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    Gardening, mosaics, snuggling w/ kitty (and BF!), smelling luscious. (I'm surlygurl over on the bpal forums.)
  1. Yeah.... that 'cracking down on spending' thing has to happen here, too. But once my sampler pack rolls in, I may, um, shall we say budget creatively.....
  2. court jester


    Oh I like this! It starts off tart citrus & licorice, then blends & calms & goes a bit floral. The tart is always there - it's so refreshing.........
  3. Hmmmm.... so many of them look good! I see a sampler in my future. A few of them aren't going to do it for me, but ordering a sampler is more cost effective than buying individual samples. Of course, it's the ones I say "Uhhh.... I don't *think* so!" that turn out to be gorgeous on me
  4. court jester

    The Sun

    I do like this! Can't tell ya what's in it, but on me it smells clean, warm, a bit masculine. I see that there's bergamot & amber (2 winners). The spearmint must be blending with something else because I don't smell it. When I smell it I feel slightly more alert & calm. I likey!
  5. Oh dear..... Well, at least I can breathe a sigh of relief. One I'm NOT in love with. Roses are icky on me and honey goes sour. I won't describe what it smells like because that would just be rude Gotta wash this off.
  6. Already!?!?? Geez....... Well, if February's releases are gentle & spring-like again, then my wallet is in a heap of trouble
  7. court jester

    The Star

    Dammit dammit dammit! Why do so many of the scents this month work so well on me!?!? I can not afford all these...... Yeah. At first it started as an almost soapy floral, and I was "yeah, whatever. No big thing." Then the soapiness disappeared and now it smells great! Delicate & girly while still being classy. I'm ready for spring!!
  8. This is another clean clear scent on me. I love anything with woods, so this is delightful! The sweetness - which I didn't realize was fruit until I came here too check the notes - aren't overwhelming. If I had my way it would be heavier on the woods, but it's still a *tiny* touch masculine. Very pretty, will be good for spring. It fades fast, tho.
  9. court jester


    Wow. I knew this would be a clean & pretty scent but WOW. It doesn't strike me as aquatic, tho - which is good. Most aquatics go weird on me. I get a soft clean mint, sweetness, tea (green?), lime that doesn't scream "citrus!!!" on me, and - of course - musk. I don't remember what zucchini blossoms smell like, so I can't say if they're present. It doesn't matter, because this is a light clean summer scent. Perfect for todays almost 70 degree weather!
  10. court jester


    I put this on this morning and it was Myrrh, Earth & maybe white musk. I liked it. Slightly masculine, very clean. Didn't get much throw and the up close smell was okay. But then it dried and I'd get this lovely *very light* vanilla woody(?) clean smell wafting up. "What smells so nice? Oh! It's MEEEEE!" When I catch whiffs of it, it helps clean away mental clutter. Do I need a bottle? Maybe.......
  11. court jester

    The Lovers

    This is the first one I tried (since it was first in line :-) ). In the vial it smelled like a combo of In the Mood and some really good incense. When I put it on, the In the Mood part went *poof* & disappeared. I was left with really good dry incense - not the headshop kind, but the kind you get at the funky hidden away import store in the nearest college town. Then some juicy purpley-red fruits came & joined in the fun. Now, I *love* good incense, but purple-red fruits have never been my thing, so I'm torn. Do I love it or not? I couldn't tell what it dried down to because I applied
  12. court jester


    This one aged into a big bowl of toasted grains with cream, sugar, and cut up plums. Veeerry cozy!
  13. court jester


    Pulled this one out last night. It much nicer aged, I think. When I smell it on me, I get visions of piles of white powder (ahem) and a handful of young green leaves. It smells like green & white & cool mountain air. Spices? Musk? Copal? Civet? Nope. Just clean & green/white. This'll be nice come springtime!
  14. court jester

    Iron Angel

    After a couple months of funky skin chemistry, I felt it was safe to try my LP's again. This was the first I pulled out, and wow has it changed! A gorgeous woody incense (incense cedar?) with a clean vibe from the florals. It's soft & pretty, but there's an underlying strength. After all this time, I'm finally figuring out what works on me - and this works!
  15. Oooh! It looks like I picked the right time to return! Must. Buy. Sampler. Are the rest of the major arcana cards/scents in the works?
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