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    The Magician

    Settles it, must try.
  2. Babydials


    I almost never too florals, they get heady and sweet on me. This is a rare one that I can wear. Perfect for June.
  3. This is a soapy rose on me as well (Cleo did not get soapy on me).
  4. It layers nicely with incensey and almond scents as well
  5. Me Jane sounds fun, but I am allegic to Banana and it makes me nervous.
  6. Maybe I got a mismade sample, I got no rum, spicy or otherwise.
  7. Plaisirs de Nuit - this one is really well balanced between the carnation and the myrrh and Nutmeg. A little spicy, a touch of sweetness. They seemed to take turns for which I noticed most. Nice throw too. Not something I see me purchasing, but not swapping away my sample Happy Water - this is a bit sweeter than what I would normally wear, but it is pretty, not cloying. I can imagine that this will go over well with my nieces. Again, not something I see me purchasing, but will definitely keep my sample. I can't say anything about the happy effect. My grandmother is in the hospital and my mood is beyond brightening. Pirate Bumbo - If you like Love Potion Green you will probably like this. I am not a Love Potion Green fan (celeried butterscotch on me). This was less annoying than LPG. After 2 hours I did not smell this one much.
  8. Just to let you know, while I have not smelled SL, tea scents tend to be a bit sweeter and stronger than smelling actual tea.
  9. Somewhere between people saying hint of clove, lily, and rich sweetness this came off of my wishlist.
  10. Wish Craft Jewel of the Regency Southern Gothic Phero Cougar Cleopatra 2008
  11. Babydials


    This is my favorite LP scent and one of my favorites of all my scents. Especially in the warmer months, it's so refreshing.
  12. If we could get one that smells like hot buttered corn on the cob (perhaps with some blatatent invitation thrown in) my SO would find me irresistable.
  13. I could see Jane Bennett wafting in it.
  14. I really like this one. It starts out almost winey, and then becomes a soft flattering rose. Slightly powdery, but still lovely. Nice sillage without being overwhelming. The jasmine and neroli end up taking a back seat to the rose, which is a good thing here.
  15. I was a bit worried to try this one. I was afraid it would get too heavy or strong on me. It didn't. This is a lovely gardenia scent. It is a bit heady, but not overwhelmingly so. It has good throw without being obnoxious. And no chemical scent. May just get a bottle of this.
  16. This one was a bit odd on me. The first 10 minutes I could not smell it unless I put my nose straight up to it. The for the next 20 minutes it was light and kind of leafy. After that the amber and ginger got together and stayed. Not bad on me, but not bottle worthy either.
  17. "The only other note I can pick out is a faint brush of lily." If lily is the only note in this fragrance that I know does not work on me, try it or skip it?
  18. First let me say that I am not the best describer of fragrance. Second, my skin can do strange and unpleasant things to scent. I have tried around 18 BPAL scents and would not order bottles of any of them and only kept 3 of the samples, swapping away 15. Now for my order: Heart of Kapet - This is the only one I did not try on skin. One sniff had me thinking sweet and head shoppy. Will swap. Hecate's Night Potion - The creamy woods description got me, but this was not creamy woods on my skin. Not horrible though. Will swap. Dark Seductions™ - This started out great, soft violet well blended with other elements and not smelling like violet candies. But violet is cruelly ephermal. While I loved the beginning it ended smelling like men's cologne on me. I am almost tempted to keep the sample to put on right before meeting someone for coffee or another brief encounter. To its credit, this stayed pretty much longer than Tom Ford's super expensive violet scent. Cleopatra's Blend 2008 - I like rose scents, but they rarely rock my world once my skin gets involved. This is not the fresh spring day rose scent, but it is not one that gets too heavy, sweet, dusty, or powdery either. A good Fall or Winter rose to wear. I don't see me buying it, but I will not be swapping my sample, I'll definitely use it again. Phero Girl Cougar - Granted I only used a dab, but I did not notice any change in male behavior. Perhaps if I had been on a date and someone had a reason to be close that would change. As for the scent, the grapefruit did not get harsh or cat-pissy and the sugary aspects did not become hyper sweet. This scent stayed fairly constant throughout and I could still notice it 3 hours later without making an effort to. Not like anything I normally wear, but a nice hot weather scent, I will keep and use this sample as well. Wish Craft - I have seen quite a few wisteria, I can not say that I have ever smelled one, so I do not know how accurate the scent is. I can pick up the Freesia, but it does not get too agressive as Freesia can. This is like a fresh spring day. It makes me think of wild flowers on hillsides and laundry billowing in the breeze. Perfect for a hot day. SOLD! I was very impressed that all of these had nice sillage withouth being overwhelming. So, 3 swaps, 2 keeps, 1 purchase. For me that is an amazingly good track record.
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