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  1. I can't handle all this...I mean we asked for the rebrews but it seemed unobtainable. Then new awesome ones are added in addition to them. Now I feel lightheaded and have a strong premonition that I will be losing weight from not being able to buy food because I will need every single one of these. Oh well! At least I'll smell awesome. I have the strongest urge to grab all these and just sit in a corner so I can rock back and forth mumbling incoherently.
  2. I would order a vat of that! Even better...it does all the above AND smells like oven fresh brownies...I am so craving right now. Maybe I'll just go to bed early before I do some regretful caloric damage.
  3. I am a Wildflower...I'm liking the new rank's title. Yea...I could be a wildflower.
  4. I know I'm about to sound really crazy, but...this delicious scent smells very similar to Sugared Darkness on me. I LOVE IT!!! I am so confused about the similarity between these two because as far as I know there are no similar notes. I think it's the warmth of the amber. Either way I love this.
  5. Verra nice!! How exciting...I can't wait to see what the different blendings are. Every one looks fantastic.
  6. This was my favorite of the month. I can't stop smelling myself. The apple is perfect; I don't feel like I'm part of an apple orchard. The sweetness of the caramel and maple smooth out the apple and enhance it. This blend is brilliant...Nom!
  7. Alright I already stated All Hallow's Eve (please, please), but I also want to add Gothic Xmas AND Potion 31. You would make my year times 10 with all three of these.
  8. Sweet mother of God! Monday is a short day at work for me. I am so ready for this sale.
  9. I love love love the musk in this one...add a touch of sweetness, and BAM! You have T.M.I. I heart this scent. I get whiffs of residuals of this scent on some of my shirts...It's like T.M.I's personal gift with purchase.
  10. Wow! This turned out exactly as I wanted. Mara, I don't know how you do it so perfectly every time. The initial smell I get seems greenish like the greens surrounding the flowers; it adds a freshness that prevents the floral aspects from dominating the scent and overpowering it. Later, the tuberose and white ginger develop into a beautiful and delicate floral scent just like your catching their scents in the wind around you. The sugared pineapple adds soft sweetness to the overall scent. What a beautiful combination. It's a soft lightly sweet floral that is perfectly blended. Brilliant!
  11. Sweet mother of God...I got the notice that my package is out on delivery which means my wonderful goodies will be in my greedy fingers when I get home or soon thereafter if I have to go to the Post Office to pick it up.
  12. Are you looking for a phero to do the attraction or a scent (or both)? Any scent YOU love, you will wear it and feel great. This will change your behavior and how you interact with the people around you. This change in your behavior will create an attraction for those around you. When someone smells a pleasant scent, it attracts him/her. I've had strangers and co-workers alike act incredibly friendly and constantly approach me when I wear a fantastic scent (LP: Original, LP: Red, Sugared Darkness, Mara's Rocket Fuel, etc.). FYI: Men LOVE LP: Red...it's like they can't help themselves. I will NEVER be without my LP: Red. It has always been my personal favorite from day one.
  13. I ordered so many things...I don't even remember half of it, so it will seem like Christmas all over again. I get like that when I haven't ordered in awhile. When I ordered my PE, I ordered a monthly sampler and an additional sample of Orchidaious. Then perusing the forum, I found that Special Delivery was recreated and limited, I needed a bottle of that. That got me looking at the GGG section on the forum and I realized that Cherry Nipples was leaving quickly, so I needed a bottle of that. I also realized I needed a sample of Lucky in Love Potion #7. I didn't stop there because then the new monthly scents came out. I needed a sampler pack of this month's yummies plus some wax melts. Sweet mother of God I can't wait for all my LP awesomeness. I got notice that my box of smelly yum yums is on its way, so I feel as giddy as a little school girl in a candy shop.
  14. When is the projected time for the wax melts to be up and running? I'm completely excited by those. :banana010: Also, I just noticed my PE picture in the shop is M.I.A. How sad.
  15. Tropical Getaway is tuberose, white ginger, pineapple, and sugar.
  16. Squee...awesome as always. Now we wait for desciptions. I can't wait for my PE.
  17. I wanted a Hawaiian scent...tuberose, white ginger, pineapple, and, of course, sugar. I live in Alaska and our summer has not been the greatest. I wanted a Hawaiian vacation, but can't leave, so I wanted Hawaii to come to me.
  18. I know I have one PE that is being crafted and if it turns out the way I think it will...well, I hope Mara made plenty. Mara said in another thred that she hopes to be done with the new month by Friday.
  19. Would you recreate All Hallows Eve???? I'll be your best friend.
  20. I broke down and got a bottle of Special Delivery, Mamelons de Cerise (Cherry Nipples), monthly sampler pack, plus a sample of Lucky in Love Potion #7. I just ordered them today...why aren't they here yet?!
  21. Sweet!! Well, you just send an invoice for the bad boy and I'll take it off you hands for you. You can actually hold it until my Private Edition is done and ready to go, so you can send them together. That way you'll save on shipping, if that helps.
  22. Is there a bottle left just for me? I think I need this delightful olfactory sensation.
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