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  1. Okay Dolly, you have really sold me on the unscented dominance LOL. I had the unscented swimming with sharks on my next shopping list but now I am bumping that one down the list for this fab sounding dominance! As soon as I get my last two orders, I will be placing an order for this lovely happiness in a bottle
  2. Lifesgood

    Native Soil

    I bought this one but I am waiting for it to ship out. You guys are making me antsy LOL. I sent an email to the ladies already now that retrograde has lifted hopefully I will be hearing from them soon. BUT I KNOW they are busy so I'll just keep on waiting til I get my tracking number
  3. Oh cool thanks Dolly! I didn't realize that the unscented was still available I will definitely give it a try!
  4. WOW! I want some of this stuff!!! I am so sad it's not available anymore
  5. Excellent report Vivica! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to receive the bottle of EOW that I ordered. Like you I attract attention regardless of the pheros but I always love to find ways to make life a little more effortless. I'm a Leo so I love the princessy type of attention LOL.
  6. Awe thanks Dolly I appreciate this post. I'm glad to be getting back to a happy sunny fun enviroment where we can all feel free to share. XOXOXO
  7. I've been using this one almost everyday. I should probably pick up another bottle too! I am probably slathering these mixes on too much but I love them so much it is hard not to. Thank God no one has told me that my perfume is too strong, all I have gotten are compliments
  8. Well said Vivica. My sentiments exactly. This whole convo made me come out of my keep it neutral shell. I feel you on this one girl!
  9. 1. Betrohal 2. Treasured Hearts 3. C.F.M 4. LP Black 5. Communication potion I will have to check Dark Seductions out again. I got a bottle but my first go at it I was not really feeling it. One thing that I have learned here is that you should always give it another shot or two because it might become your fav
  10. Yes Treasured Hearts is the bomb.com! Yesterday I had it on along with Betrohal, breaking the ceiling and communication potion and I had the best annual review ever! Plus my cute dentist asked me if I wanted to be spanked! I wanted to say yes but.... LOL! No, he was just fussin at me for taking so long to come in for my routine check ups. The police officer that was signing off on my fix-it ticket commented on how great I smelled and it had been hours since I had put my potions on. I am hooked on this stuff. I Love Love LOVE it!!!
  11. Love the rich sweetness of this one, will be adding it to my full size bottle list
  12. I couldn't have said it better myself Esmeralda and Remmy. nuff said. Actually I do want to say something else LOL <<<<< HUGS >>>>>> To both of you sista girls. you guys keep doing YOU! Luv ya both! Oh yeah and Cutie Pie's crazy a$$ too LOL.
  13. On me too, I really wanted this one to be a hit on me as well bt i get that same incensy smell I have put it off to the side for now. Hoping that it might grow on me like Betrohal did.
  14. Sign me up for this one too please Mara. Sounds wonderful~ cinnamon is one of my favorite scents, and thanks to this site I am loving honey YUMMMM!
  15. Lifesgood

    Native Soil

    OOOH!!! I can't wait until I receive this one
  16. LMAO! I love you LC! I heard the heck out of that! :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: I'm sorry that happened to you too Remmy. You may not have known all of the effects that were going to come from that mix, but that does not mean that you were asking for such negative attention sh*t. That old biddie was obviously hatin on your sparkle. daymn that! Anyhoo lesson learned. EOW and BI will most likely attract some hateration so I am sure you will be using that in more private one on one situations. But heck even if you feel like wearing it in public, that is your purogative, now you know what can happen and you can make the choice that is best for you. Many Blessings to you sista girl
  17. This one smells so damn pretty! It has really grown on me, it's my new fav. I can't stop sniffing myself . I haven't had any proposals (yet) but I don't always have myself in situations to invite them hehehe. Just work and home for me really. I did have two guys falling over me trying to help me in anyway they could with an inquiry that I had for them that was fun hehehehe. Yup I am in Love with this one most def!
  18. Lifesgood

    Aura Armor

    Liz like you I haven't mastered my review skill set yet LOL. Also like you I LOOOOVE this scent!!! Just got it yesterday, and I am rockin it today. It's one of the best impulse buys I have made YIPEEEE!!!!! Sorry to say that I missed out one the forever more potion, that was before my time. Glad I was here for this one though :-D
  19. Well if it's not normal than I am weird too LOL. I have done that about 5 times already and I just started ordering on 09/12/09 less than a month ago . So yeah girl we are normal shoot! LMAO. I want to try Come2ME. I LOOOOOOOVE CFM, I have one bottle at home, two that should be being shipped out any day now and I am seriously considering getting at least one more bottle before it sells out. I think I need help, intervention already LOL
  20. Will do CC! Although I am not very good at describing the scents yet, I will definitely give it a shot. :banana-computer:
  21. I'm so happy for you Esmeralda it's a great feeling! I just checked the status of my package on usps.com and it's in town yipee!!!! I am gettin more excited with every step of it's journey. :banana010:
  22. geez you guys are making me want to get a bottle now and my to buy list is soooooo long
  23. I got mine too!!!!! Thank You Thank YOu Thank YOu!!!!!! You ladies are wonderful!!!
  24. My first Top 5 list 1. C.F.M 2. Cuddle Bunny 3. Sugared Honeycomb 4. Breaking the Ceiling 5. Communication
  25. I just ordered Aura Armor, First Bite, Pink Emerald, Nakai Nectar, Native Soil, Phero Girl Cougar, EOW Oil, 2 CFMs. All full size bottles :banana135: :banana055: :banana025: :banana085: :banana010: I AM SOOOOO ADDICTED ALREADY.
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