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  1. Wait, what? Somewhere there exists dark choco raspberry fancy m&ms? Now I have to hunt them down before trying my La Boom! sample (that's the only reason, of course )
  2. Could I be put on the list for Intellectual Woman, Cougar Potion, True Confessions, Dominance Potion and Soulmate? All $3 samples. If I find anything else of interest, I'll let you know!
  3. Ooohhh! Doing math is so much easier when one has all the info
  4. I think it's a great idea! Two questions: You say $16 a dram, $3 a sample. How much is a sample? 1/32 oz? 1/64? Less? Ok. Question #2: Can we pick 'n' choose what we want or will we need to buy the whole set? I know, I know - it's still in the planning stages. Let's hope others are interested!
  5. Hello and welcome from another newbie! Ya know, when I read the sentence in italics (mine), I read it as "It's so hard not to get abducted"! Well, hey - whatever works
  6. I agree with the French Toast. LP Red smells softly cinnamon (not the Big Red burn-your-skin type). It's my fave of the LP's I've tried. I find that it layers well with incense/resin scents, too.
  7. Oh wowza! I think it's time for another purchase. This sound like it will be fun & oh so helpful ;-) Please let us know the results of your experiment!
  8. Yeah, I saw that. Around the time I noticed the forums, I also noticed the "endangered" scents list... Perhaps it's time to re-test those endangered potions....
  9. Hoo boy! What a welcome! *grin* Hmmmm..... A few of the beauties I got last year (or earlier) are now RIP - Mermaids of Atlantis, Sugared Egyptian Sandalwood, Sugared Pears, Moon Goddesses Artemis, Isis & Diana, Native Soil, Abundance of the Pharoahs... whoa. That's big chunk of my collection! Sugared Nag Champa is awesome and I'm trying not to purchase a bottle because I use it sparingly (potent stuff!). Sugared Frank & Myrrh is lovely, too... Mummy Stuffing, Persuasion Potion, Melisandra's Passion Potion & Magic Money Potion. Oh, and Sugared Patchouli. These were purchased back when you could choose the samples for your 10 pack(?). I like being able to pick 'n' choose. (BTW - I'm not usually this orderly re: my oils [or anything else]. I'm on vacation this week so I'm cataloging them Yeah, I've been busy)
  10. Greetings everyone! As you can see, I'm new on these boards (but not new to Love Potions). I made a couple of purchases a year or more ago, set them aside (silly me!) and just recently revisited them. Which, of course, led to another order which arrived today I am testing right now and am experiencing a gentle bliss - could be Allegro, could be joining the forums :-) I didn't notice the forums until just last week (uh, preocupied with scents, maybe?), else I'd have been here sooner.
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