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  1. Glad you got your package sorry about the popularity. I have found that the small bottles i have do not work with the pheromones (something in them eats away the cap). I tried to put as many as possible into bigger containers, but some i already had seperated before i knew this was a problem. Also, Sorry to hear about your mother, my prayers are with you and her as well. They now think my grandmother has NPH and not alzheimer's which would be great because it is treatable, but we won't know anything until the MRI comes back on dec 1st. So all we can do is hope
  2. She is doing much better. although they think she has altzhimers but we won't know anything until next month when the tests come is
  3. hey everyone sorry for my absence. my family has had some health issues with my grandma and i have spent most of last week taking her to appointment and to and from the hospital. everything has been sent out as of today. thank you all for your patience and i tried to include a couple of samples or a larger size of things to make up for it. Again thanks everyone and sorry for it taking so long
  4. Thanks, i forgot to keep checking here... My life has been Crazy i am very sorry for the wait. Like i said things have been a little crazy around here. But it should be going back to normal here soon. My car is broke, but everyone's stuff should be sent out by wednesday since my boyfiend has the day off and I can make him drive me.
  5. I did not receive an e-mail from you. There was a problem with my e-mail for a couple of hours. and for anyone else who has e-mailed me recently and i haven't answered you please e-mail me again. Sorry for any inconvience
  6. You sound as excited as me. It has not came in yet. I know they have been pretty busy over there, but hopefully soon
  7. You are just in luck i was going to the post office today. I have enough for a sample of all of those. your total will be $12 and i will just send them all together.
  8. Sure thing.. I ordered it sunday. so as soon as it is here I'll send out everything
  9. Thanks, I got your e-mail, but mine is still screwed up so i can't respond. hopefully it will be fixed by monday. I also got your payment, thanks a ton and i will get those out to you as soon as the treasured hearts comes in
  10. Concupiscentia hmm, must have missed your post I am not ignoring you i promise.. anyway let me know what size you want of the treasured hearts and feel free to send money whenever. Mary - Thanks for your payment and i will send it out as soon as i get it. Remmy - I will put you down on the list. your total will be $30 for a dram of both. feel free to pay through paypal or e-mail me.
  11. Thanks, i'll have it sent out to you today or tommrow
  12. Sure thing. It will be $15. feel free to pay on paypal whenever you want the E-mail is still the same as posted before. Also, if different that the one on your paypal account please e-mail me your address. I can get it right out for you. And for all of you who e-mailed me thank you for your comments and information. I would love to answer all of you personally, but my e-mail hates me and won't let me send out. I can still recieve e-mails though so feel free to e-mail me anything else.
  13. alright whew!!! Long week and weekend.. let me update all of this. I have left: Cuddle Bunny Domanince Cougar Soulmate swimming with the sharks (enough for either a big sample or a couple smalls) I will also have extras of but have not recieved them yet Tresured Hearts Drop your guard Intellectual Women Super sexy for men I am glad to here from you who have recieved your packets. If anyone has any feedback please feel free to e-mail me.
  14. Yours didn't go out, so i will send it all at once. Carrie, Glad you got yours. I have had a ton of fun trying all the different ones. (will post reviews sometime soon)
  15. Hey Katz, Your package was sent out last week ( i don't remember the date and I don't have tracking numbers on me at work) But you should recieve it very shortly I would guess this week sometime. Some others went out last week as well, but off the top of my head I don't remember and my lists are at home. The rest will be mailed as soon as I get the rest of the products, waiting on about 2 more that should be here anyday now. Mary, If you want the large sample vial (1.75 ml) it will be $6.70, The Small one (.6ml) is $3 and The Dram (4ml) is $15. And just to let you know, Your package was sent out last week as well, so expect it soon.
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