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  1. I'm with Carrie on the magickal intentions too!! I love LPMP mainly because of that, it just makes each perfume so special and unique!
  2. LOL!! ooh Geena what have you done?!!!! lol! :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:
  3. Damn girl!!! I LOVED your report!!! You make me want to try this again! Sheesh, what are you doing to me?! LOL
  4. LOL when I smelled this perfume on me, it brought me back to my childhood when I was a teeny tiny little kid. It reminded me of an indian grocery that my grandma used to go to buy those herbal medications when I had a fever and she would rub it on my chest and I would smell the herbal vapors. It was nice to remember something like that, and made me miss my grandmother. *sigh* This is one of those perfumes that bring back memories to me.
  5. esmeralda

    Black Candy

    Got a sample of this, but unfortunately my skin amped the licorice note. It was super strong on me. My guyfriend loved it, but I couldn't stop smelling me (but I can't do super spicy scents yech) *sigh*
  6. Got this for mom last week. She LOVED it!!! She didn't think that it was sooo different from the original. This one just smells a little more floral and spicy but she loves it. I actually like it on her too. It's a very sexy and deep scent.
  7. Hey Nola!! First of all welcome to the forum babe! LOL you can ask questions anytime love, we'd love to help ya out! Alrighty so lets take a look at your questions 1) Yes when some women take BC for a long time they stop producing cops or start producing less cops. Since you're 22 you're producing cops naturally. So you might not need a lot of cops. Personally, I tend to use more cops and that may seem a lot to certain members here to get a reaction. But just because you need to use more cops it doesn't mean something is wrong with you I've used BC and cops at the same time and I didn't get any negative self or mixed effects Imho, copulins tend to make you feel more sexy So hey all the better lol However, I always recommend everybody to start with a small amount when using cops and work your way up. We all are different, we have different body chemistries, need to use different dosages and different sweet spots. With cops, I have always thought that it's like a trial and error experiment. It could be a hit or a miss, but once you find that sweet spot, baby you're going make those boys cry lol Don't be scared, explore and experiment it's fun actually! 2) Lam or PG? I personally like LAM a lot better for the pheros and PG a lot better for the perfume you could always layer them of course. LAM has a very light scent but I like the pheros a lot better, and PG has a very sexual aroma, it's a very bold and seductive perfume that makes a statement but imho I don't think that it has enough cops for me, I need to use more with it. But I've seen PG work for certain members here, so don't put it down because of my experience. Like I said we're all different I have worn LAM, PG, Tail, OCCO, SS4W ...etc. in social and public situations and during night when I traveled by bus it's not overtly blatantly super sexual on me imho. Personally, I think with the oils you need to be very close to your target guy to get a whiff off you to get a reaction. Unless you're in a warm environment an you're lightly perspiring, then oils get diffused better imho. In my opinion you shouldn't use pheros every single day. I don't know how to explain this damn, okay I will try my best lol. I tend to use pheros around or less than 5 days a week because if you use it 24/7 all the time people around you will get used to your phero signature so much that they might not react to it after a while because they are so used to it. So if you give your body some break time (like leave out the weekends or something) and continue using your pheros, and they'll work great. Erk, did that make sense? But if I had a choice to use something more often mine would be LAM (it's nice, light, happy and sexy not in an overtly porn star way imho). Don't be scared of copulins lol, I think cops are fun. Don't get discouraged if it doesn't work for you at the beginning, keep going until you find your sweet spot and once you do, you will love it! Cops don't smell like pee, they smell more like rotten cheese to me LOL but hey if I need to get those boys to line up for me, I'll do it! I've used cops for a year and I never had a bad reaction from men and women not even jealousy. I don't believe that cops make women jealous, to me that is more like a myth, imho if a women gets nasty to you, that is a character flaw she's just plain jealous. Now you can offend people if you stink LOL so if you're planning to use pure eow try to use heavy scents like vanillas, or gourmand type of scents. But if you're only planning to use PG or LAM for now, I wouldn't worry about offending anyone lol, the cops are nicely covered. Hope it helped and have fun with your goodies!!!
  8. omg...I never knew that!!! lol, maybe I didn't notice it
  9. Florals hmm? somehow remind me of LP Pink where many people said that they miss the florals in LP Pink II
  10. OMG tell me about it. I love the perfume as well! Dead sexy!
  11. LOL, omg I used to be a Mac fanatic as well. I have like a million jars of eyeshadows and lipglass...funny thing is that I hardly use them. I guess I love collecting stuff, it just feels so good!
  12. Aww thankies!! I love your avatar too, veddy sexy!!
  13. HOLY CRAP!!! Is that you in your avatar PM? Or is that like a candid of some star? I've imagined you with dark hair for some odd reason lol... but my god, you look hott!!!
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