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  1. Yowza!! I received a baby sniffle of this and just put it on after my shower today. I used it all...I couldn't help myself. I had no idea this scent was around and appears to have been around for awhile. I guess it's good for me it's still available because I plan on snagging a bottle. Patchouli scents are either a hit or miss for me. They have a tendency to be angry and aggressive on me, but this one loves me so much. :-)


    The patchouli here is warm and sexy with the orange sweetening it up it a way I've never experienced before, and the ginger gives it a teasing spicy hug. I love how complex (Is it sweet? Is it warm?) it is. As I stated above...yowza!!

  2. This one was supposed to be similar to Oidhche Shamhna...Oidhche Shamhna is awesomeness personified! This scent wasn't as sweet and yummy foody for me, but it is a very nice one all on its own.

  3. At first I get a creamy sweet spicy tea...completely unexpected. This lasts about 5 minutes. What stays is a very sweet creamy licorice scent reminiscent of Lolita Lempika. This smells awesome on me as I will tell everyone around me. :)

  4. Okay, is it wrong that I'm already planning (i.e. making another list) on what to order towards the end of this month? :) For this evolution I selected samples of Sweet Clementine, Velvet Kisses, Sexology III, & (2) Glistening Buttons. I needed to reign it in and sample before buying full bottles. I have a tendency to get too excited and order bottles of fragrances I've never tried. See what a big girl I've become? :)


    Next order will have a super charged A-Nol spray (Hee hee :) I giggle just thinking of this phero), a bottle or two of something I can't live without...could be one of the aforementioned scents, plus a monthly sampler pack.

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