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  1. Florals hmm? somehow remind me of LP Pink where many people said that they miss the florals in LP Pink II
  2. OMG tell me about it. I love the perfume as well! Dead sexy!
  3. HOLY CRAP!!! Is that you in your avatar PM? Or is that like a candid of some star? I've imagined you with dark hair for some odd reason lol... but my god, you look hott!!!
  4. ROTFLAMO!!! HAHAHA @ naughty evil step sister!!! Oh man, you're good! Hmm, she could be the older evil step sister of Pherogirl (the mommy)!!! lol!!!
  5. I could see what you're saying! To me BBM is not a dirty gal kinda scent either. It makes me think of a homely house wife whippin' up a cake batter for her hubby. lol reminds me..."the best way to win a mans heart is through his stomach" lol LAM to me is more flirty sexual, it's pretty girly, sexy and light. I think pherogirl is dead sexy because of the strong honey note, it's just overpowering! Pherogirl is the sexy mommy, LAM the first daughter and BBM the second daughter...lol who would OCCO be then...hmm
  6. LOL TG I love you sweetie! God, I really need to get the pink soon!!!
  7. Good lord mailman please bring my OCCO this week!!! I'm dying to try it!!! I got the white one by the way!
  8. LOL you bad gal you were supposed to wait for the new releases (kidding kidding!) Yes this one is a keeper, me likey! I'm going to test it at school next week!
  9. I also received a sample of this and am so excited!!! At first I get stinky eow smell...god it's so darn smelly. I let it dry down for a little while And now I don't get alot of vanilla, but something more like a cake batter...maybe it's the eggs that are doing this. Anyhoo it covers the eow nicely but I could still smell the eow which is interesting but it's not as bad. Me likey! I can't wait to get my frisky little fingers on OCCO!!
  10. sillykitty nice to see you here! welcome to the forum between!
  11. ROTFLMAO!!! I almost choked on my bagel reading this!!! hahahahaahaha!!!
  12. I know, but some women like the fact that a man gets around, what can I tell ya, it happens. I'm definitely not turned on by cops on a man. LOL I figured your lady would kick your little behind...lol imagine... "why do I smell something familiar...but it's not mine...who have you been with mister?"
  13. LOL ah ok. Makes more sense...I was pretty surprised that your lady liked cops on you. I mean, it's not wrong, but usually some women don't like it. Sometimes copulins on a man signals that he just got laid with a women. Some women like that "bad boy" look, others hate it. It's pretty interesting stuff!
  14. Great review acoustic! I can see this as a unisex mix! But the cops from the BI could have had an effect on you to your lady!
  15. Erk, I usually use my nails/fingers to take the top whole ball thingie out (but it's a messy job) Dj's idea is waay smarter than mine though!
  16. I know!!! lol, I should have done that! *sigh*!
  17. My friend "burrowed" my bottle today...and she's was getting compliments like mad. *sigh* well...thank god, I at least bought a back up bottle
  18. I'm excited about the new PEs as well!! decisions decisions
  19. This one is almost a sweet floral skin-like scent on me after it dries down completely. Not grandma-like at all, it's veddy beautiful!
  20. LOL!!! I almost fell off my bed laughing hahahaha!!!! Yes ma'am! I will whip this out as soon as I see a cute look'n boy near mey! Oh Lor if you haven't tried CB2009, you got to, that stuff is really nice. I got a sample and left it in my bra drawer. The next day when I opened the drawer my bra smelled like the scent but really light (and the vial was closed) it's crazy. I love CB though, it's nice all by itself too! me want to get a full bottle right after the new release! Oh man, I think this would be great with Bam or Lam! Just make sure your hubby is ready for some smokin' action m
  21. LOL @ Lor!!! Guys you gotta try layering this with cuddle bunny '09 ...mmmmm smells a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! I can't fall asleep since I keep sniffing myself and my perfume is getting on my sheets. Yes I am typing all this on my bed, I'm really feeling distracted right now! Edit: no pun intended!...well maybe cause I wish I had a chum to smell me now *sigh*
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