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  1. Thanks Mara and Halo:) I'm glad the formula did not change!
  2. This smelled like sugary raisins but in a good way. I have to edit this post when I do more research because it smells like one of the other lps that i love so much. Although I loved that one so much more. I am wearing it when it is a bit old so perhaps the scent has changed. All my boyfriend smelled was baby powder but he said he really liked it. I hope he wasn't lying, he's quite the fibber. The phero effects worked quite well I think though. He was really sweet and loving.
  3. I have a bottle of sugered lavender enhanced with popularity potion and it has always worked. It's actually from a few years back and I thought it would have gone bad but I put a dab behind me ear and thought it was quite effective for being that old. I had really good self effects as well. It stayed close which was perfect because I just wanted it to work with my boyfriend. We were both in such a great mood! We usually spend our late nights together but he is usually glued to the tv and then comes to me when he wants sex. We would cuddle a little but then do our own seperate thing. The night I put it on we did not stop talking, cuddling, and doing other intimate things until the early morning. It's great but I wish I didn't need it lol. When this was brand new the effects did not stay close but effected people around me. Whenever people seem a little too fascinated with something, you can assume the popularity potion had something to do with it. The first time I wore it my "then" boyfriend was playing a video game at an arcade and I was next to him. A crowd of people came over to watch him play this video game. I also have a sample of Clementine enhanced with popularity potion which is a little newer. I have only tried it once, but will try again. Does anyone know if popularity potion has ever changed? I know that some of the pheros have changed when love potions started using Stone's ingredients.
  4. turtleluv

    Goblin Goo

    Goblin Goo Mmmmm, gooey peanut butter swirled with slightly fermented grape jelly, plus a drizzle of vanilla and brown sugar - you'll want to gobble it up! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Magickal Meanings of Ingredients: BUTTER ~ Nurturing, soothing, eases troubled relationships, Goddess energy. SUGAR ~ Attracts love, luck, sweetness, riches, lust inducing. VANILLA ~ Aphrodisiac, inspires happiness, playfulness, sexual arousal, lust, vitalizing. PEANUTS ~ Masculine energy. GRAPE ~ Fertility, increases mental prowess, money attracting. PEACH ~ Love, promotes fertility, happiness, abundance, marriage, longevity, wishes granted. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lp scents never fail to surprise and impress me! Although I wouldn't have minded if this smelled just like regular foody peanut butter and jelly and silly as it sounds I wanted something different and figured I would just wear this for myself and my boyfriend for laughs. He does like peanut butter but I don't know if he'd think it was sexy but this...this is sexy. It's pretty, it's feminine. Sugary fermented jelly grounded by a peanuttiness but the peanut can pretty much go undetected and is well blended. So a more sophisticated jelly is more pronounced. Okay I just dabbed some more on again to make sure, right when I first dabbed it I smell the peanut but it quickly goes to the background. The bright sugary jelly comes to the front. To me this is a flirty scent.
  5. When I use this est I just use one spritz, and I use it on my one of my wrists or forearm. I see effects with one spritz.
  6. I'm broke but dipped into my savings for a sample of Goblin Goo. I'm dying to try it.
  7. This scent should win awards. It's sexy, sweet, buttery, and something you cannot NOT love. So I cry when I say at dry down it turns into a complete resinous note and nothing else. I read all the reviews and it seems this happens to no one else but me. But I find that it stays true when dabs of it are in my hair or on my clothes. I don't have a scent locket yet but it may be worth getting one.
  8. I bought the Something Voodoo this way comes with Blatant Invitation add in: I smell the peach, it smells like something sexy happening to peach skin and it is juicy as well. But I wore this to my guy friend's house. He's my ex but from highschool. It's been a decade since we've dated but he still has a thing for me but I've gained a lot of weight and he likes to joke around and call me fatty. (In a loving way I suppose) but when I wore this he had a total dihl look and followed me everywhere. We're just friends! And we have been acting that way forever. But he kept trying to hold me! It was so inappropriate, but I understand. He knows about my pheromone collections, but it's never affected him like this. I told him I was wearing pheros and he said, oh I'm normally attracted to you but I have a huge boner right now. The rest of the time there was flattering but uncomfortable, I had to keep walking away from him and I screamed ahhh once because he came too close to me. I gave him a sample of synchronicity. I told him how effective the pheros blends at love potions worked.
  9. Yup just when I thought french vanilla couldn't get any better. I think sugared honeycomb mixes nicely with most things, today I tried it with lp red and I'm so happy.
  10. I get perfume on my seat belt too. Especially during the warm weather. I love adding sugared Honeycomb to Sugared French Vanilla it is delicious, and I think the Honey gives it more throw and makes it sexier. I also added it to Winter solstice and it did the same lovely thing.
  11. Thanks for the response=) I will definitely be getting the add in phero with fragrance as well. I like to be able to mix and match but I definitely want to have something on the go as well.
  12. When you choose the "add pheros" with fragrance, the pheromones are at a concentrated amount and diluted 1/10 in fragrance of choice, but would it be less potent than just using the unscented roll on?
  13. Yes it does have a cologne like scent. I noticed the scent can definitely be unisex, aside from the fact that it was meant to be a unisex fragrance But this scent is rather alluring.
  14. I got this as a sample, when I purchased the estratetraenol. I haven't tried any of the pheromone fragrance blends here before. I looked around this site many times and wasn't sure how potent these blends would be. I dabbed on synchronicity and went to go drop of something for my boyfriend at his work. When he saw me he was his normal self, before he went back he kissed my hand and stroked my arm. Then on the way back home he text me asking me if I wanted to "do stuff." He kept texting me while he was work the entire time about what he wanted me to do with him for the rest of the time he was at work. :J001: I think I'm going to try drop your guard with another fragrance as well.
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