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  1. I'm with Carrie on the magickal intentions too!! I love LPMP mainly because of that, it just makes each perfume so special and unique!
  2. LOL!! ooh Geena what have you done?!!!! lol! :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:
  3. Damn girl!!! I LOVED your report!!! You make me want to try this again! Sheesh, what are you doing to me?! LOL
  4. esmeralda

    Black Candy

    Got a sample of this, but unfortunately my skin amped the licorice note. It was super strong on me. My guyfriend loved it, but I couldn't stop smelling me (but I can't do super spicy scents yech) *sigh*
  5. Got this for mom last week. She LOVED it!!! She didn't think that it was sooo different from the original. This one just smells a little more floral and spicy but she loves it. I actually like it on her too. It's a very sexy and deep scent.
  6. Hey Nola!! First of all welcome to the forum babe! LOL you can ask questions anytime love, we'd love to help ya out! Alrighty so lets take a look at your questions 1) Yes when some women take BC for a long time they stop producing cops or start producing less cops. Since you're 22 you're producing cops naturally. So you might not need a lot of cops. Personally, I tend to use more cops and that may seem a lot to certain members here to get a reaction. But just because you need to use more cops it doesn't mean something is wrong with you I've used BC and cops at the same time and I didn
  7. omg...I never knew that!!! lol, maybe I didn't notice it
  8. Florals hmm? somehow remind me of LP Pink where many people said that they miss the florals in LP Pink II
  9. OMG tell me about it. I love the perfume as well! Dead sexy!
  10. LOL, omg I used to be a Mac fanatic as well. I have like a million jars of eyeshadows and lipglass...funny thing is that I hardly use them. I guess I love collecting stuff, it just feels so good!
  11. Aww thankies!! I love your avatar too, veddy sexy!!
  12. HOLY CRAP!!! Is that you in your avatar PM? Or is that like a candid of some star? I've imagined you with dark hair for some odd reason lol... but my god, you look hott!!!
  13. Aww, lucky you!!! I'm still waiting for my order (it takes longer since I live out of US) Anyhow, glad you like your orders!!! I'm obsessed with Mara's rocket fuel!!! Isn't it da shnitz?! Love that stuff, the smell is just so intoxicating! I really like LAM too!
  14. ROTFLAMO!!! HAHAHA @ naughty evil step sister!!! Oh man, you're good! Hmm, she could be the older evil step sister of Pherogirl (the mommy)!!! lol!!!
  15. I could see what you're saying! To me BBM is not a dirty gal kinda scent either. It makes me think of a homely house wife whippin' up a cake batter for her hubby. lol reminds me..."the best way to win a mans heart is through his stomach" lol LAM to me is more flirty sexual, it's pretty girly, sexy and light. I think pherogirl is dead sexy because of the strong honey note, it's just overpowering! Pherogirl is the sexy mommy, LAM the first daughter and BBM the second daughter...lol who would OCCO be then...hmm
  16. Yes, you're right. I saw some similar ingredients in their mixes that used to be in SS4W... Anyhow, the website at least looks professional compared to the cheap-o looking ones! (Ah my nerdy-ness got in the way sorry!)
  17. I just looked at the AlphaDream website...they have interesting stuff! Too bad they don't have many reviews!
  18. LOL aww you're adorable! When I smell so good I try to keep my wrists away from my face (it's so tempting to keep smelling and rolling your eyes)... it's kind of wrong! *sigh* Glad you're having a great time with the perfumes from here. Aren't they so unique? it makes people wonder - wander - and come back and sniff you again
  19. Thank you for sharing all this valuable scientific info on pheromone section Rosebud. Talking about diabetes, one of my friends (she's used to be in the other forum - brilliant lady) told me something interesting --- Some people with diabetes, or have problems with their kidney or other disorders (that is associated with the body's natural ability to react to cops), will not be able to respond to cops physically. She also mentioned that high salt intake diet, can mess up sexual response to cops. Interesting stuff isn't it? I'm learning something new everyday.
  20. LOL TG I love you sweetie! God, I really need to get the pink soon!!!
  21. That's fantastic!! Aren't pheros great?! I love it! Keep havin' fun!
  22. esmeralda

    Black Candy

    Oh bebito! I like lolita too! it's very sexy and sweet. And omg!!! yea, I hate eating it as well!! it's nasty stuff. But I love the smell, my mom used to have a black licorice based perfume and it smelled amazing until it got discontinued. Apparently her co-workers loved that scent too *sigh* Can't wait to try it!
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