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  1. Has anyone tried a new batch of this recently? Not sure if the recipe was changed or not. Got a sample today and it was a lot lighter than the bottle and sample I got years ago. It's not as sweet, thick, or nutty either. Don't know if it was changed because the guys wanted something lighter... anyone know?
  2. That is a really good idea Nutrix! I really like this scent, at first it reminded me somewhat of Rocket Fuel, but it is more rounded with a sweeter spice. Plus it's way creamier! I felt like a delicious Christmas dessert walking around wearing this stuff. I would get hungry periodically and binge-ate sweets all day lol. I kept thinking it would be awesome if I could get a Starbucks drink that tasted as good as this smelled. I went there and got a gingerbread latte with a pump of pumpkin spice... not even close to G&L's deliciousness. Oh well, I tried.
  3. I already e-mailed Heather, but I am missing a whole order. I thought the last two I placed would be mushed together but the first of the two was never sent. Unfortunately, it was my big order. Anything I can do now, or is it a lost cause until after December?
  4. I am dying, this is one I thought would be a sure thing. As soon as I started seeing posts about sharp and medicinal notes I got very scared. I was hoping it would work with my chemistry and was sadly disappointed. It went cough-syrup menthol on me. After it dries, it gets a little better but that note never totally goes away. I so wanted to love this, my chemistry must just not work with this. To the chosen few... I envy you. I now have a full, unopened bottle (since I just used my sample) and am wondering what I'm going to do with it. Hopefully there are more people that get good results with this so I can trade for something that works better on me.
  5. This is going to be a FB for me! At first when I smelled it in the vial, it was all shocking lime and a tad bit of rose. I wore it the day before yesterday and fell in love with it. I put it on before work to let it dry down sufficiently and after about 15 minutes it mellowed out to a refreshing, summery, clear, awesome scent! It blends together so well. This will be a perfect summer scent when the heat is getting to you or you don't want to wear a scent that is too thick. It is complex and multi-faceted but won't overwhelm the senses. I now want to try this drink it was created after, it seems like it would be absolutely delicious. It would also be good for those days where winter never seems to end. I like to do this sometimes to remind myself that the cold will eventually let up and spring will be coming right around the corner. You need an instant flash of summer? Put some of this on!
  6. Lol, me too Nutrix I'm just hoping someone gets theirs soon so I can stalk their reviews! I am dying to hear how these all turned out, especially Tickle Tickle and Aja.
  7. Hilarious! I love that kind of lusting. So fun... it gets the blood going. It is quite rare though, I haven't had it in years. When I would do deployments on my old carrier, about 3 months into it, would be quite ridiculous. Plenty of gorgeous Navy boys running around the flight deck to lust after We have to wear goggles with dark lenses on the flight deck and you can have eye sex with just about anyone and they'll never be the wiser lol. There is one particular guy who had a 'donk' (and man this thing was a massive, glorious ass), I don't know if I've ever lusted after someone so hard! Going without sex for months at a time and being surrounded by so much testosterone was a deadly combination lolol.
  8. Sounds like a keeper... for both! Lol.
  9. I agree completely Stacy! I actually wore this yesterday with your PE (Lilac Puff), a friend came into my office and commented on how great it smelled. I had made the whole room smell delectable! I had her sniff my wrist and she told me I smelled like "home". Like the cozy, sweet, warm, metaphorical home. I thought it was a very sweet compliment and agree, it is a very comforting scent. I added the Apparition to yours because I thought they would blend well together and it worked perfectly!
  10. Ah ha! Nice, thank you luna
  11. Yesterday, I wore this scent to work. When I first put it on the lilac took over with the marshmallow and smelled a little plasticky. As it dried, the lilac softened as did the sweentess. The grapefruit blossom is barely noticeable, I think it just blends the notes together more seamlessly. The vanilla bean tones down the marshmallow some too. To me, it is a very girly scent... sweet, innocent, lovely, and even a little cozy/dreamy. Like a girl wearing a cream colored lace dress with a lilac-colored satin ribbon tie and blonde ringlets tumbling over lace-covered shoulders. The scent goes very well with levitation, nice job Stacy. I am extremely fond of marshmallow scents and this one did not disappoint.
  12. When I first applied this, I could not pinpoint any note in it. It smelled very old-fashioned and antique-like, dark, mysterious, a tad masculine, and a little sexy. I now get a little bit of a nutty feel to it (maybe the depth of the fig) and it's very deep/dark. I almost get a dried floral feel to it also. I can't figure it out but I love it.
  13. At first I was not a fan at all... it smelled like a citrus/tangy, floral laundry detergent. Very stabby and in-your-face. It does smell more autumnal now, I get the earthy feeling from the leaves and a hint of fruity tartness from the apple. I also get something similar to cinnamon but more dry and bitter. This will probably go in my oil burner as a nice fall scent for my apartment.
  14. I could have sworn there was licorice in this! I didn't look over the notes again before I smelled everything on my skin just so I wouldn't have it stuck in my head when testing. I wanted a true scent test. So I got a sugary sweetness, like the candy sugar crystals you can dye and eat. Then a touch of licorice started peeking through! After drydown it became a light, fluffy, barely-there sugar with more licorice. Almost like a candy-coated licorice bite. Very nice, I like this and Apparition a lot. Though very different from each other, they hold similar qualities of being a soft, sugary skin scent.
  15. At first I get tangy berry/fruit, sweet pastry/sugar cookie, brown sugar, and a touch of spices. After drydown the berry became dark and the pastry/cookie came out more. It's dark and sweet. There is just enough spice left to help it not to smell plasticky-fake. I like the drydown much better and could see myself wearing this one. At first I thought it was going to be too fruity but I was pleasantly surprised with the depth it took on.
  16. PhoenixOnFyre


    This one morphed at least 4 times: it started out as candy corn, then it went to cow's tail, then it took up a fruity tang and smelled like a cherry tootsie pop that had been chomped through the middle. Now it is more of a powdery chocolate with a slightly smoky undertone. I like it though! It is unpredictable and indecisive... but I think like any good woman, a scent has the right to change it's mind when it wants lol. I like to be kept guessing once in a while anyway!
  17. Girl, you nailed it here!!! I was thinking the exact same thing! It is delicious! Cauldron Cake is not my style of perfume but this one is the perfect blend of delicious and wearable. I got an almost alcoholic undertone when I first applied this, it went away with drydown luckily. I liked it so much that I put a couple drops in my oil burner and now my apartment smells like sweet, buttery pumpkin. I am getting hungry and must find a pumpkin dessert I can make that will fulfill my craving for this now lol!
  18. This one is yummy! It smells like a pumpkin coffee cake, heavy on the spices but doesn't overpower everything else. I'm glad I am not a patch-amper, I smell it lightly lingering underneath enough to ground out the scent. I think the patchouli is what makes the spices a little louder on me.
  19. So, this one is my close second favorite. Very surprisingly too! The two notes, civit and ambergris, went play-doh/old lady on me in Sexology. When I first applied this, the musk slapped me in the face. It smelled heady, honey-rich, and grown-up sexy. Something Elizabeth Taylor should have been wearing in her youth. Then it went to a buttery honey and musk. Now it is powdery honey with a deep, rich musk base. I don't even know if this is a "me" scent but I can't stop smelling it, so that must mean I need to have it lol. I will have to try OCCO SLF now. I am still shocked that the ambergris and civit are playing nice with my chemistry. It is definitely a unique, sexy scent!
  20. This is my very favorite from the October sampler. At first, I forgot to shake it and applied it. I got clean - almost fresh sweetness and a little smokiness underneath. Something you could wear for summer OR fall/winter! Then I started reading reviews as I was scrolling down to post and found that I didn't shake it as recommended. I shook it and reapplied, the second time around I got more smoke than the sweet, mellow marshmallow. Now I smell like a sweet, sexy bonfire! I absolutely adore this one and am finding that I am quite addicted to marshmallow scents.
  21. Oh, I had thought it was an unofficial UN or Mad-scientist mix because it's not on the website. I know people have been adding it in since the scented phero came out a couple months ago... I just figured it would eventually get put up on the perfumerie with its own label and description.
  22. I'm excited! I will let you know how it is... which I'm sure it will be great. Levitation is pretty good, I wonder if it will become an official UN.
  23. I'll take what I can get! I read up on the two and the similarities were definitely worth it I really like the Levitation addition. I can always just boost it with one of the many Cop samples I have, thanks for the info Stacy! How do you like it so far?
  24. Woohoo! I am ecstatic! Thanx Mara! I have been wanting to try Purple Puff since I started coming on here and reading about it, when I heard that a PE similar to it was being made... I was thrilled. Lurkdom pays off...teeheeheee.
  25. I've started a collection of them myself! They will be great to use in re-gifting pretty trinkets for the holidays, a very good idea and nice bonus to LP's.
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