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  1. hii sorry for being so bothersome, but i was just wondering about the status of my decants? not trying to rush u, im just curious <3 remmy
  2. i have a bottle of dominance coming in soon also! im so so excited
  3. hahaha so so jealous now btw selva, nice job on that icon there.. me likey
  4. yeah, i wasnt offended by your post either dolly! btw, great report vivica but at one point i was berating myself for posting because some of the responses ive been getting were condescending. at least it's all sorted out now.
  5. thanx vivica, i couldnt' have been more clear
  6. remmy


    hehe i have treasured hearts coming in from a decant circle! im so excited to try this combo out
  7. i hate the fact that mx108 is sold out i shoudlve gotten it when i had the chance :( btw laitcaramel, i think u qualify for the free samples, if u havent asked for them already u'll really really like ur order, i promise
  8. aww selva and lifeisgood, u girls are so cute so lets leave the drama aside and lets all be friends :) <3
  9. i was just sharing something that happened to me. and no i dont think its fun to play around with people's feelings neither. and i'm don't. i'm the type of girl that never lead guys on and everybody's aware of the fact that my tg and i have a thing going on. also, even before i started wearing copulins, i had no problem with getting guys and i was the girl that guys talked about getting with when i walk around the school even when they know about my TG. i just feel like i'm an attractive enough person that even without the copulins the woman would've came up and told me off. also, i think for the most part that pheros are only 1% and 99% is you. (i guess in this case, the woman pmsing) honestly, i was more shocked that she had the audacity to say that kind of stuff. i was shocked that a person as rude as that existed and my shock had nothing to do with the fact that i was wearing copulins. which btw, was a very very small amount. ive had some great experiences learning about pheros at androtics and i think that i know how to use a lot of pheros well enough so it only affects those very standing close to me. also, i wouldnt be too quick to put that little stunt the woman pulled entirely into copulin's doing because i got no hits of any sexual nature when i was out shopping in the mall. to be completely honest, whenever i wear copulins my TG just says i smell bad and how he wishes i wore regular perfumes that he picked out. so most of the times i dont think copulins arent' even potent. anyways, thanks for the advice. i honestly didn't post my thread up to offend people but it seems like i did.
  10. dayum miss addict tell me how it goes, i kinda want it really bad also
  11. aww cutiepie, ur awesome well said im not going to let that deter me from wearing cops. i have the most fun with it and it's been great and me and my friend gave her a bit of.. a shock with what we said back to her also <3
  12. remmy

    Honeyed Seductions

    i meant to say "on me" hehe dummy dummy
  13. remmy

    Honeyed Seductions

    to me, yes :(:msn_red_fox_smilies-09: but some girls are having fabulous time with it..
  14. hii i love u too sweetie! :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:
  15. aww thanx guys she was def. really rude. ive never gotten any negative rxns from it other than from her. maybe she was just having a bad day, i dont really care. it was kind of funny that she didnt know what to say as soon as i said, but um. i go to medical school. anyways, im just going to chalk it up to one bad experience out of 100 good ones. not a biggie :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:
  16. hi! to cover up the eow, i actually poured my bottle into julphia's hair serum (flirtatious and i added some green apple to it..) mixed it in 10:1 ratio. so considering eow is watered down already, this really isnt a very potent solution.. but yeah, it was weird because i usually dont get negative reactions from girls other than "something smells weird" if i dont do a good job covering it up.. anyways... probably going to stick with EST based pheros until my treasured hearts come back. gosh, that lady was so rude! <3
  17. i wore blatant invitation and some eow together today... i was outside with my friends waiting for the bus and ive gotten so many hits it was ridiculous. id be walking by and guys would literally turn around to get a better look at me. then.. some religious old woman comes up to me and says "why are you dressed like such a whore or are you one?" .. i was so offended but i kept my cool and i said "no, but i do go to a medical school and i'm going to be a doctor" then she says "what kind of doctor would u be, the one who aborts babies?" huh.. i was really pissed off because i wasnt wearing anything slutty that day.. just a v-neck t-shirt and jeans... my friends were really mad at her too and they were sticking up for me also, which i thought was nice. i was just so shocked! anyways so apparently religious ladies hate eow.
  18. damn it im such an addict now.. i actually JUST bought nekai nectar and im seriously considering getting allegro.. im going to resist and buy it later. hehe i also have to get super sexy..and everything else they sell here basically.
  19. btw let us know if u like allegro, ive been itching to try this one <3 remmy
  20. welcome naturechild! i looove the avatar its hott
  21. me too should stop spending my daddy's money tho...
  22. aww okayokay keep us posted if you can! <3 remmy
  23. i wore out nekai nectar when i was visiting my friends. so so many guys commenting on how i smelt good. it was almost embrassing at one point because i felt bad for my friend.. (i was visiting her but i got all the attention ) this guy.. with a girlfriend (i didnt know he had a girl though) spent hours with me talking about random stuff and seemingly never wanted to leave. maybe he's just a really friendly dude, but he kept putting his arms around me and trying to make jokes and stuff. he said that i smelt really nice and that he loves girls who smell like fruits. then i found out he had a gf, so hmph. either way, great scent. my full bottle in on its way!
  24. hi calistic! did the treasured hearts come in? not trying to rush you (i have stuff to try out until it comes in), just curious <3 remmy
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