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  1. Since I've been away for a bit, I haven't tried a number of newer scents. That said, I just started going through my samples.... old samples. My sample of Sugared Patchouli is more fabulous than I thought possible. Of course, it's 3 years old, give or take. Sugared Sandalwood is still gorgeous (what's left, anyway), but hasn't changed as markedly as the Patch! All the sugared resins, actually....... I'd love bottles of all of them!
  2. Still nothing. I guess swaplifting is a reality.
  3. So, um, I'm just checking to make sure you're still around...... My package hasn't arrived yet. When you surface from your family craziness, give us a shout.
  4. Wow! This is lovely! It's surprisingly soft. There's no "HI! I"M MINT!" or any other loud thing. It's really a skin scent. And a very pretty one at that. I wish I could comment on the tea part of it, but right now I'm drinking black tea w/ cream so I'm sort of inundated with tea smells.
  5. Hi Calistic - (Almost) Every time I get worried about a package not showing up and I ask the sender "hey, where's my stuff?", it magically appears in my mailbox within 24 hours. So, to hasten the process - "Hey, where's my stuff?" I hope you & your family are doing well.
  6. Sometimes that happens to me, too. The tracking information will say "arrival" when it's still at the post office. It's sort of like when you get a CnS for something, but there's no record of your number. Really misleading and really annoying. Also, google psform-1510. That's a mail loss/ rifling report. If you fill one of those out & turn it in, well, it may not help, but at least the postmaster et. al. will know about it. If enough people used it, they could pinpoint who's screwing up. Good luck with the search
  7. I completely agree with the review above - this stuff is YUM!! When I first tried it, I was blown away. "What's that? Foody but not, sweet but tart, makes me think of something but I don't know what. It's yummy!" That was my immediate reaction to this scent. I never figured out what is in this - I'm guessing some sort of sour fruit, but I haven't read the notes recently. This wonderful lovely scent fades quickly on my skin, but I'm hoping that with age it will get stronger and stick around for a while.
  8. :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: So, have you purchased anything yet? I'd love to hear some reviews/opinions.
  9. Welcome to the funhouse! I haven't tried most of whats on your list, but La Vie de boheme for women is lovely. On me it smells like coffee ice cream, and Intellectual Woman works wonders for shy little me. The reviews here are kinda scattered. There are regular reviews, then there are reviews for particular pheromones. They cross pollinate, so it helps to take a good look around. Have fun!
  10. I gave this a test this morning, after it had sat & blended for a couple months. The first thing I noticed was that it did smell of anise - but not the seeds. It smelled like I had takes a handful of feathery leaves and crushed them. Really green. I was taken aback it was so real. Then I smelled some dark caramel musk. It actually got a bit funky there for a while. Bitter. That went away and it became musk w/ caramel and some green anise. Not really my thing, but it's a great concept.
  11. Confession: I don't like coffee. The drink, coffee candy, whatever. The smell isn't so bad, but the idea of smelling like coffee makes me recoil a bit. That said - this is absolutely scrumptious! I smell like coffee ice cream - wheeeeee! I can smell the chocolate and what must be the bitter orange. And the Intellectual Woman? I'm a newbie to pheremones, but can feel a difference, like I'm clearer, able to speak more clearly, listen more closely & have an easier time interpreting things. This just might be a bottle purchase! (For Her - haven't tried For Him yet).
  12. The day I got this in the mail I tried it on and was "eh, it's ok". But now? After it has sat & melded? It's gorgeous. A dry, sweet sandalwood, slightly spicy, very dry. I love benzoin, and I think that's what the "not vanilla" smell is. Aged Paper? I don't smell aged paper per se (and I work in a library, so I know that smell), but something lets this scent smell..... not really light, but thin/ fragile. With sweet smoke drifting through. I put touches of this on my chest & near my armpits before my workout, and the scent kept teasing me, asking me to sniff and linger. Definitely a winner!
  13. Oh be still my heart! *clutches pearls & faints dead away*
  14. My bottle of this arrived last night - Yay!! I know scents need to sit a while and meld, but I couldn't resist! On my skin it smelled SWEET sweetsweetsweet. OK. There's the candy floss. I waited for the scent to warm up & the musk to come out, but it never did (I think). I have a feeling that this need some curing and the musk will come forth. I wore it to work today, just to test it some more. It remained mostly sugar. Maybe I'm expecting something like Sugared Musk - sweet but still heady? I know that my old samples of the Sugared resins are much different now, so I'll give this one some time. (Also, I brought Sugared Nag Champa with me to work, just in case I needed something different. What a combo! Musk in the Pixie dust is going to be a lovely layering scent!) eta: It's been 3 weeks now and the sweeeet has mellowed. It's still pink sugary, but the musk comes through and it's more balanced.
  15. I should know better by now to let the oils age a bit before passing judgement. When I first got this, It was funky musty strong oil. So I set it aside. Last night I tried it again - after aging 2 months. Fresh on, it was orange. Dried oranges? Not citrusy, just orangey. And something plasticky. Then the plastic began to fade and I got orange and something else - I couldn't figure out what. There was either a musk or incense (something dark) as a backdrop. The orange left the party and the other thing came out stronger. What IS that?..... Um ....Wait.... ROSE! Hi there Rose! Lots and lots of ROSE! Like an elephant that squeezed into the tiny room with all the other scents, it's the only thing I can sense. Ah well. It'll find a better home one of these days.
  16. Oohhh! Treasured hearts! Is it too late to request a $3 sample of that to be added to my other stuff?
  17. Blossom of Love Delicate, light and lovely – a Love and Fidelity potion crafted of Spiced Sakura Blossoms with just a whisper of Asian fruit. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Magickal Meanings of Ingredients: SAKURA (CHERRY) BLOSSOM ~ Cheerfulness, good humor, light heartedness, attraction of a mate. LYCHEE ~ Love, strength, luck, health. GINGER ~ Intensifies love spells and induces passion. RASPBERRY ~ Love inducing, aids in pregnancy discomforts, protection. PEPPER ~ Protection, fidelity, dispels envy and evil. PEACH ~ Love, promotes fertility, happiness, abundance, marriage, longevity, wishes granted. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ok. I didn't see any reviews for this scent (that's hard to believe!), so it looks like I'll go first. Tonight after my shower I put on a tiny dot of this scent, just to try it out. OMG it's lovely! Soft fruity floral, so soft & well blended that I had to read the ingredients list to tell what was in it. It doesn't smell fruity or floral; it smells.... ethereal. If it were a color, it would be pale yellow with a touch of very soft pink. Young but not "girly". A truly beautiful scent!
  18. I just paypalled you the money. Thanks for doing this!
  19. When I first sniffed this it smelled like cheap chocolate . But then I tried it on my skin..... after 2-3 minutes, the cheap chocolate smell faded and I was left with a very light floral spice. The cocoa butter is absolutely perfect in this blend; it gives the other ingredients a buffer/backdrop. I find it very sexy but also quite calming. All in all, it gets from me!
  20. Ok. This was my Thursday After Work sample scent. I decided to test my sample of this today and I'm glad I did. For some reason I thought there was lavender in this ("hey, wow, that's a really gentle lavender..." ). But now that I read the ingredients, it must be the heather/sunflower combo that comes out on me. The fig adds sweetnes. All the other scents just bolster the gentle flowers & fig. The ginger & carnation adds a touch of spice - but not loud spice. I never got the resins or cedar. This is vying for first place in my July arsenal of perfumes..... It's a very soft summer scent. I may need a bottle.
  21. Hi AncientGoddess! Welcome to the boards Kick your shoes off & sit a spell - this is one of the most relaxed placed I know.
  22. This scent is a very nice suprise! In the sample I can smell mint, followed by something like resin, then sweeeet sugar. I thought "Oh goodie, another sugared mint *rolls eyes*. (Yeah, ok, I'm a cynic!) When I tried it on my wrists I got sugared soft mint - yummy! Then I swiped some on my throat & got sugared fruit!?! OK, whatever. It's really nice. Minty fruity sugar with something grounding it & keeping it from evaporating. I don't get roses (which is shocking because I usualy amp rose) and I don't know what clove blossom smells like. But this is lovely. I'd like it to be louder & stronger, but then it wouldn't be what it is - which is gentle and sweet and fun. At the end of the drydown is rose & clove blossom (I guess that's what it is). Absolutely beautiful!
  23. My samples arrived yesterday so, of course, I had to sniff all of them before I tried any on. When I came to this I wasn't expecting anything magical - boy was I wrong! First sniff was something woody/rooty (Orris, I think) followed by peach. And more peach. Then something at the end that - how can I put this? - made the peach turn in on itself instead of letting it flow like a teenage girl peachy perfume. This is sophisticated peach. I didn't smell the lavender, but I still need to skin test it. I was planning on wearing it to work today, but BF was asleep right next to the box and I didn't have the heart to wake him up! Hmmm..... maybe I should have ;-)
  24. Hi it's me again! Could I add Popularity Potion & Blatant Invitation to my list? (says the person with less than $2 in her paypal account....) thanks!
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