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  1. EXACTLY! Couldn't have said it better myself! Well put Vivica
  2. You already apologized so I decided to not say what I really wanted to say. I will say however that I NEVER said anything about "violence." I would have never said anything about putting my hands on and physically harming anyone, especially an old lady. What I did say is that Philadelphia is a tough city like New York City and several other cities across the U.S. and people do not care who and what you are and THEY would of handle that scenario in a different manner. These are facts. This is the reality we live in. When I said I would of put her in her place I was referring to giving her a piece of my mind, verbally. In addition, I will defend myself against harms way. I agree with esmeralda in that we should be able to come on here share our experience and not be preached at. Everyone on her is grown. Advice should only be given when asked. Thank You
  3. I agree! I have the sample and love the smell. People are definitely nicer and my TG is as well. I can't wait to order full size bottles then I'll post more detail reviews.
  4. Oh hell to the no ! I totally agree with Laitcaramel and LifesGood. I get what all the ladies are saying about wearing certain amounts of cops during the day etc and your advice and points are well taken. However, I feel that we should be able to use our potions as we see fit. I mean it is our money. At the end of the day, no matter how many cops you have on it doesn't give anyone the right to call you out of name especially someone who doesn't even know you! I always read on forum that the mones will only bring out what the person REALLY feels. I don't care how old you are you have to give respect to get it and Remmy I know from being over on Androtics forum that you reside in the Philadelphia, PA area. I just moved from there and my Mother still lives there. Philly as we call it, is a tough city and if that lady said that to the wrong person let's just say the scenraio would have gone a little different. I personally would of put her in her place. I usually don't comment on too many things on the board but this hit home. I am a young attractive smart woman and I deal with older women hating on me ALL the time. DAILY to be exact. I can be sweet as pie and they still give me their ass to kiss. If your pants fit snug or your skirt is above they knee they turn there nose up. And ask me if I give a damn! There is a difference between trashy and sexy but regardless who am I or anyone to tell someone what is presentable and what isn't. My Mother is 48 y/o and I have a plethora of older Aunts and I never seen anyone of them be envious or show jealousy while in the presence of a young attractive woman. They give props when props are do. This is where I got my confidence from by watching them. So don't let anyone belittle you or talk to you that way. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in! And for the the record we need sexier Doctors!
  5. Hi ladies and thanks for your informative responses! For now I only have samples and can't order anything until the end of October. College is so freaking expensive !! So in the meantime I will just spray a couple of sprays of my regular perfume to be on the safe side until I can get more mixes/potions from here to cover. I do love the perfume that I wear and so does TG. I actually never got into all the mcg and technicalities on mixing and experimenting with Androtics products. Like I seriously do not have that type of time. I just bought from their Instant line and some MX mixes. This is why I love this site so much because everything is already done. The ladies take the guess work out for me ! I can't wait to start testing with my samples!
  6. Hello ladies, I got my very first samples today ! I do know they stinky mones like EOW & Dirty needs cover scents. However can I or do you ladies cover the mixes/potions that already has a great scent? My thing is my TG does not know I wear mones/mixes/potions etc and I do not want him to know and he actually asked me a few weeks ago when I had MX274 from Androtics if I knew what pheromones where and if I wear them ! Of coursed a lied and act like I hadn't a clue as to what he was talking about . Anyway, I just want to make sure if I cover that my LP mixes will not lose it's effectiveness. My samples are Betrothal, Cuddle Bunny, Nekkai Nectar, CFM, Naughty Minx, Sychronicity, Super for Women, LP Red Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the suggestions and feedback Vivica . Trust me if I know nothing else I know how to deal with men . Some are just a little more perplex than others. I am all for letting things flow, that is my motto! LOL The best thing a woman can do in any relationship is let things flow, don't be a nag and let that man be a man and don't try to change him. The trust issues are deep and don't really have anything to do with me. That's why I just wanted to know of any mixes/mones here that will help in the process. I know that the mixes are not a "be all." But an enhancement. Will keep you girls posted.
  8. Hello ladies! TGIF! Ok, so I placed my order and its on the way, YAAAAAH! I order trial samples of: Cuddle Bunny, Synchronicity, Betrothal Potion, Nakai Nectar, Love Potion RED & Phero Girl: SUPER I do ant to add Lioness and Blatant Invitation and of course everything else! My question is I need something that will help my TG to trust and get closer to me. We are close but it's like we take 2 steps forward and two steps back. What doyou suggest I get? Also, with the mixes I just order will any of those help? Oh, I just saw True Confessions and think that should be on my next order for sure. thanks for any feedback/advice .
  9. LOL@ ID's! yea I had those too! Well when you turn 21 we can celebrate ! In the meantime enjoy being young its a beautiful thing! Youth is truly wasted on the young! Listen at me, I'm only 28 years old !
  10. You're Yea but we have to do that! But hey are you 21 yet?? LOL
  11. Thank Pheromaster and for_love_of_him and scourger!
  12. Hello again girls! I am just a little confused with the whole "scent adding thing." When you say add your own scent, how do one go about this? What/where are the scents we choose from? Thanks!
  13. To all of you wonderful ladies that responded thanks a bunch ! I will take all your advice to head and will post back with my results. I'm going to place a order now. Decided to go with the sample sizes first.
  14. Hey Dolly! Thanks girlie! I am adding all you suggested to my cart ! I actually do NOT like EOW! Sorry I know it's your favorite but it did nothing for me! And the scent never dies down. I actually got mine over a year ago and decided recently to take another stab at it as I have become more familiar with using mones and I dabbed it on me in 3-4 different spots and the smell stayed on me all day! Smell like feet, butt and day old trash ! I think I will try the BI if it's not as strong. So do you think I should just order the sample sizes first huh? I saw where you get the 10 vials for $29.95 but is that just for new releases? On another note Dolly, I admire your zest for life. I read through your post and I really like your personality and spunk. I saw that you were open about being married 3 times and is currently engaged and it take guts to follow your heart even when it failed you a few times. You go girl! My favorite love quote that reminds me of you is: "Love is everything it's cracked up to be. That's why people are so cynical about it. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don't risk anything, you risk even more." Good luck on your new journey!
  15. WoW! You guys are fast! Thanks a bunch for the feedback! Seriously very appreciative! Quick question is your name Msselva on the Androtics forum? I read your post all the time! Dolly's too. If you are msselva I LOVE your eyes girl! You're Indian right? Please pardon me if I'm wrong. You're look is similiar to mine. I have long black wavy hair, tanned skinned, slanted eyes. There not blue though like yours! LOL You guys will be seeing a lot of me! I am going to check out the descriptions of ones that you guys have suggested. Thanks again!
  16. Hello all! I have lurked for a few days and decided that I might need to call on the "big dogs" for help! Ok, so I am not new to mones. I actually have a little arsenal from Androtics and Love scents. What I currently have is MX135, Instant Sexiness A, Instant Honesty 4X, MX274 (LOOOOVE the smell) ,Liquid Trust and EOW. My favorite perfume is Issey Mikyake and by MAC Cosmetics. The both smell SOOOO GOOD! The descriptions for both fragances are: Issey Miyake: fresh water florals, a soft, feminine fragrance. Creation Hues Turquatic: An infusion of fresh lotus leaves and Corsican cedrat, then finished with a warm blend of anemone, orris and blue cedar. Not sure if any of you smelled any but they smell delicious. Scents like MX274 I LOVE as well and I love Neroli. I also like rich, deep florals. So basically these are the types of scents I like and am looking for similar scents. I also am looking for something to help the guy I am dating loosen up and open up to me. The instant honesty has helped. He is very sexually attracted to me and tell me he loves the sex ALL the time. I still want something that will kick it a notch up! He is a very tense man, workaholic and can be argumentative at times. Real sweet nice guy though. I'm also looking for something that I can wear to work and when I go out with my friends. I was looking at PheroGirl, Cuddle Bunny, CFM, Naughty Minx, Blatant Invitation. However BI smell scares me as my TG has a very keen nose and I have not and will not tell him I use mones. Sorry for the long ramble figure I'll just everything at once, get it over with! Thanks in advnace for any feedback.
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