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  1. I am so jealous. Texas is a long way from LP store...
  2. Always my favorite releases....Maybe something like Halloween Moon or Draculas Bakery. All time fave Weenies.
  3. On my second bar of this. Still love it.
  4. NEVERMIND! I found it. I didn't know there was a perfume. Order that and the soap and the shampoo bar...All set
  5. Anyone know if the buttercream peach would be similar to the Cotton Candy Peach scent that is in the Shampoo bars and bath salts? I love them both, but don't know if this would be similar OR if there is a fragrance similar.
  6. I have some of this if anyone wants it...no charge. I don't want to put it on trading post because it's all I have and didn't know if people would think reusing bath and body is gross. Just don't want to waste it. My husband HATES the chocolate smell..Weirdo. I guess just message me. I can't remember how we do the trading its been so long.
  7. kbudish


    OOOHH...My second graders love when I wear Night of the Fae.
  8. I got the shampoo bar because I am tired of my #3 using a whole bottle of shampoo on her head at one time. Three girls all with long blonde hair and shampoo doesn't last long. This bar was easy to use. It wasn't the slimy sudsy feel of shampoo..but still plenty of suds. I even tried it. I have thick, fine, dry hair..that always seems to look frizzy not smooth. It really cleaned. My hair seemed smoother and the smell again was amazing. This will be a repurchase for me. I wish I could describe the smell. I could make out the peach...all I can say is LOVELY.
  9. Mine came two days ago. My 6 year old was so excited. Usually dinner is a beat down because she won't eat..but the rule was whoever finishes first gets the first bath.( I have 3 girls) She also hates bath time. BUT when Unicorn crystals are involved dinner was eaten up and bath time was easy. Back to the review. This stuff is wonderful. I just sprinkled a little bit in their bubble bath and the the whole bathroom smells incredible. It smells sweet and clean! Just like a unicorn. It isn't oily and doesn't leave any yucky stuff in the tub. Just a wonderful smell that stays in the bathroom even afterwards. LOVE IT! Plus the bottle is just adorable.
  10. I get my Bath and Body order today....and I already stalking!
  11. I placed my order yesterday!! I did unicorn bath salt, Love potion original body butter, and some cotton candy peach shampoo soap. I I also got a sample of pumpkin from last years releases. Can't wait! I am trying to restrain a little because I know I am going to want the Halloween ones.
  12. I am so curious about these. Anyone ever used a shampoo bar before. Sounds great. Might be a solution to my little girl squeezing all my shampoo out everywhere. She is 6 and all about washing her "OWN" hair.
  13. I want the Unicorn salts, the Mermaid soup scrub, and the Love Potion Lotion. The one that is the original smell. I am a Bath and body junkie. I hope they last til payday on Monday!
  14. This one is my favorite. I tried it on a suggestion. It was the one I was least excited about and it's the one I love the most. I also love that it is a spray. This one makes me happy and cheerful. I get sweet and juicy from this. (I am the world's worst perfume reviewer)...My second graders love it too. Not as much as Night of the Fae...but still they love it.
  15. I too get the celery smell at first, but only for a second. I really like this one. Makes me want spring so bad. It is florally but in such a light way. I barely get any honey at all. It's clean and light.
  16. Again...Thank you to the sneaky little pixie who gifted me...I chose Drive by Fruiting,Vampire Bait, and Undercover Lover! Can't wait!
  17. I don't know who sent me an anonymous Gift Card for trial vials..But WOW what an awesome way to start my day! I can't wait to pay it forward. THANK YOU! Simple acts of kindness makes everything better!! Again thank you so much!
  18. I've heard lots of good about that one. It sounds good!
  19. I'm trying to save money...I have two prom dresses to buy, and two competitive cheer competitions to pay for. If you could only order 3 samples of Feb..what would you order? Two to blow my husband's mind...One to make me happy???
  20. I need to read up on all the phermones. I don't know anything. I am so excited to place an order.
  21. I'm ashamed to say, even though I have been a member since 2008..I have never got into phermones. I know nothing about them. I have been reading up and I am excited to give them a try. I am curious to see how they affect my hubby. (Doesn't take a lot to get him fired up) This will be fun! I plan on ordering a sample this month,
  22. I haven't posted in forever, but I am ready for some new smellies. I can't wait to see these!
  23. Creepy Carnival Scents! That would be incredible! Every year a carnival company rents our land and has an old fashioned small town carnival. This year I'm sneaking my girls on the Merry Go Round at dawn and doing a photoshoot!
  24. It's so funny how everyone has such different chemistry. This one was one of my least favorite. It smelled like "old lady" from start to finish. I amped the rose, but not in a good way. I had to wash it off because it was making me kind of sick to my stomach. Florals are funny on me. I either love them or hate them.
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