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  1. I tend to fiddle around somewhat with my pheromone products, by adding combinations of various pheromones, so as to have something ready for a specific adventure.But i find that the Phero Boy Dominance works best 4 me when i leave it exactly as it comes, this is a no fuss formulation and several good dabs works the magic just fine. I have also noticed when the fragrance aspect has diminished somewhat after several hours that i can smell the prescence of the good quality pheromones holding their place in the application. Yeah Phero Boy Dominance is a good genuine product, so as well as talkin de talk, this stuff can also walk de walk,,, as a matter of fact, i really like it.
  2. Thank you Dolly, much appreciated darlin, I am not a very well educated person, So i think my writing skills need much refining.Sometimes i may try and express myself clearly when posting and the correct words and grammar sometimes do not seem so clear to others. Sometimes also because of geography and customs ect, we dont always get a clear understanding of just what is going down, and exactly who is who, and where are they coming from lol. But i suppose it is our differences that make life interesting and sometimes a challenge. Whatever i certainly enjoy catching up and reading the comments on this forum, And once every so often something goes over my head, but over all its all good at LPP forum, And i find everyone here so very interesting and unique.
  3. It was as if i was receiving a dignified sort of respect from the males at the party, who whilst not approaching me directly were genuinly pleased when i did instigate conversation with them. The women were open and approachable and also asking my opinion on subjects. The children under 5 were a little awe struck. Did have several young girls under 13 yo approach me with open arms for a welcome smooch, did suprise me because im not a close friend with their familys. It seems as if the Phero Boy Dominance gives me a respectful attraction vibe, maby the children get a father type vibe from the stuff. All in all it was a good wear and a lot of fun, As i do like communicating with male and females and i do so with the best of intentions and consideration for them at all times. I am not a needy type of person, and i find solitude no enemy, I really do not give a rats about being popular, and i do not have the disposition to want or need to take from people, but i will love them and defend them against opression and unrighteousness. The reason that i wear pheromone is that i find the reactions from doing so immensly interesting, including self effects, and i love to break the ice with them that are locked up in cages of their own making, Sometimes they come out throwing daggers and worse, but the automatic reactions change when they discover that i am not going to compete with them or put them down. I guess you could say i am a little angel te he, when i was young i was refered to as terrible terry.
  4. I applied about 6 drops of Phero Boy Dominance late this afternoon and headed off to a social gathering. I would have forgotten i had the stuff on except that every now and then a small puff of its sofisticated fragrance was sending me a delightful tingle, and i also experienced a string of good hits. Yay this stuff works as fine as anything, yeah i am impressed with the product, No bull, this is good shit, and i like it.
  5. Jo Anna you are a darling, good news is i managed to keep my Woodland Man, (a stranger to LPP would probably get the wrong idea of me by reading that sentence lol ) and er um my woody is still in working order, so all is well, until they send me somewhere in two weeks time. In the mean time there is a chance i could win the 23 million dollar lotto draw this Saturday night. With some of that i would be as secure as anyone could be, i suppose.
  6. Its so good to welcome you, better late than never, twas nearly never though. Yeah after embarking on a new career path i was involved in a skirmish with a pirate boat as i was travelling between taipei and ho chi minh, It was the setting of the sun that saved us after a furious two hour chase and then running out of fuel and having to prime the injectors before regaining power. Anyway to get back on topic, I'm glad that your enjoying these goodies and look forward to looking in at ur posts when ever i have PC access.
  7. WELCOME Loralei, tis good to make ur aquaintance, The pheromonestuff is just fab girl, and i will be lookin forward to ur postin up some on spicy phero report te he. Ok sea ya when i sea ya
  8. Welcome Rad47 , The love potions here are top quality, extra nice and good value. The same goes for the forum members A1 folks. I have used several of the Pheromone formulas with fab results, so all is good, and you have arrived so enjoy the feast. :dancingfruits0nm:
  9. I have to agree with you on the above re power in the LPMP scents because after applying LP no 3 ( pheromone free ) for men i got into a girl situation when i had least expected it, or even planned for it, I know for a fact that the LP no 3 started the fire.
  10. Hi there naturechild, The vision in my right eye is 4 times more than that of my left eye, I blame the forums for this, because i have to close the left eye so as not to be distracted by the sexy avatars when i am reading the posts. Considering the fact that very soon you will be applying some of the best Love Potions in the galaxy, and therefore sending out some special little messages into the universe, Why you may even end up with some additions to add to your collection of little ones ha ha.
  11. Yes i agree with you exactly, And i am very satisfied with the delivery times. I was just posting my info so as that any Aussies who look in this section will see that their orders will arrive, and in a respectable time frame.
  12. Just a little info re:- USPS First Class Mail International Parcel delivery times to AUSTRALIA. I have received my second order, it has arrived on the 9th day after i made the payment. My first order arrived on the 19 day after payment.
  13. Ha yeah im in a bit of a rush thismorning but still a little report.Even though its probably a female LP I have been getting lots a good comments from girls that they love the smell, LP Black, usually after it settles down after 1/2 hour, As it is enhanced with the Super Pheromone blend, i have been testing it alone and will continue to do so for some time yet. The Woodland i have mixed with Synchronicity 3 dr : 2 dr, and have added a drop of Androstenone and this so far is giving me good communication and rapport with males in a business type situation, ha the super rich guys are probably wondering what it is about me ha ha. Some of my girlfriends were a little stand offish when i wore the above mix acting as if they were unsure of me sorta so all it took was a little bit of smile and flirt and they were hooked into close cuddling. It appeared as if i came across as overly sofistocated initially, but with a little work in displaying that i was interested in them the mix then pulled them in really close. More testing yet but happy with the quality LP's.
  14. Yes good buddy my stash arrived yesterday, Your going to like the Woodland Man because it not only smells great and gives off a high status confident type of vibe,I applied around 4 drops as i went around town amoungst my regular contacts and there is one attractive dark haired continental girl who always will go out of her way to dismiss me as being an insignificant person in her gestures and responses when dealing with me, She is usually very courteous but straight to the point with a personality as cold as ice, Well i got in close to her about 2 foot actually for about 15 seconds and man i did notice a change in her demeanour and also in her attitude, I think she was suprised her self as she tried hard to regain her former composure but we both knew that i had caught her out. It must be the fragrance of the W/man that put me into a very lay back carefree and confident type of feeling, There is no doubting that this is good shit man as i did also get some good hit type of responses from some horny women. I will certainly be putting an order in for a full size, and i will be most interested to get your impressions of the Woodland Man. Also the W/m has excellent potential for those that would like to add some extra Androstenone/ Nol/Rone or even some A1. Yeah the WM is a must have, once you have tried it then its going to take a front seat in your Phero Chest. I also received a sample of Synchronicity and tested some on the back of my hand last night, My first impression is that it did not have a strong fragrance and i thought it may have been a bit too weak to push its Pheromones out effectively, But i did notice that the fragrance does actually improve over time and it also seems more enduring in nature than i had originally thought, But i will have to pick some appropriate windows of opportunity to test this one out. Once i have got a handle of the individual products used alone then i may like to apply the WM around my gills and also use several drops of the Synchro on the back of each hand. My main product the LP Black is every bit the the fragrance that i had hoped for, and man this is very rich concentrated shit of the best kind if ya get my drift, even hours after i had applied a test drop to the back of my hand my girlfriend said that she could smell some nice vanilla. I am not sure, but i may well have made a little boo boo by taking the option of having the Super Sexy Pheromone blend added to the LP Black, because the LP Black is so very rich a product that only a small application will be needed to get some good atention, So therefore will the small application be sufficient to actually get enough of the added pheromone contents into circulation, But at this moment it is only speculation as i will have to run some tests to get an idea of the pheromone nature of small applications. I am happy with the LP Black as it is just my cup of tea, and looks like a good collectors item also. OK PhatSounds Thanks 4 callin in on me with this stuff , especially when you have been busy with takin care of business like. I recon that U will be doin ya own testin out width dis stuff real soon, Man i feel like i would like to get some for a gift for all my good friends, Yeah if ya have an idea of what they would like then the LPs are peffect gift material no doubt. Sea ya PS Ok and try and be good, Only one small problem though LovePotionPerfume makes it even harder to be good, i will probably be good at being B B BaaaD, Then looks like will have to sample the Bad Boy also....
  15. Too right, Ancient Goddess, well spoken, Yeah keep them coming Ladies, because the Gods have chosen and set you apart for this distinguished work that you do, Yes it is a real work of art, and it seems as though those from above have set their seal upon you with the commission to give some of us chosen and lucky ones the blessings from your labours of love. I do not know why they have chosen me for the privelidge of partaking of these wonderful fruits, perhaps they have made another small mistake in thinking that i deserve to be applying these Magic Love Potions, Yes i am sure thay made a huge boo boo of a mistake in sending me to this Earth, te he, and now reedeming themselves somewhat by allowing me in here, with you girls, and other forum members. There are, and have been some terrible beings reside upon the face of this small planet, and also some extraordinary beautiful beings to balance the scales somewhat i would say. Its not always easy to change our circumstances, but it seems a change in our attutudes can work in most favourable manner for us. Oops why do i get off topic so easily ?? Maby i need a good spanking, that doesan't sound good, No i haven't got a spanking fetish, probably just a fetish for woman i will admit.
  16. Well after only a small test swipe the Woodland has certainly exceeded my expectations, This stuff is in a class of its own so distinctive and unique sorta,There is no way i could venture out with this applied and not leave a very distinctive attractive masculine and mystical impression. Maby i had better play it safe and stay close by my girl when wearin this one, Hmmmm second thoughts, I should be able to handle it ok, one way or another. Playing with Fire could have been a good name for it also when considering it in another context.
  17. Thank you for the welcome Jo Anna, Yes this place really appears to be like an oasis in the desert. So ur really livin in Alaska, I dont know how ya can survive in sooo cold an enviroment, I was raised in the tropics and when the temperature drops below 16 Celsius here in Brisbane Australia then its cold for me.
  18. Good morning girls its nearly 2 am Thursday 18th, Iv woken early. Thank you for your much appreciated replys, Curiouschic,Vivica, Dolly and Stkatz. Being a man of no schooling i try and express myself so as to convey my thoughts and intents ect, sometimes i am successful, and sometimes it all seems to just go around in circles. So you all can see that i am excited with the LPs i have received. About 12 years ago i purchased a bottle of Red Door Parfum from the duty free at the airport whilst i was on route to visit my girl friend in Fiji, and to meet her family for the first time. This was Shiri's first real experience of using a decent perfume as she really had not previously bothered with personal fragrances, and had very little experience with any. She actually still has 1/2 of that original Red Door Parfum on her dressing table, and she also makes an occasional purchase of the cheaper Red Door edt unboxed specials as she usually has a small spray when she is going out. So i have been looking around here to find something nice that i think she may like, i know she likes to use just a very light spray of the Red Door usually, and it is my opinion that she would benefit from having more to choose from. I have sorta decided so far that one of these three, or maby all of them may come close to her taste, "Last Breath of Summer" or LP Summer Solstice" or Raven De La Croixis Secret Weapon" . She also likes Tabu, and Tweed, or an occasional spray of Giorgio BH. I would appreciate maby a few sugestions if you girls can oblige. It looks like i am going to have to have a good scrub up later on so as to eliminate the few drops of LP Black i used afer my shower yesterday as it is still strong and active after all this time, I am so glad a person can actually receive some very real no nonsense good down to Earth products here. Oh yes, have to scrub up well so as i can have a Woodland Man experience today. Hmmm been feelin so um er hot these last few weeks, Probably may not be a good idea to venture out with the Woodland Man, Its so early, i had better have a snooze and then decide.
  19. At the first glance of the displayed prices on the webpage, One could take the opinion that the products may be a little expensive for oil type perfume/fragrances ect. But come the day for opening the delivered package and then any sutch opinions will absolutley fade into obscurity at the speed of light, When the discovery is made that the quality and presentation of the LovePotionPerfume products far exceed that which could have been ever expected. Yes the quality is far superior to any similar products i have ordered ever. My Love Potion Black is Perfect Perfect Perfect, And also extra nice with the choice i made to add the Super Sexy Pheromone Blend for Men to this Potion. I was also most greatfull to have received a complimentary vial of Woodland Man ( Pheromone enhanced ) And also a vial of Synchronicity Pheromone Fragrance ( uniSex ) The check out girl must have read my mind because these were the exact two that i would have chosen to test out, so a heartfelt thank you girls. I can understand why the girls in this establishment are so very busy because there is just so much more than mere money goes into the creation and presentation of these remarkable products that are offered here, for our pleasure. I had just finished a job and had been up since 3.30 am and arrived home at about 11am So i opened the package and just placed a bare cats whisker of a dot of the LP Black on my left thumb, and a flys tongue lick of Woodland Man on my right thumb, Just so as to get a quick nose on smell of each before my anticipated afternoon shower. As i was walking up the 4 flights of stairs to my unit i arrived at the front door and all of a sudden i was surrounded by the wonderfull fragrance of my subatomic sized applications, And believe me it was more than a fragrant smell, it was like the fragrance moved me into its own magic cloud, and wow what a feeling. It is my honest opinion that these creations have been crafted by the hands of a true master or mistress whatever, Just so good, Maby not of this World.
  20. No darlin, Your message was not too blunt in the least degree, Just the opposite actually, as it was friendly and inviting from my persprctive, and to be honest i really did appreciate it as it did warm me and give me a feeling of being welcome. SO thank you. I think you are nice, and i do appreciate hearing your opinions and veiws, and i hope you may message with me sometime again. As your communications will always be welcomed . Any women here on the forum may feel free to ask me any questions and also comment on any negative qualitys that i may seem to be in posession of, te he, if yas can spot them as i sure have plenty. I will always try and be honest with all forum members and present my self in an honest way to whome i am in reality. Well it seems you are correct as i am still sorta stuck here, but will venture out real soon, because its warmong up here in Brisbane Australia and i have actually removed my bed sox.
  21. Hey Sure Liz, come to think of it it does look as if i have been some what like a stick in the mud lolling around in the Welcome threads, Just as soon as Super Sexy width tha Love Potion Black arrives i will apply a few unobtrusive lil dabs and perhaps have a post in other areas. From reading many posts by many of the girls i sorta can tell that yr all pretty well equiped with some what nice dispositions. But being a new bloke and also a male i felt as if i really should not intrude into the womans domains, so as i could help you retain these special areas for your own womans stuff, if you know what i mean, like as if i dont really want to go barging in on your sacred ground. But if i am prompted by the spirit to do so then one day i may pop in and say summat. I also realise that some girls really dont want to be bothered by some smart alec man, After all men have been the cause at times of some major womans troubles. So its is not that i am being unfriendly, It is just that im sorta staying aloof because of the respect and consideration that i have for the tendermost inner beauty and charisma that seems to eminate from this bunch of girls for some reason, and i am already sorta attracted to one or possably more of you, so im gonna shut it for now as i have said enough. Besides well i probably talk to much as it is.
  22. Hey thats good to know man, I didn't know the eye rollin emoty was a b b bad guy, he looks sorta cute in a way, But i think people do tend to shrug and raise their eyebrows and maby roll of the eyes if they are meaning someone or summat is sorta stupid or doo ally. Thanks for the good advice anyway man i appreciate it because us blokes is in the minority around these parts and it would not be ok if we gets into woman trouble un necessarily like, by sending out bad vibes, even unintentionally. Several years ago i did get into big trouble one night when i used to work at the local hospital because i told one of the new girls that i thought she had a nice chest, As it happened the girl was large in the breast area, but at the time i was not refering to that part, and what i mean was that she had a rather regal looking profile, so sometimes our choice of words ect can get a poor poor man into hot water. Yeah iv had my share of woman trouble in times past, but i am now glad to say that i am free as free as a bird and now the woman trouble just rolls offa me like water from the back of a duck, te he quack quack.
  23. Yeah PhatSounds they have some fab emoticons, thats why i post up lol. This is one of my favourite ones, so now i have an excuse to use it, and well it sorta reminds me of how i probably would look after drinking several good drams of Napoleon Brandy, and totin on a couple puffs of a Havana Gold Supreme.... um... er ..cigar ? Well just gotta love it dont ya.... Yeah dats de angel in me... Grin..
  24. Yeah, thanks PS and i hope ur order arrives with speed, as i am interested to get your opinion of Woodland Man, Ie your opinion of the fragrance aspect and also that of the endurance factor as to does the fragrance hang well or fade out fast ? Sea ya Phat S, be good te he, " whats that " ?
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