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  1. I just wanted to be a stalker and say hi. It's been a while since I popped in, so I am like a ghost...
  2. Can I just say LP Green? I am getting low on my last bottle...
  3. I loved coming back and seeing Tropical Musk is being re-released again! I remember ordering that as a custom several years ago. It still makes me think of Jamaica when I wear it. .
  4. This is a forum of scent junkies, so you will fit right in...
  5. Here are the pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10201672612157319&type=1&l=6c21ca41f3
  6. Thank you! I am pretty excited to now be a married woman. We have been together 2.5 years and I still love him. A good sign. lol
  7. Hi all! I am still around... I am getting married on Sunday. Will be breaking out my Remind Me Again for my special day so that I can share it in spirit with those that blessed that oil. :-)
  8. Holy Cow! Seeing as how I am now at 2900, I have some shopping to do!
  9. Welcome! Addiction is easy in these parts.
  10. Miss Mara! It's been awhile... I totally forget where I left off. Can you tell me where I am at in posting credits?
  11. OMG!!! Totally ordering bottles of Transition, Star and Lovers. Emperor, Magician, World and Sun will depend on how the samples mesh with my skin (I have a sampler coming)...
  12. I am SOO excited to get this month's sampler! I buy the annual subscription every year and just love it! For those that regularly get the sampler, consider the annual. It is a GREAT deal (although you have to shell it all out up front) and a wonderful new year's present to yourself. I take the one's I am not fond of and just hand them around to my friends and co-workers. They get the benefit and I am sure that I have created more than a few more addicts out there.
  13. Congrats Kbudish! I am soooo excited that I just ordered a new annual monthly sampler subscription! Last month was the last one on my last subscription and I just can't be without my little package of happiness every month!
  14. Well, for the record... Pumpkin pie is fantastic cold with some almost frozen whip cream on top. Try it that way... Or try pumpkin cake. That is fantastic too, especially with cream cheese frosting.... If you can scramble a sample of last year's autumnal equinox, it had some pumpkin in it...
  15. I am not very good at reviewing tobacco based scents, since we don't see eye to eye on how they should blend with my skin... That said, it is a softer scent that seems to heat up a little as it dries down. It is very pretty until my skin turns into some possessed devil that screams "no tobacco!" I would agree that this is probably not your everyday men's scent, but could be very sexy in the right situation.
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