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  1. Djacquelyn, I did recive your payment. thanks for checking, you never know Court jester, I received yours as well. Concupiscentia, I also received yours too. Thanks everyone. I hope you are all as excited as i am about the products.
  2. Of course it isn't to late. I will add you to the list for these, I have plenty of all of those left. the total would come to $45 for a 4ml bottle of each. Feel free to either just pay on paypal or e-mail me with your e-mail address and I can send you an invoice if you prefer, or e-mail if you want/need to pay some other way. Let me know if you have any other questions Paige@WiddershinOnline.com
  3. Sure no problem, I should have extras of pretty much everything, and if not i can always order more.
  4. Received your payment, thanks a ton.. I will keep you (and everyone else) updated on what is going on.
  5. That is not a problem at all. I know how things are when money is tight.
  6. Ok... Update and info as promised. Sorry it is kinda long All blends will be ordered regardless of amount of people signed up by the end of this month. That means everyone that has signed up (as long as i get money from you lol) will receive their order before or around the end of the month. If anyone else wants to sign up let me know I still have lots of room. Also, if anyone has any ideas of Scented blends they would like to see be added to the list, Let me know and I will see if I can get up enough interest to add them as well. Ok now for money stuff... The best and fastest way seems to be through paypal. those of you who are paying through Paypal, please let me know who you are on here note so i know that you paid. Feel free to send whenever you can or you can E-mail me your e-mail address and I will send you an invoice Paypal E-mail: Paige@WiddershinOnline.com If you want to pay in some other way or have any other questions Please e-mail me Paige@WiddershinOnline.com Here is everyone's sumary. Check it and let me know if there is something wrong or want to add something. Also, I would appreciate if you live outside of the US that you chip in $1 or $2 extra to pay for shipping. Ivy_fiddlefox $12 Swimming with the Sharks Popularity Potion Soulmates Dominance Katz $9 Swimming with the sharks Blatant Invitation Soulmates Carrie $12 Blatant Invitation Popularity Potion True Confessions Cuddle Bunny DJacquelynstew $15 Swimming with the sharks Blatant Invitation Popularity Potion Intellectual Woman Drop your guard Concupiscentia $23 after shipping Blatant Invitation Cougar potion Popularity potion Soulmate Intellectual woman True Confessions Cuddle bunny Court Jester $21 Blatant Invitation Cougar Popularity Potion Soulmates Intellectual woman True Confessions Dominance
  7. I added yours and Katz I changed yours all to sample sizes
  8. Yeah, I am looking to collect some money at the end of next week (friday/sat ish) but if it takes a little longer that is ok too.
  9. Ok here is what i have left from the lists that i have started. 1 ml Popularity Potion 2 ml Soulmate 3 ml Swimming with the sharks 5 ml Blatant invitation 7 ml cougar 6 ml Intellectual Women 6 ml Intellectual Man 6 ml True Confessions 7 ml Domanance 8 ml Drop your guard 7 ml Cuddle bunny I will be ordering the following at the end of next week (regardless if anyone else signs up). Popularity Potion, Soulmates, and Swimming with the Sharks. But i am also hoping to order a couple of others as well. So if you have yet to sign up, now is the time (especially the above three) As for those of you who are already signed up, I will be letting you all know how I am going to do payments and shipping very soon (hopefully by tommrow)
  10. Yes, that is what i meant my cat was trying to help me type, so it's hard to proof read lol
  11. Ok, I think i got everyone. here is the recap so far. Katz 2 Drams 1 sample $33.00 Court Jester 7 samples $21.00 Ivy Fiddlefox 4 samples $12.00 DJacqueslynstew 4 samples $12.00 Concupiscentia 7 samples $21.00 Plus extra shipping = $23 Carrie 4 samples $12.00 I already have a great list started. I am very excited that this is going off so well. The end of this week (friday or saturday) I will have more info about when i am placing orders and other details
  12. $23 is perfect. I don't have a sale/swap list
  13. I added you to the list as well. the netherlands huh, that is very cool it's always interesting to see how widespead the internet actually is. Since the extra cost in shipping it would be great if you could if you could send $1 or $2 extra, if not don't worry about it though, i got you covered.
  14. They are for sure $3. I will add you to the list. I agree about the true confessions, I know I will be reserving myself at least a dram of this just to start off with, and i am guessing I will love it and then buy more. But if you decide you want to try anything else just let me know.
  15. Sure thing, those three sound great to me as well (especially swimming with the Sharks). I am hoping to place an order within the next two weeks. So, if you want me to add you to my list for all or any of the above just let me know what size you are looking at. The michigan renaissance festival starts soon and i figure that is the perfect time to test some of these out. More Info for everyone: I figured I would collect money closer to time of ordering, but will take payment any time before that as well. Payments through paypal will probably be the easiest for everyone, but if you can't or don't want to use paypal we can do it however you want. I will be on Vacation from Aug 5-7th (it's my birthday!!! Happy Birthday to me.....) so will not have access to the computer for that time. I will try to answer everything the night of the 4th and will answer all unanswered questions when i get back on the 8th. Just a warning ahead of time so no one thinks I am ignoring them lol.
  16. I was talking to a friend and showing him the website and info and whatnot. So, anyway (I tend to ramble) I have a list started already for Intellectual Man and Popularity Potion
  17. lol.. math is never easy for me. Ok, the sample sizes I have include the applicator and taking into account the space that takes up they are .6 ml (1/56 oz) so the prices I have listed are correct. it will be $3 for a sample size (.6ml) $15 for a dram (4ml) if you are looking for another size or anything like that feel free to ask. I am sure I can come up with whatever.
  18. You can pick and choose whatever, as many or as few as you want. As for the sample sizes. the sample bottles I have are the standard sized sample bottles. i am not sure what the amount is off hand. I believe they are 1ml, but I will check for sure tommrow.
  19. OK, for those of you who did (as well as those who didn't) read my post about a "share" program of oils. The discussion has been moved to this forum upon request. so I will repost info. I am looking to try a bunch of different Unscented Pheromone Blends, but since i want to try so many I want to start a sharing program. My plan is to split bottles into drams (1/8) bottles and small sample bottles, but i also have other containers if someone wishes for something specific. it should be around $16 for a dram and $3 for a sample, but these are just estimated figures right now, I should have actual figures very soon, but these are around what it would be. I think this will be a great way to try lots of different products and see what works without spending all my money I make this year. I am open to trying other things (including scented products) I am also not limited to women's blends, I would have interest in men's blends as well. These are the Unscented products I was looking at INTELLECTUAL WOMAN BLATANT INVITATION COUGAR POTION CUDDLE BUNNY TRUE CONFESSIONS DROP YOUR GUARD SOULMATE SWIMMING WITH SHARKS POPULARITY POTION DOMINANCE POTION Any questions, comments, thoughts or people wishing to participate let me know. and i am sure there will be more info to come.
  20. Lol... wow lots of excitment! That is great! This sounds like a great group of people.
  21. Hi Everyone, My name is Paige and I am a scentaholic, as well as an aromatherapist. I am 24 and run a custom scented bath products store. We also do festival and fair Such as the Michigan Renaissance Festival, Battle Creek Renaissance festival and Ann Arbor Art Fair. I found this sight while searching for new oils and i loved the descriptions so much. I just ordered my first samples of products and can't wait to try them. Until then I thought I would come on here and say hi. In my spare time I am a full time student, majoring in English and Sociology. My plan is to be a Professor of English (when I get my Masters). I look forward to getting to know everyone
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