the house when I'm sad. I've already tried Happy Water (without success - I'm in the unlucky "alpha-androstenol makes me nervous and weird" camp) and Tranquility Potion (which seems to compound the "sad" feeling with "oh, who cares if I feel better") to work on myself in those moods, and am trying to do everything right - exercising, eating healthily, sleeping enough, etc. In the meantime, is there any phero - now or perhaps planned for the future - that might give off a gentle "Plz no convo, I has teh sad," or even a "Who, me? Here? This is not the Astrinde you're looking for..." vibe to others around me? (edit for spacing/spelling)
  3. A lot of the jewellery I own has been gifted to me, chosen by other people because it seemed to suit me. I have one necklace that I commissioned from a friend and chose the stone for, though, and it's like my 'me power' necklace; I wear it when I'm being pensive, need a boost, or just feeling particularly 'me-like.' Likewise, this scent is my 'me' scent. I wear it all the time. It's my meditative go-to blend, the scent I choose when I'm feeling thoughtful or just want to satisfy my own senses rather than giving off a certain impression to other people. It's funny because sugared frankincense and myrrh turns to an almost cotton candy sweetness on my skin, but this blend just becomes rich, dark, and soft. Best of all - strange as this sounds - it fades after about an hour, so I have an excuse to keep re-applying it and getting fresh whiffs of scent (or if I just want to enjoy the fragrance for a little while and then wear something else, I can). Beautiful blend!
  4. I had to revive this topic - this is absolutely delicious and my favourite of the PEs so far. It's sophisticated but simple, like that perfect little black dress that makes you feel elegant and sexy without any fuss. I love the way the vanilla and the black pepper combine to produce a rich fragrance that isn't foody or excessively sweet. Even my guy, who normally hates vanilla, admitted, "You smell like dessert...but it's not a bad thing." I got a bottle of this as a clearance sale freebie and am so glad I took a chance on it!
  5. Astrinde

    Remind Me Again

    I agree with any- and every-one who says that this set is the best purchase they've made all year. I can't believe I almost didn't buy the Legacy edition; I would have been kicking myself. This is my favourite LP ever. The concentrate in the moon bottle is gorgeous. The two main notes I get from the dried-down oil are rose and patchouli, both rich and dark, so beautifully blended. The fragrance loves my skin, works well for me, lasts...I could have had a perfumer working for months on my own personal scent, and this likely would have been the result! The phero bottle is wonderful too, and has really come in handy these last few days, which have been very stressful. I bought this perfume hoping to strengthen the bond between my soulmate and me; we've had a few difficulties lately. I've worn this perfume while reconciling arguments and noticed that we resolved and decided upon a lot, and did so in a very tender and loving way. I feel that it's a healing scent, ensuring that you keep your soulmate, as well as find him/her. It also seems to serve as a funny and delightful confirmation: three times I've applied the scent from the phero bottle, and three times he's shown up at my door within twenty minutes of that! Since I'm quite devotedly childfree, I decanted out half of the smaller bottle for a friend, and am giving the other half to my darling to see if he would like to wear it on occasion. Marvelous work, everyone! Remind Me Again is a masterpiece.
  6. YAAAAY! Thank you both so much for telling me! I thought the "US" on the end of the tracking number meant that it was going to America, since my last tracking ended with "CA." Time to stalk my mailman! Happy, happy me.
  7. Awwww...I just got my stamps.com notice but it might be a problem. PayPal doesn't let me select my Canadian address as a shipping option, so I did what I did last time: put my Canadian address in the "notes" and then also sent a follow-up e-mail right away about my correct shipping address. But the stamps notice gives a tracking number that ends in "US" - not "CA" like the last package. If it did go to my p.o. box, I'm not going to get my lovelies until September or later...whenever the next time I visit New Orleans. I has sadness. :/
  8. Before ordering two phero bottles recently, I just made my choice by going into the Cosmetic Safety Database and comparing DPG with silicone. From 0-10 (safest to least safe), silicone came back as a 3 and DPG as a 1. So, DPG it was! I'm glad that it's the one that meshes with your skin, though, as that's the effect I prefer with scents. I hope it will work nicely with the pheros, too.
  9. "Lascivious Blush" was the first thing that came to mind, because of the musks and the colour of a ripe peach, respectively. But that might sound kind of silly, I dunno. The combination of ingredients sounds fabulous, though!
  10. Ivy_fiddlefox, just replied to your swap thread regarding Kitty. And I am awful, I'm considering another order even though I just made one a few days ago.
  11. Happy Water is gorgeous and wonderful! It smells just like a stronger Florida water and is far more long-lasting on my skin; in fact, I think I like it better than Florida water. The phero part of it is phenomenal, too. I feel a rush of happiness and smiles when I first apply this one. This is a great blend.
  12. Thank you for the well-wishes; however, I need to edit my post above. After about an hour of wear, the entire scent turns very powdery, almost rubbery, on my skin. :/ I think I'll keep a little for a scent locket but try to trade the bottle. This is a perpetual problem with my skin chemistry, turning tuberose scents to powder, so though disappointed, I'm not entirely surprised that it happened. However, I think anyone whose skin likes the LP tuberose and civit notes will die of delight with this scent.
  13. Custom sugared scent: tuberose, civit, and white sugar. In the bottle, this smells like a soft syrup of tuberose. I almost want to drip a few drops of it on top of a rice pudding! I just applied some to my wrist, and it keeps that charming flower-water quality on the skin, with the civit adding a slightly powdery muskiness. This is really pretty and hugs my skin very close, so I don't have to worry about radiating tuberose to the world. It's neither tropical nor feral, but more sophisticated and charming than either scent would be alone. I like it and am glad that I ordered it!
  14. Hooray, orders! I bought bottles of Soulmate, Heart & Soul, and Liz's Sugared Dark Patchouli and Rose Otto, and samples of Lioness, Robin and Marian, Liquid Magix, La Fleur Cremeuse, Cleopatra's Blend '08, and Coeur de l'Amour. I am so glad that there was still Soulmate phero left; I love my imp of Forever After and was afraid that Soulmate would run out before I could order.
  15. BAM! lol I want all these new goodies! Hahaha! Whether that was an intentional pun on BAM or not...I laughed.
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