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  1. OMG...All these sugars are killing me. LOL!! I want them all. I want to order now but something came up and I have to patiently wait!! UGH!! Patience is not my virtue!!
  2. Oh, mine completely does me justice!! LMAO!! If you could see me right now in my fuzzy slippers, mis-matched pj's, hair pulled back and nerdy glasses on, you would say, "Yeah, right...that is not you!!" LOL
  3. Thank you! And you are gorgeous!! I love your hair!!! I really need to find some raspberry lipstick now. LOL!! This is going to be so hard to choose which sugars I want. I'm trying to base my choice on flavor and not picture!! LMAO!!! Y'all are just gorgeous!!
  4. Okay, Missy!! I know you are gorgeous but your picture is amazing! HOT!! HOT!!
  5. We are waiting. :-) Oh, and don't worry about the cat eyes or luscious lips....Mara works her magic onto the photos!! LOL! I never knew I could look good in Raspberry colored lip stick. Now, I must go to Sephora some time this weekend. LMAO!!
  6. Oh, Please tell me there is going to be a sugared grapefruit. Edited to say: YES!!! I just saw there is going to be one. Making list of all the must haves!!
  7. OMG!!! I just saw all of these!! They are amazing!! Y'all are so beautiful!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOOW!!!! I love all the new labels!!
  8. I'm not good at reviews but I have to say.....I must have a FB of this one!! I love it!! Yummmmmmm!! Edited to say: This one goes a long way...you only need a little bit on. I actually had to wash some off. It still smells heavenly. I really amp the Gardenia on this one. I would prefer more of the cocoa butter but I still love, love, love this one!
  9. I got the sample set...I just couldn't refuse any of those men this month. LOL
  10. OMFG....Got this one as a sample from the EBAY auction and finally tried it today. I LOVE IT!!! Amazing summer scent!
  11. “Control, control, you must learn control!” - Yoda

  12. I'm such a lucky girl. My Postman is awesome! He called me at work and said that he had the package that I was waiting on. He said that he would lock it up safely in my mailbox and that it would be waiting for me when I got home. I'm so happy that he trusts me! It helps to know your mailman and to treat him with respect. Lol!! Yep, when I got home, it only took me seconds to tear into my new goodie box. LOL!!
  13. OMG, I'm laughing so hard right now. So for me, BB doesn't do much for me; although, I think it works well for my mother. The Big Easy is now one of my favorites with Teddy BB....it really calms me to the point of "I'll be okay no matter what happens" Although, I wore it to work the other day and I should have really been wearing "Swimming with the Sharks!' LOL!
  14. Just got my shipping notice!! YAY!! Oh, no, I have to sign for it which means that I won't get it until Friday. Booo!! :-( I don't get home until after the post office closes so I'll have to wait until my day off to get it.
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