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  1. Has anyone tried a new batch of this recently? Not sure if the recipe was changed or not. Got a sample today and it was a lot lighter than the bottle and sample I got years ago. It's not as sweet, thick, or nutty either. Don't know if it was changed because the guys wanted something lighter... anyone know?
  2. That is a really good idea Nutrix! I really like this scent, at first it reminded me somewhat of Rocket Fuel, but it is more rounded with a sweeter spice. Plus it's way creamier! I felt like a delicious Christmas dessert walking around wearing this stuff. I would get hungry periodically and binge-ate sweets all day lol. I kept thinking it would be awesome if I could get a Starbucks drink that tasted as good as this smelled. I went there and got a gingerbread latte with a pump of pumpkin spice... not even close to G&L's deliciousness. Oh well, I tried.
  3. I am dying, this is one I thought would be a sure thing. As soon as I started seeing posts about sharp and medicinal notes I got very scared. I was hoping it would work with my chemistry and was sadly disappointed. It went cough-syrup menthol on me. After it dries, it gets a little better but that note never totally goes away. I so wanted to love this, my chemistry must just not work with this. To the chosen few... I envy you. I now have a full, unopened bottle (since I just used my sample) and am wondering what I'm going to do with it. Hopefully there are more people that get good results wit
  4. Lol, me too Nutrix I'm just hoping someone gets theirs soon so I can stalk their reviews! I am dying to hear how these all turned out, especially Tickle Tickle and Aja.
  5. Hilarious! I love that kind of lusting. So fun... it gets the blood going. It is quite rare though, I haven't had it in years. When I would do deployments on my old carrier, about 3 months into it, would be quite ridiculous. Plenty of gorgeous Navy boys running around the flight deck to lust after We have to wear goggles with dark lenses on the flight deck and you can have eye sex with just about anyone and they'll never be the wiser lol. There is one particular guy who had a 'donk' (and man this thing was a massive, glorious ass), I don't know if I've ever lusted after someone so hard! Going
  6. Sounds like a keeper... for both! Lol.
  7. This one is yummy! It smells like a pumpkin coffee cake, heavy on the spices but doesn't overpower everything else. I'm glad I am not a patch-amper, I smell it lightly lingering underneath enough to ground out the scent. I think the patchouli is what makes the spices a little louder on me.
  8. lol, that's good Got any advice on scents to boost with it?
  9. Lol, that sux hearts! I recently got a GGG bottle of Sexology in Indecent Exposure but it is a very "wintery" smell. I will probably end up adding the phero to something else I can wear more often.
  10. Storemy- I have actually heard from people about layering LP Red and OCCO Red, sounds like a plan. I will probably end up doing the same with the Blacks (LP and OCCO). They came in yesterday, so I will be reviewing soon.
  11. I only have White right now but am receiving Blue, Black, Pink, and Red in the mail soon (maybe even today). I am actually more fond of BBMM over OCCO White, which I thought would be the opposite. With OCCO White, I can still smell the cops for a loooong time. Even after it dries down, there is a slight funk like cream-cheese-tangyness too the end-note. I still wear it on occasion but usally hide it under clothing, which makes my clothing smell like feet later too. Oh well, can't win them all.
  12. Copied from my journal on another forum: (late April) "I also tried out Levitation today and found another scent I adore from Love Potion. It's a warm, foodie, sweet grapefruit scent. As soon as I put it on I was happy and bubbly, I was giggling like a little schoolgirl and playing with my kitties (Tonkinese-Sam, Abyssinian-Abby... no I didn't name her lol). My cat Sammy likes to get in my bathtub and swat at me through the shower curtain, it is quite adorable. Sometimes when I'm on the toilet he scares the crap out of me (no pun intended haha) because I don't know he's there and shoots hi
  13. Copied from my journal on another forum: "12Apr13, Friday So, at work, my crush saw me in the hallway and asked if I was going out dancing later. Actually, he was up my ASS asking if I was going out dancing (to the same place as the weekend prior). I said "Maybe", not really sure if I was up to it (it was a veeery long week for me). My friend had a rough week also, so her enthusiasm inspired me to go out. Unfortunately, I decided to try out Sexology without sampling it before a big night out. I put it on and it first, it smelled delicious. But then, it went horribly wrong and I smelled lik
  14. Surprisingly, this is the mone I use most. It can be spiced up a little with cops if I want it to draw attention, then I am just a chill-happy girl that has a sexy, youthful twist (great combo). I have used this when I am on my "monthly present" and when I'm just all-around stressed. It is a pretty floral at first, almost too floral for me but then as it dries, it becomes sweeter and "blue". I think it's the oakmoss that gives it a soft cuddly "blue" feeling (oakmoss is one of my favorite notes in LPs). It is sweet, soft, comforting, floral, and "blue"... quite lovely and perfect carrier for t
  15. Heck yeah Storemy! This stuff was one of the first ones I tried. It is good enough to eat! MRF Club unites! Lol.
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