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    I have dabbled in pheromones on and off for several years. I lost interest for a while until I discovered LP. The scents are amazing and the people here seem to be dedicated and kind. As a graduate student, I have limited time to test, but I hope I can make some contribution to this community.<br /><br />My primary interests are general enjoyment of lovely scents as well as improving my personal wellbeing, social life, career, and relationship.
  1. I didn't notice any phero effects from this, but I LOVED the scent. I'm crossing my fingers that it will come back some day.
  2. Wow! I can't believe how many amazing pheros there are here! Definitely going to be saving up to buy both the men's and women's sample sets. Can't wait to read descriptions of the scents!
  3. Mercuralia (and anything with SWS, such as Money Honey) is definitely great for boosting confidence and it has a strong effect on others as well. As a graduate student, I find it indispensible in class and in meetings with professors. This week, I wore it to two meetings and both times, the professors were falling over themselves complimenting my ideas and searching for materials of their bookshelves to give me. Very fun.
  4. I got a freebie of Legend with Charisma in it and decided to try it out even though it is a male phero. Although I didn't really notice any self-effects, I had some funny experiences when I was with my gf. She kept making comments that I looked like this or that guy (she doesn't even like guys, but I guess that night she did ). On a side note, this has me pondering that one collects so much more information about phero effects when wearing them in the presence of a close friend, relative, or loved one because they actual tell you what they are thinking. Acquiantances and the general pu
  5. I finally tried Mercuralia and I have to say, it is very effective. I wore this at a class and had so much fun! Everyone was in a great mood, I didn't feel so shy, and the teacher complimented us profusely and said she was enjoying the class (and admitted she had never said that of this particular type of class). The scent is also quite pleasant. Fresh, powdery, and a soft. In the future, I might get unscented Swimming With the Sharks (if they still make it) and pair it with other scents. I have been searching for a replacement for mx300 (Androtic's respect phero for women) and I
  6. Ach! I wasn't planning on buying anything for August but after seeing this I might have to buy at least one or two. But what to choose?!
  7. So far, I've gotten great responses from all of my friends and acquaintances wearing Unisexy. No one commented on the scent, but they were at ease, complimentary, and jovial. My gf was also at ease and happy, and found the scent pleasant but NOT sexy. Making any sort of negative comments about my perfumes is unusual for her, so I'm wondering if it might be her reaction to smelling male pheros on me. I'll definitely be wearing this at parties and with friends, but will try to remember not to wear it on a date night!
  8. I've been trying out a sample vial of Unisexy and I love the scent! Its just so warm and sexy and I'm sad that the full bottles are all gone. But I was wondering, what reaction have you (ladies) gotten from your male significant others when you where it? If the pheros give off an "alpha male at peace" vibe, I doubt men would be sexually attracted to that. I want to wear it with my girlfriend (I'm a bi girl, she's gay), but I don't want her to be turned off. I am assuming here that gay women will be attracted to the same pheros that men are attracted to. I've always used women's
  9. Just got my order today! Samples of Unisexy, Mercuralia, Dangerous Games, Excalibar, Pie in the sky, and Bodice Ripper. Plus sniffies of Toasted Coconut Donut (OMG it smells soooooo good!) and Legend. Thanks for the extras! I can't wait to try all of these and review them. Very excited to begin contributing more to the forums.
  10. I'm thinking of ordering a sample of this. I could use a little extra respect in my department (I'm a liberal arts grad student) and the scent sounds lovely. Thanks for the review.
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