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  1. I believe there is a need for more Pumpkin Tropique AND the powder smelling one. Those two were gone before I started shopping and I believe I started about 45 minutes after the go ahead was posted.
  2. I can't believe two of the PEs are sold out already. Ok, who ordered 10 bottles of each?? Don't worry, the sock puppet will find out...
  3. The floral in this one is very light. The Jasmine is more like a hint than a POW!
  4. If anyone is interested, my PE has sweet Turkish chai, sweet amber, sweet cinnamon, and brown sugar. In a word...sweet! I had mine boosted with BI.
  5. Whoa!! Those look great. I can't wait to see what mine smells like.
  6. Is anyone else popping in here to check and see if the new PE labels are posted? I had a PE made this month and I'm curious to see if it's one of the mass released ones. It's going to be awesome...very Halloween/winter-like.
  7. This scent rocks the Casbah, my friend!
  8. I'm slightly with Pony on this. As fantastic as this smelled fresh on the skin for me (and it did...I thought SCORE!). But alas, the love affair wasn't meant to be. This turned into a strong floral "perfumey" smell on me. I was most distressed. My bottle, however, did find a lovely home and will be most happy, I'm sure.
  9. Dave, You go through PayPal, so the items are charged as soon as you place the order.
  10. Alright SOMEONE needs to seriously describe these new Halloween scents. I have a buying finger on the magic button (no Luna, it's not what you think) and I'm ready and willing to use it now!!!
  11. I did it!! I HAD to get a bottle of 2x Cougar spray, 2x Open Window spray, and super sized A-Nol spray.
  12. Has anyone tried the 60/40% ratio with 2x strength? Does it have the same effect as the straight alcohol 2x strength? I want to lean toward that because of the shipping ease and the longer lasting effect. Anyone? Anyone?
  13. I was curious about that myself. That's what halted my finger on the buy bottle button. I figured I could always get it if I loved the sample...hence my purchase of the sampler pack. The ingredients all sounded awesome. It will probably turn out to be my surprise favorite.
  14. Okay enough of this business...when can I get my hands on this?!!! I think this bottle and I are made for each other.
  15. Whew!! I was going through major LP withdrawl. I gots me the sampler pack (no brainer) and bottles of 7 Minutes to Midnight, Santa Clara 2009, and Autumnal Equinox 2009 (like I'm going to pass up on that). I have a feeling that after I get the sampler, I'll end up getting all the other bottles.
  16. OMG! OMG! OMG! I think I just had a B-Gasm!!! I want them all. I want to love them and hold them...
  17. Do we even know when to expect these beauties?? It should be at the end of this month, right?? Ooh, I so want a rebrew of All Hallow's Eve. It is awesome. Like SB, I only have a sample that I'm afraid to use because then it will be no more... The October fragrances are my favorite. I wait all year for these.
  18. Okay, I am very impressed with myself. I restrained myself from buying too many bottles. I ended up getting... Jouir De Tahitian Temptress Honey Ho (hello...how could I not, honestly?)
  19. Okay, what does everyone think they're getting in full bottle? I would like to wait for my samples, however, I don't think I have the willpower. Based just on the descriptors I believe I'll want... Honey Ho (hellllooo!!!) Jouir De Tahitian Temptress Alzbeta They're all awesome, however, history has taught me that just because it smells good in the bottle doesn't mean it will on my skin.
  20. How about a cherry-vanilla combo or a pineapple-coconut combo or a peaches and cream combo, or a pumpkin-spice combo...great now I'm hungry!
  21. I'm so sorry for laughing because I'm sure that really hurt. Here...next time use this guy:
  22. Welcome, Damnittrinity!! What until you start moving things around at your place to make room for all your LPs. Most of us have three racks full, at least!! Since you appear to be an EoW lover, the OCCOs are a must. Hee hee!
  23. Okay here's the breakdown on the OCCOs with my chemistry: Pink: Yummy sweet pink goodness...I get strawberry. There may be NO strawberry scent touching this, but this is what my nose translates. I gots me 2 bottles of this and I'm glad I did!! Red: I LOVE YOU RED!!! This IS LP: Red all sexed up and ready to go!! Enough said. Blue: Ditto on the CB similarity. This one reminds me of a more masculine flavor. I love it and would gladly lather this all over my body. Verra nice. White: This is awesome...vanilla at it's finest. It makes me want to lick myself. OMG! Pink and White blended would be awesome. I can clearly smell each one distinctly after 6 hours. I LOVE THESE!!! M & D...thank you for giving us more toys to play with.
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