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  1. like DJ said, est would be a great one for you to try.. u might want to look into things with alpha androstenol as well as that is proven to be a mood enhancer. gluck and hope it gets better. <3
  2. hi! ive been a little scarce here for awhile but wow there are a LOT more stuff for me to get addicted with now that im back :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: i was just wondering would one version make the perfume smell stronger? i always feel like alcohols make perfume smell less intense..
  3. hehe i was wearing CFM today, spiked with some beta androstenol.. in the elevator, ppl (there were about 6-7 ppl) were raving about somebody who smells SOO good and were trying to figure out who. i just kept my mouth shut and smiled to myself as a hot boy in the corner looked at me and winked <3
  4. aaand my package shipped today also so so soo excited!
  5. hehe just bought this on impulse i think im getting re-addcited to LP again
  6. a quick question... does this one smell more fruity or less fruity than allegro? i love allegro but my TG couldnt deal with me smelling like fruits all the time <3
  7. hehe i disappeared for abit since i had so many scents to deal with.. i came back and there are like 40 scents that i need to try!
  8. i like ur selections welcome! <3
  9. hi hun its good that its not alzheimers. ill pray that the MRI scans give you something positive. also, hugs for djac's mother. i see a lot of terminally ill patients at the wards and its devastating, the strain on the family. and lastly, i wanted to tell u that i got the decants today and it came in fine thanx for the decant and thanx again for the samples as well. take care, <3
  10. remmy


    hi! welcome suzi and have fun getting addicted
  11. o no! im so sorry to hear that your grama is sick i hope she gets better soon and ill send my prayers. best regards
  12. did any of you hear anything back from her..?
  13. hehe it's thursday nowww ps. kinda silly that i got mad at the DST cuz now we are an hr behind on getting to friday?
  14. wow they look so great! im very excited to try some of them!! <3
  15. ya ive been wondering about this today, let us know! thanx
  16. i just spilled my sample bottle. hmph. im such a klutz
  17. hmm cuddle bunny and maybe super sexy... how does ashes to dust smell like?
  18. welcome welcome welcome! its a really nice and friendly forum with lots and lots of goodies u'll get addicted rather quickly
  19. i just got an email from paige telling me that there was a mix up with treasurered hearts order. she said that she is expecting to get the package on monday and she'll mail everything out on tuesday
  20. remmy

    Top Five

    hmmm this is subject to change in a near future: 1. blatant invitation (and probably not ever going to move from my top 5, it seems..) 2. nekai nectar. mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm 3. sultry afternoon with beta androstenol (i only have a little vial so have to use sparingly tho :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: ) 4. CFM 5. forever after. such a soft and beautiful tone :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:
  21. aww im so glad u got cfm.. this one's quite fun :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: im a big big tal girl (never got along well with tah) so CFM serves me rather well.. make sure to let us in on the fun u have!!!!
  22. o darn.. okay then. ill just layer that with my skin thanx for letting me know! <3
  23. i just read in an earlier post that we can order this undiluted (1ml) so i can dilute them with perfume of my choice.. is it recommended? it wouldnt mess up with the potency of the pheros at all would it? i have this beautiful roll on that my friend got me from pakistan (sandalwood-ish but floral tone) that i really really want to add some pheros to.. lemme know if any of you tried!! <3 remmy
  24. welcome rad47! and i ditto everybody's comments, i really like their phero blends here too
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