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  1. Hello to the friendly & helpful people here in this forum, i have my first day 1 of my Testing & Results report ready for viewing So feel free to give your opinion as i welcomed it very much Day: 1 October 2008 Wednesday Location: My Regular hair saloon & 2 Clubs> MOS Club(Ministry of Sound) & an unknown Club(I can't remember the name) Phero combo used for that night: 5 dabs of Synchronicity, 3 dabs of Unscented Super Sexy for Men & 3 dabs of Phero Boy Super Sample vial(refreshed later) Report: I have planned to wear all the pheros above except for Phero Boy Super that i intented to use later for my clubbing but first i decided to get a haircut from my regular hair saloon so i headed there first. Well when my regular hair stylist attended to me when she have done with another customer. Then we have the usual chatter there but this time i noticed the chatter is much more friendly, enjoyable & longer than before. This i can say is the work of Synchronicity there After my haircut, i left the saloon & get on a cab to MOS Club & the same thing happened again with the cab driver, i have an enjoyable, friendly & longer conversation with him while on my way there Soon i reached the MOS club & i went in & pay the cover charge. After i'm in the club & get my drink, i decided to walk around a bit. So i walk around the club but there is no reaction there. So after a few hours has passed, i decided to refreshed with my Phero Boy Super sample vial that i bring along in the toliet. I applied it & went out to see if there is any difference & weirdly nothing happened So i decided to went outside & head to another unknown club that i don't remember the name & still the same thing happened nothing happened & i got a hostile reaction from one of the bouncer there So i left quick to avoid any trouble there & head back to MOS. Back in MOS, i order my drinks & guess what to my shock & embarassment, a shemale approached me & start talking so i just be cool there even i'm still shock & embarrass there & be a gentlemen & give her a drink. Then she started moving her hands somewhere else in which i push her hands away & she even said if i want to go to hotel with her in which i was going to fainted hearing that but i remained calm & refused her offer nicely saying that i'm not interested & i'm drunk as the reason. So after that this shemale walk away to the dancefloor. And i say to myself Thank god So ladies don't mind explaining to me why did my Phero combo attract a shemale first? Why? Why not a real lady? Btw I have been thinking about this for some time already. After that i grab my drink & went out to another room of the club & danced there instead. While i was dancing in a packed crowd, things started to get a bit weird, two chinese girls were dancing with each other & then one of the girls danced dirty in front of me & her female friend but i just continue dancing. Ok here come the good part, after that i met a group of ladies from Ireland in which 2 of them is interested in dancing with me so i danced with them and they enjoyed dancing with me. And when the club close for the night, i bid my farewell with them & they both give me a kiss & a hug. After that i went back home. So that's what happened to me that night & well to me it is a weird night. Anyway feel free to tell me what do you think there. Thanks
  2. Well Jo Anna, i have tried out my new Unscented Super Sexy for Men with Synchronicity but it got some weird results & it is shocking & embarrassing to tell it out Btw just to let all you here know that i'm better already from my neck injury, that's why i managed to test my new pheros out Well even the results turn out weird, embarrassing & shocking to me but i will do a full report soon together with how much dosage did i wear that night as i want to know your opinions
  3. Thanks Dolly for your info there So i see that the 10 min drydown is only meant for Women's phero blends, i get it now. Thanks again Yes i'm enjoying using my new phero goodies now & thanks for your sweet compliment there 'for_love_of_Him' Thanks esmeralda for your nice compliment there Yes they do work wonders but in a weird way for me
  4. Hmm, so i see that for phero reports, i can post it in Pheromone FAQ & thanks for your helpful info on using pheros in a club environment, i really needed to know that. Thanks again luna65 Hmm, well Darbla you have just make me think for a while there. So to the other ladies here, is it right to wait for 10 minutes after applying pheros before applying fragrance?
  5. Thanks Dolly, anyway that was some helpful advice on the dosage there, i appreciate it & will follow like what you have said there Thanks again P.S. And i got two questions that i have been thinking about so i say it now ok it is kinda dumb but which section here that i can post my reports on testing the pheros? & have any of you ladies been to a disco club environment wearing pheros here?
  6. Hello to all here in the forum, i have gotten my order as you all know & now i will do my overall review on my 3 LP pheros Woodland Man, Synchronicity & Unscented Super Sexy for Men that i have ordered here. Ok when i first received my order & checked on it, firstly i was surprised to see the phero bottles nicely stacked in a cute pouch which i find it very unique compared to the other website products that i ordered from Secondly the quality of the aroma smell coming from the phero bottles is just worth every single penny spent & it was worth the wait And lastly there was a couple vials of samples plus the free freebie Robin & Marian given in which i would express my big thanks for it I have tested smelling all my 3 LP pheros individually & i find that in my opinion that firstly i find Woodland Man to be strong & musky but it still has a unique aroma to it, secondly i find Synchronicity to have a nice & smooth smell to it & lastly i find that Unscented Super Sexy for Men has a high potent base of pheros in it as i was able to smell the pheros in it so overall i was pleased with all my 3 LP pheros That's why i understand how much effort, money & time the ladies (Lady Mara & Lady Danna) have used to create & present such impressive & remarkable products offered here & they deserve a thumbs up As for the samples that i have received, i have tested smelling them out individually & i find that Phero Boy: Dominance, Phero Boy: Super, Down & Dirty for Him & Merlin for Men suits my preference & i will try to get all of them in my second order if possible My thanks to the ladies (Lady Mara & Lady Danna) once again for giving me the samples to test which suit me well And for the freebie Robin & Marian, i have tested it too & i find that it is strong & sharply herbal but it's ok with me So that's my overall review of my 3 LP pheros together with the freebie & the samples, so feel free to tell me what do you think. Thanks & see you P.S. I'm planning to wear & test out Unscented Super Sexy for Men with Synchronicity as a cover scent to a disco club after i recovered from my injury so what do you ladies think & feel free to tell me how much drops i should use on that day Thanks
  7. Hmm, new releases of september eh? My eyes are focused on the pheros ones like "La Ve De Boheme for men" hehe Lady Mara & Danna how many bottles do you have for that one don't mind if i ask?
  8. Woah good report on Woodland Man terry0400-40, you sure got some hits there hehe Plus interesting reviews on Synchronicity & LP Black that is mixed with Super Sexy Pheromone blend I enjoy reading every bit of it. Thanks buddy Yes you are right, i will be testing out right after i received the pheros here & i will posting reports too Well yes i do agree that LPs can be a good gift material to a friend Well buddy i will see if LP will make me bad or good there hehe See you & have fun testing out the pheros
  9. Hi 976GIRL, Good to have you here so welcome on board It's great to hear that you are ordering more & more, well the scents here are all specially made & they come in limited stocks. Well enjoy yourself here & feel free to check the topics here like the Review Section See you
  10. Hello terry0400-40, Yay! you got your order congrats That was an impressive review there Sorry that i reply late well i have been busy lately Anyway i see by how good you describe the pheros here, it is making me more confident that i'm getting the best pheros here other than Androtics of course as i'm die hard supporter of it but i will soon be a die hard supporter here too after i get my order which i hope to get it soon Once again congrats
  11. Oh i see Dolly well then i'm ready to do my reviews or reports of the pheros here when i get & tested them
  12. Hmm, great idea Dolly Well i will think about the phero you recommended together with one of the recommended scent as well. And maybe Unscented true confessions too. Thanks Dolly
  13. Oh i see so it's good for attracting positive attention & yeah i think it will be weird if a guy wear kittenish as you say the smell is sweet
  14. Thanks Curiouschic, that is very sweet of you there I will also do my reports of the pheros here when i got & tested it out just like terry0400-40 said
  15. Nah it's ok Curiouschic , i was just wondering why it was not answered Ok so i see "Allegro" is more different than Instant Shine hmm, interesting
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