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  1. Actually, for business, I have had better results with Dominance (both unscented and scented) than I have had with any women's "business phero blend" from other retailers.


    I haven't thoroughly tested the "swimming with sharks" from here, but I am LOVING the Dominance....partially because the self-effects I get from it are also killer!!



    Okay Dolly, you have really sold me on the unscented dominance LOL. I had the unscented swimming with sharks on my next shopping list but now I am bumping that one down the list for this fab sounding dominance! As soon as I get my last two orders, I will be placing an order for this lovely happiness in a bottle ^_^

  2. I bought this one but I am waiting for it to ship out. You guys are making me antsy LOL. I sent an email to the ladies already now that retrograde has lifted hopefully I will be hearing from them soon. BUT I KNOW they are busy so I'll just keep on waiting til I get my tracking number :P

  3. I've been using this one almost everyday. I should probably pick up another bottle too! I am probably slathering these mixes on too much but I love them so much it is hard not to. Thank God no one has told me that my perfume is too strong, all I have gotten are compliments ;)

  4. hey remmy , yeah that lady was really rude to ya, I think they way you handled it and not stooping to her level was good.


    My 2 cents on this situation is that all human beings have a choice as to what they do and say. Yes wearing pheros cause certain reactions in people but people still have FREE WILL to do as they please. Some of the responses I've heard are a reason why most of the times I havent posted my results with using pheros. I've been using them since march and have had great experiences and some bad ones but thats nothing new to me. I mean come on even without wearing pheros I still get caught up in bad situations but thats just because the world is filled with jerks as well as good people.


    I mean we are all adults in this forum and I think most women here to their fair share of research or at least read what cops do and other pheros do before they purchase. Lately it seems alot of post have been focused more on the fear factor of wearing cops which is something that really is getting on my nerves. I mean they are copulins lol I think the women that buy them know they are for sexual attraction. I do appreciate the concern and valuable information but at times it feels as if Im being preached to as child who cant decern how to act in a situation. As if we're not smart enough not to understand hey dont wear a ton of cops where you might get attacked. I dont think its any different than a woman wearing a really sexy dress or being all over a guy in a sexual manner but has no intention of it going any further.


    I just think some of the ladies here should stop making their advice seem as if we are morons who dont know how to not get attacked by men. I always ask questions when I like advice but I have really been holding back cuz I've seen other ladies who post their results being attacked and made feel stupid just because they are ranting about their results not because they didnt know what to expect. I think as women some of the ladies here have to remember sometimes its just a rant not a call for advice or ignorance or a story of unexpected results it is just posting results both good and bad.


    Well said Vivica. My sentiments exactly. This whole convo made me come out of my keep it neutral shell. I feel you on this one girl! ;)

  5. 1. Betrohal

    2. Treasured Hearts

    3. C.F.M

    4. LP Black

    5. Communication potion




    I will have to check Dark Seductions out again. I got a bottle but my first go at it I was not really feeling it. One thing that I have learned here is that you should always give it another shot or two because it might become your fav :)

  6. Yes Treasured Hearts is the bomb.com! Yesterday I had it on along with Betrohal, breaking the ceiling and communication potion and I had the best annual review ever! Plus my cute dentist asked me if I wanted to be spanked! :D I wanted to say yes but.... LOL! No, he was just fussin at me for taking so long to come in for my routine check ups. The police officer that was signing off on my fix-it ticket commented on how great I smelled and it had been hours since I had put my potions on. I am hooked on this stuff. I Love Love LOVE it!!!

  7. No offense. But really, please take a few minutes to relax, before spilling those beans, seriously. It's really discouraging reading posts like this that are kind of "grr-ing" at people, when they are being honest about the effects they had with the pheros they used from LP, making them intimidated to post any valuable effects that others would have wanted to hear. I know that you're trying to give valuable advice, and stuff, but we heard it once, and coming over and over again, and you could offend people. And some might even not feel encouraged to come back to the forum. Things can be said, in a nicer way.


    I'm pretty sure that there are many posts here about cops, and eow, and I'm really sure that remmy knows what she's doing (I know her personally) and we both know what eow and cops are and what they do. So really...


    I appreciate how nice you are by advising us the same thing over and over again, but to be honest, cops got nothing to do with making women cranky to be frank. If a woman becomes cranky or really mean when someone's wearing cops, it's a character flaw, the person is jealous (I had a very well -experienced- person tell me this, and she's not in the forum and has used cops for years). And, I myself am a phero addict, I wear pheros everyday, and with cops, I've never been flamed at, or my hair pulled, or got a black eye, unless I tried to steal another girl's boyfriend (which is not my interest anyway)


    Common sense. Hmm, if a random lady just walked right infront of a woman (cause she's totally jealous of you) and talked to her like that (with or without cops), to be frank, I'm pretty sure that most women will tell her off. I think you're exagerating a little bit about the part with violence and all that. It's totally normal to defend youself, things like rape, bullying happens without pheros/cops too, and good lord I hope those scape goats are brave enough to defend themselves. And there's not going to be an older women around the corner everyday waiting to flame at you if you're planning to wear cops everyday...I mean, get real! I wear pheros/cops for 5/7 for monthes so that means I should be depressed by now from all those violent acts, and mean treatment *rolls eyes* lol Plus, it's not like we're bathing in cops everyday to be provocative, and even if some people want to be, that's totally cool, they're just responsible for their actions. And it's their money, it's their actions, and they know the consequences, if they didn't that's just unfortunate cause their information all over the forum, and too bad they didn't even want to look at it.


    I wasn't trying to stir up drama here, but I just wanted to say please chill.



    I couldn't have said it better myself Esmeralda and Remmy. nuff said.


    Actually I do want to say something else LOL <<<<< HUGS >>>>>> To both of you sista girls. you guys keep doing YOU! Luv ya both! Oh yeah and Cutie Pie's crazy a$$ too LOL.

  8. On me too, I really wanted this one to be a hit on me as well bt i get that same incensy smell :Hug_emoticon: I have put it off to the side for now. Hoping that it might grow on me like Betrohal did.

  9. Oh, and I am just about to whip up a custom sugared for someone else that sounds soooo gooood, I might as well offer reservations for it now...


    White Sugar, Honey, Cinnamon.


    Any takers? I'll make enough for all of us if I know how much to brew.




    :Hug_emoticon: Sign me up for this one too please Mara. Sounds wonderful~ cinnamon is one of my favorite scents, and thanks to this site I am loving honey YUMMMM!

  10. Only if I was there Remmy, I would have not allowed that nun to disrespect you like that. I would have givven her my two cents. I am adding that mix to my list. :-)



    LMAO! I love you LC! I heard the heck out of that! :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:


    I'm sorry that happened to you too Remmy. You may not have known all of the effects that were going to come from that mix, but that does not mean that you were asking for such negative attention sh*t. That old biddie was obviously hatin on your sparkle. daymn that! Anyhoo lesson learned. EOW and BI will most likely attract some hateration so I am sure you will be using that in more private one on one situations. But heck even if you feel like wearing it in public, that is your purogative, now you know what can happen and you can make the choice that is best for you. Many Blessings to you sista girl :(

  11. This one smells so damn pretty! It has really grown on me, it's my new fav. I can't stop sniffing myself :D . I haven't had any proposals (yet) but I don't always have myself in situations to invite them hehehe. Just work and home for me really. I did have two guys falling over me trying to help me in anyway they could with an inquiry that I had for them that was fun hehehehe. Yup I am in Love with this one most def! :(

  12. Liz like you I haven't mastered my review skill set yet LOL. Also like you I LOOOOVE this scent!!! Just got it yesterday, and I am rockin it today. It's one of the best impulse buys I have made YIPEEEE!!!!! :(


    Sorry to say that I missed out one the forever more potion, that was before my time. Glad I was here for this one though :-D

  13. lol, can't wait to hear your reviews lifesgood, I'm happy for you as well!!!


    I've got Come2Me and CFM coming so I'm really really excited lol...the thing is, my order didn't even arrive home yet, and I already placed another order. Somebody please tell me that I'm normal :(



    Well if it's not normal than I am weird too LOL. I have done that about 5 times already and I just started ordering on 09/12/09 less than a month ago ;) . So yeah girl we are normal shoot! LMAO.


    I want to try Come2ME. I LOOOOOOOVE CFM, I have one bottle at home, two that should be being shipped out any day now and I am seriously considering getting at least

    one more bottle before it sells out. :D I think I need help, intervention already LOL

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