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  1. I got my package!!! Thank you so much for doing this circle and hugs to you and granma!
  2. All those goodies for 44 bucks? Hell yeah!!! Just need to wait for me paycheck.... They sound sooo freaking yummy!
  3. To some extent, men ask a girl out because they want to sleep with her. As in very few men would ask out a woman they would never sleep with. However, if a guy is a decent guy, and he respects the girl, he will not be interested in her, and not only sex with her. He will be interested in getting to know the girl and is not in a hurry to sleep with her. When your sexiness is so excessive that it overshadows your personality, you attract men only after sex. But when your sexiness is simply one of your many charms, it draws attention to the whole of you. I have personally had luck with a little bit of Phero Girl along with some socials.
  4. Okay, so everything has been sent out now?
  5. Fine with me, I'm pretty broke now, but will get a paycheck in November. Maybe I'll order both months' sets and nab the discount.
  6. I want Native Soil, Carpe Noctem, Soul food and La Vie de Boheme.
  7. So... I want to order some essence oil, to see how the pure thing works. I want Autumnsy samples to accompany it.
  8. It smells like jasmine and violets and is a nice warm sultry floral, but helas not for my skin.
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