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  1. Okay, I went relooking for this link in the phero review section. I didn't want to restart another one there, so here it goes... I was really surprised that this scent was so light. Initially, I mainly smelled the coconut and the sweetness from the sugar cane, with just a hint of gardenia. I think sugar cane is more subtle then regular sugar (but I may be wrong). The gardenia is very light on me, I would say I barely smell it. It's a beautiful gardenia variation. I slathered myself today in this and after the initial cops settling, I'm now (5.5 hours later) left with a subtle vanilla/white musk combo. This scent is definitely one where someone would need to be close to you to smell you fully (and isn't that the point). This is truly a beautiful, sweet, subtle floral. Two thumbs up!!!
  2. Jo Anna

    Constant Craving

    Damn it! I knew it!! NOW, I have to go shopping again. I only got this in a sample size AND the only OCCO I didn't get that I was really eyeballing was the Black. Dolly, why must you do this to me?!
  3. UN SS4W acts like a major popularity potion for me when it comes to women. When I wear Mara's Rocket Fuel, even if I'm out with goodlooking men, women come up to me, almost to ask permission to talk with my guys. My male friends call me the "alpha female."
  4. Don't be down, Little One. Men can be seriously blind, olfactorally challenged, and, I believe, tone deaf. And, yes, it is possible to be re-virginized...I'm living proof!
  5. Jo Anna


    I know this is an old review, since I wore this last on Beltane. However, I was looking through all these reviews and remembered that I'd forgotten to write my review. Like I said, I wore this beauty on Beltane....ahh, this came out on my skin as fruity, then, went to a softer incensy floral. Is incensy floral a real word? If this one turns smokey, it never did on me. I can't do smokey because my skin does something alien to a smokey fragrance that I couldn't descibe if I wanted to. Well, the day (and fragrance) was working very well...I was lovin' it, then, Miss Christine (aka SB) and I started our Beltane festivities. We started off with a massage at the spa. Needless to say, after I was waterboarded, all my Beltane goodness was washed away (too bad it doesn't have protective properties). Never fear...my military experience kicked in and I told them nothing and gave up nothing. The moral of this story would be NOT to wear this wonder to a spa where you will be waterboarded. Wear it so you can appreciate its beauty most of the day.
  6. I had to contain myself this month...here's what I got: Five OCCOs: red, white, (2) pink, and blue Lynne's Temple of the Goddess Sand Witch plus samples of Constant Craving & Aphrodisia Erotica
  7. Okay...I see great things happening in the near future. I am all up in those OCCOs. I'm definitely getting the Red, White, Pink ones. I'm also eyeballing the Black and Blue. Violet turns violent on me...very soapy. Green absolutely hates my skin, so I refuse to get into an arguement with that one. I wonder if the Gold will be similar to the PG. Like I said...the future holds great things...
  8. Okay, I just procurred TWO bottles of this and shall report immediantely as soon as I get it. Ahh...I see great things in my future and that's NOT because I got others things at that store either! That's such an irresistible naughty store...
  9. Is the Red cinnamon? Hmmm....me lurvs cinnamon...nom nom nom!!!
  10. Here's what I have to say about the July descriptors and release... :baby_tantrum: with a little... As far as the age conversation, I enjoyed my 20's (I was Navy and college), but I LOVE my 30's but alas they will be leaving early next year. I look forward to welcoming my 40's. I seem to get better with age. I guess that's why red wine and I get along so well.
  11. Is anyone else mildly (ok, hugely) obsessed with this stuff? I even like the smell...it changes to an awesome musky smell on me. It takes nothing to wear this bottle down. Is it possible to buy stock in this??
  12. Got it...doink! I guess I should stop drinking in the afternoon.
  13. OMG!!! You've just thrown a problem at my credit cards. Since I'm a safety girl, I'll have to get one of each of the Shields...OCCO here I come!! I feel like a kid...look something shiny.
  14. If these releases are for July, why do all the labels have August 2009 written on them?
  15. This is insane!! Time out, alright, time out...I have three, yes that's three, perfume racks!!! For the love of God and all that is Holy, I can't fit anymore in there. Of course I need each and everyone, but this buying addiction is cutting into my hoarding. I've had to severly limit my mass buying of one scent. Is it possible to have too many scents? I'm starting to move my clothes into the other bedroom's closet. A girl's gotta prioritize.
  16. Whoa, you mean there's more coming in the next few days??? I'll wait to get another Milkmaid, so I can get more than one bottle. I hate ordering just one. I think I'm in LP overload because last night all I dreamt about was LP. In my dream I called for your address because I was coming to the LP store AND I actually shopped there...I was shopping for LPs in my dreams!!! That's too much.
  17. I know I've said this before, but it's worth repeating...ALL HALLOW'S EVE. Please, please!!!
  18. I gots all my goodies and I'm completely covered: arms and legs. Damn, I can't figure out what I put on my left leg, high calf on the right side!! Crap...I love that smell. And yes, I'm typing as I smell it. My Miss Right...Now sample attacked me but I caught it as it was getting away. I think I like that scent for me. Thank you ladies for sending me SO many awesome smellie goodies for my total olfactory pleasure and all the paper filler for hours of enjoyment for my cat, Starbuck. He completely buried himself in the white tissue paper...he was perfectly camoflaged. Thank you, thank you!! I love, love, love you ladies...
  19. I got mine as well. I always get so excited. My life is so simple.
  20. No way do you have the Moth as your avatar!! I love the Tick. My favorite one was the duplicating Santa...of course there was the Swiss Army enemies... Welcome to the forum!! What did you order for Magical Omaha and LP??? Did you score on the sale?
  21. That's both good news and bad news...I must be strong and not let the descriptors sway me to buy more. You ladies (and lone male) are awesome and I can't even imagine how slammed you all are. Thanks for getting out everything so quickly.
  22. Is there an estimated time when the new releases' full descriptors will be up and readable? I love reading through them and seeing all the ingredients. Although it may make me order more, so...maybe it should wait.
  23. Welcome, squire_inaria! Any friend of SB's is a friend of mine...literally, I think she's sending you some samples of mine.
  24. Ail's PE will be ediblicious...remember her man LOVES edible scents. I can't wait...hey, does this one have a phero like some of the other PE's? Hmm?? Does it???
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