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  1. I looooove both Cougars, scented and unscented they are awesome. Will try my BI the next time I see my TG. Sounds like it will be just what I need to get just what I want muwaaaaaaah!
  2. OMG! How did I miss this??? I had no idea we were having more new releases this year, yay!!!!!
  3. Lifesgood


    All I can say is I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOVE this one!!! Wish that I had tried it sooner, it's perfect for this season I'm seriously thinking about getting a full bottle of this one.
  4. Just got mine too it's wonderful!!!! . I can't wait to rock this one around my crush tomorrow
  5. I agree with Joanna I am hooked! I only have the scented right now but I plan to get the unscented as well :-)
  6. i just ordered the sampler, treasured hearts, and soul mate.... I am so nervous that i will love all of these new releases, myLP Shopping list is already out of control...
  7. yeah love the sound of this combo... i am out of TH already I think that the bottle must have spilled out at some point. I could not have possibly slathered that much on already
  8. WOOO HOOO!!!! Thank you Ladies, you have outdid yourselves!!
  9. Thanks for all of your hard work ladies. I too can wait patiently
  10. I was just thinking the same thing sb! I'm super excited too cause I am just about caught up on my stocking up on favs phase
  11. I totally agree with your description of the scent SB. I think it is wonderful too, can't stop sniffin my wrists, but that is common now that I have found LP . As for the phero and magical intent I'd say it works. People have been drawn to me more than usual they are all in a lovely attentive mood. My "office crush" has also been hanging out lingering around me more. I LOOOOOVE IT! I can't wait to try this one out on my TG
  12. I misplaced my bottle of super sexy . I LOOOOOOOVE PG Cougar though, I am going to have to start stocking up on that one next...
  13. Hi Dolly, where is a good place to get a scent locket?
  14. Yes it does thanks! I never received the tracking info so I had no idea that they were coming. What a great way to end a rough week :banana-computer:
  15. I already had a bottle and I just received my other two today!!!! Now I have all of the orders that I had placed I am soooooo happy!!!! :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:
  16. Okay cool now I don't feel crazy for freakin out when I saw that it was sold out :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:
  17. Lifesgood


    I agree with you on this one... it is a bit off on me too at first but very nice after it settles in on my skin.
  18. Thanks for the responses Luna and Dolly. I only saw the sugared roses in solid when I looked too. I was hoping that they were hidden somewhere else LOL. I'll ask M&D about LP Black in Solid form the next time I place an order.
  19. Is the solid form of LP Black still available? It sounds lovely.
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