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  1. Ok I am continually amazed by this blend so I have to update again.This is just UNBELIEVABLE .Not only does everyone love me and talk to me I actually had one of the bouncers where I work nights come out and say "There is just something about you".Its dead on that 'Je ne sais quoi' I really cant believe the results!To top it off he is like 25 and I am 38.I also had the female bartender insist on buying me dinner cause she just wanted to chat.This must NEVER BE DISCONTINUED! :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:
  2. Ail this is great! I had very obvious results.I wore it to work and people that are normally just a quick hi kept coming over to my area really telling me about themselves and wanting to know about me too! I noticed an intensity with a couple guys that are already kind of always buzzing around me .(I work in a club at nights).People really seemed happy ,and acted like we were old friends .Really remarkable!
  3. Hi Luna that's weird I started this as a new thread because I couldn't find any reviews on it .Hmmmm so strange.Anyway glad to hear such good things about this.It sounds divine!
  4. Hello can anyone review this for me with the rose Strawberry vanilla?Thanks ladies!
  5. Yes yes very please! Maras Rocket Fuel with ANYTHING!
  6. Im just going to keep saying it! Maras Rocket Fuel please!
  7. oh my gosh those look fantastic.I was all set to be good ,and thought nothing could tempt me .Then.......Mara and Danna strike again!
  8. rmc

    Amber Enchantment

    This is really nice! Pink but soft...It almost reminds of Esmeraldas minus the floral and green.This is a pink sweet grown up scent.I like this a lot!
  9. It is totally amazing and yummy! If its never coming out perhaps I will just open my vial and sniff every so often for the next 5 years .AHHHH unrealized desire such a shame! Is it really NEVER to be available.I just cant believe this!
  10. rmc

    Amber Enchantment

    You crack me up Jo Anna!
  11. rmc

    Amber Enchantment

    I cant wait to smell this one.I think I am going to love it! Dolly love your new avatar its very cool!
  12. rmc

    Warrior Heart

    This gave me a scent memory too,and I fell in love with it. I kept trying to place it ,and here is what I came up with.The smell of my mom a strong warrior heart single parent.Just before she left for work .The smell of her lipstick or makeup.The smell of her cheek when I kissed her goodbye on her way to work.Its all of these things.It makes me feel safe and happy and strong. I really do love this scent!Its so comforting to me.
  13. rmc

    CyBella13 Here

    Hi Cybella Welcome ! You will become addicted if you aren't already.Mara and Danna make some wonderful scents!Enjoy the journey!
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