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  1. Thanks for all your advices. Unfortunately, there is nothing happen today. But I will keep trying!! Since everyone is waving about this. Will keep reporting back
  2. Hi all I am definitely a newbie and receive my package yesterday and wearing some stone cougar now to go for a test drive. But I have a question. I order 60 alcohol version. I make sure I shake it, but I smell nothing. I had 3 spray on tummy and 1 spray on my wrist. . Is it supposed to be like that? Because I heard so many post about how some of the product may smell strong. I am wondering if I am doing it right. Many thanks ladies
  3. Thanks... Would sexology bit strong in work? Because he and I usually only meet in office. Our team only have drinks only once in a while. That said, my experiment will be in office most likely..,
  4. The scent I usually where is regular spray type. Looking at some other post, look like I should buy oil base and layer my yusual scent? Thanks
  5. Thanks. Since I already have a sample of the tmi in my sample collection, may be I can start, while waiting for the gotcha. Then my next question is what form should I order? I want to be able to mix it with my usual scent so it will smell like m usual. So cuddle bunny 2009 is too much for office? Any other thought, I live in Europe, so the postage is quite high, so I want to place the order in 1 order. I will wait a bit to get all your valuable input. Thanks
  6. In case this is helpful, here is a list of sample I have now so I can start using it while waiting for my order TMI Cuddle bunny 2009 The art of war (this is closest to my usual perfume) Cougar Art of war Honeyed love potion Thanks a lot... Any input would be very much appreciated.
  7. We have been quite cozy. So definitely more than just colleague. So I would say he is a little interested but probably I m abit more into him than he is into me. Therefore I think if I don't make a move he won't. But I am not that kind of person who is good at making the move, and usually I will mess thing up. But now that I know I will be leaving the firm soon, I want to see if there is any opportunities, so there is no regrets, whatever it turns out to be. That is my concern. Despite i am quite keen, I still want to keep things low profile. I don't want to wear something that smell too stinky or too feminine, otherwise people will notice that I m up to something. But I have not been using the Pheros regularly, I just put it on once or twice and try to see any reaction, which there isn't yet. So I am trying to come up with a plan that it won't feel too awkward even if it didn't success, after all we are still in same field. I know I sound a bit contradicting. Therefore I need all your kind advice. Thanks
  8. Hi I need some help. I will be leaving the company in few months. I have this guy I fancy for a while and would like speed things up a little (or a lot) before I go. Not necessary anything serious, but may be just something fun (and naughty ;op ) before I go. I am running out of time. I have been using cuddle bunny and sneaky clean. But doesn't seem to have huge effect. May be I need something stronger? But the thing is I don't want to wear something too out of my character ( I usually wear scent that is very mild and neutral) that make people or him raise their eyebrow and know I am doing something sneaky. Or is there something mild so I can layer my usual scent on top? Any suggestion please!!!! Thanks guys....
  9. Hi I have a question... I'm usually quite tomboyish, and that is why I end up buddy buddy with all work colleagues. If I apply a pheromone with feminine quality , will it make me act very out of character and make a joke of myself? Will people think I m odd ? Please kindly share some experience around this. Thanks
  10. Woo.., I woke up and already have all these comment....many thanks. You are such a welcoming group. Let me check out some of your recommendation... May come back with some more question ;o>
  11. Hi all Nice to meet you all. i am a complete newbie and discover about pheromone and this site for about a month. i have spent few weekends to go through all post on this site and some others, but still can't decide what is suitable for me. All of you seem so experience and all products here seem brilliant . Therefore I am posting this and hope you can help me to at least narrow down my choice. Here are what I try to achieve : 1) get better at social occasion. I am friendly person in general. But I am not very good at initiate or carry on with conversation so the conversation often die down and end awkwardly. I am hoping that I can find something that help me to attract more friends in general since I move to my current city not long ago 2) help me to be able to speak up in work situation. I always tend to hesitate to voice my opinion and end up I miss the right moment. And eventually I am perceived as a silent person. 3) Help me to get back to the dating scene again. I finally turn the corner from my previous breakup i.e 2 years of non stop crying and depression. I think I am ready for new relationship/the scene again, or at least get the momentum back. But since I have been out of the scene for a while, a little help /kick would useful 3) i have a colleague who we spent a lot of time working together and great chemistry working together. recently I find that I develop a liking towards him. Nothing serious yet. But since we have been work buddy, I don't want to make any dramatic move to ruin the balance. Also, i am way too shy to make any move. So I am wondering if there is something I can use to hint that I am open to that option, and encourage him to make the move if he is interested. One more After reading a lot of post, seem like some potions are quite strong and need to be covered by other scent. I personally don't wear strong scent, the scent I used is usually quite mild / unisex. It is quite out of character for me to wear a overpowering scent/ sweet. Does it mean that pheromone is not for me? Many many Thanks in advance. Really appreciate if someone can shed some light to help!!!!!
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