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  1. I never remember my credits. I don't even remember where I left off. I love the new titles though...I think I would keep the Eric Northman Fan Club President title. I heart him! Ooh...maybe I would pick something like Alcide's Body Brush.
  2. I love it!! Is there a way of making it a scratch and sniff shirt with the scent of your choice?
  3. Wow!! You hit him with a double whammy...no wonder the poor boy was confused.
  4. I knew it, katz! I'm scoring me a bottle (or two) and getting this in a massage oil. Nom!
  5. I'm so screwed this month...I didn't realize how many scents sneaked by me. I'm definitely getting bottles of Autumnal Equinox & I Scream for Halloween. I'm deciding whether I need bottles of Flying Potion and Blue Corn Girl. I think the Corn Girl name is throwing me off. It's supposed to be sweet, but the name yells corn...I need to think Oidhche Shamnha (I totally spelled that right!). I'm getting at least 16 samples, couple scrubs of the month, couple bath bombs, and a couple fragrance oils (Autumnal and Scream scented). Did I mention how screwed I was this month?
  6. Yes!! I love, love, love them. I'm thinking I need to get several batches with the new Halloweenie scents.
  7. FYI for you ladies who love body oils...these LP scented oils are awesome, not only for the body, but for your hair as well. If fact, I love these oils so much for my hair, I started using them just for my hair and not my body. They're great for moisturizing. Imagine all the LP goodness in your hair. Nom. I have mine in Santa Clara 2009 and Autumnal Equinox 2009...still! These last forever.
  8. Love, love, love!!! I'm in love with Halloween scents brewed at LP. I wait (not too patiently) for this moment every year. :J001: Now I'm left with the age old questions of which ones do I get in full bottle and which ones do I get in sample size...all unsniffed, of course.
  9. Hello hello, Lionesse. I swear the first order is the most difficult. It's smooth sailing from now on.
  10. Jo Anna


    And...another one for me. Thanks, Dolly!!
  11. Jo Anna


    Dolly, you know how much I rely on your descriptive praises for all my LP purchases. I love that our chemistry and tastes are so similar. I think I'll score a bottle of this...if you haven't hoarded it all yet.
  12. Can you stick your bath mat in the dryer with some other clothes to make the whole load smell yummy???? Waste not want not.
  13. I am so sad I can't make the LPMP party...I feel I NEED to be there but Alaska is just too far away from LPland. Can you guys make it a roving party...kinda like the roving gnome only not? LP: Silver is finally coming...ahhh!
  14. Yea!! It pays to be plain. I had NO add-ins and NO Betas. I gots my shipping notice yesterday! Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'm glad to see the office will be closed early today. You deserve it!
  15. This IS awesome, huh? The reason I didn't start this thread is because they couldn't make a big batch of this...I got the ONLY two bottles. I really wanted this one released for everyone. I just knew it would be great. I'm glad people are at least getting baby samples.
  16. I know...I love it!! It turned out perfect. Winter spices with a touch of sweetness. I had mine boosted with BI.
  17. I'm so confused by this November/December batch...do I get samples, do I get bottles?? Which ones should I consider turning obsessive on, which ones can't I live without?? Where do I start?
  18. THIS SCENT IS BRILLIANT!!! This smells EXACTLY like a cinnamon (red) spice drop. I love it. There's a strength of cinnamon sweetness but a lingering coolness of peppermint. Thank you ladies for creating yet another masterpiece. It's just as I wanted. I can't stop smelling myself. This scent is even more awesome hours later...sheer cinnamon sugary sweetness!!!
  19. You may hate me afterward...it will have white chocolate, cream, sweet vanilla, and white confectioner's sugar. I wanted a sweet white chocolate frosting scent. The Christmas Candy one that's posted is going to resemble a cinnamon flavored spice drop. Now that I think about it, maybe I was hungry when I designed these.
  20. Nice! Verra verra nice. It looks like every single one is awesome. What's the two new pheros story?? I'm sure I need those too. I love my label...did my other PE not make it into mass production?
  21. EDITED to add--- (Sheesh - I really need to not read so many paranormal romances at the same time I'm aggravated at Mr. Shelly and having my liquid anti-oxidants in the form of a nice fruit forward Zinfandel. In case you were wondering - I was totally in lust with the male protagonist in the Lora Leigh Feline Breed series book I read yesterday - which hopefully - makes that original post a little more understandable.) Holy Mother I love those books!!! I just finished the most recent one too. I'm getting SB hooked on them too. Hee hee...
  22. I'm putting a vote in for Gothic X-Mas!!! I received a baby sample only and I really want to love this in a full bottle (or two).
  23. I got the Cougar 2X, Open Windows 2x, and maxed out the A-nol (Woozy Floozy on crack)! Are you guys wearing the sprays OVER the scents or UNDER the scents?
  24. I'm going to rip the sock puppet off and beat you with it if you don't spill it!
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