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  1. I love the sugared scents
  2. I have Pink Sugar ans by far it is my favorite scent. I love warm, buttery, sweet sents. I may try LP pink... thanks for the review.
  3. laitcaramel

    Honey Ho

    Is honey hoe similar to sugared honey? I didn't like sugared honey at first, but I let it age a month and the scent was....... to die for. :-) yummy and rich.
  4. laitcaramel

    Honey Ho

    thanks Dolly! :-) sounds like a good potion.
  5. I feel like falling in love all over again. This is a wonderful scent for all ages. Smells like warm baked goods. I can’t stop sniffing my arm……..J I am addicted to sugared honeycomb, but sogni incantati may be my new favorite scent. The scent makes your feel special, and sweet. I haven’t slept with the scent yet so I’m not too sure about the enchanting dreams, but I can honestly say that this scent puts me in a positive happy live-forever mood. It’s sweet, but not to sweet, you can definitely smell the marshmallows. I’m 26 and I feel like a little princess in a white gown filled with diamonds and gems. Please make this a permanent scent. I will have to buy a full bottle soon.
  6. wow, Sweet Valentine is that good? I ordered me a sample and can't wait to wear it.
  7. lol, I haven't been on here in a month so I have a lot of catching up to do. I will have to email LP. I noticed lots of new mixes. I'm so excites!!!!
  8. laitcaramel


    Hey ladies, I was wondering if anyone here purchased his4her? Now I must say I truly love Super for Men; smells richer, sexier, and better then super for women. I wish I Can have super for men with female pheromones. The scent is in toxicating!!!!! Now, can someone please describe the his4her, is it similar to the super for men oil?
  9. I would love to try that mix, but I am not a big fan of chocolate. I tried BFF and it was more of a chocolate scent so I threw it away. :-(
  10. did you get your sample? let us know what it smells like. I'm not a fan of chocolate, doesn't go well with my chemistry.
  11. Only if I was there Remmy, I would have not allowed that nun to disrespect you like that. I would have given her my two cents. I am adding that mix to my list. :-)
  12. Super sexy works great with pink sugar, you can smell the pheromones, it's so potent and it smells like sex. Anytime the opposite sex smells the scent it put them in a happy sexual excited mood. I do not recommend wearing Super Sexy in public. I had to find out the hard way. lol
  13. where is the ESTRATETRAENOL SPRAY ? Can someone send me the link.
  14. I ordered $220 worth of mixes within a week, I need mental help...... I can't resist!!!!! tempation is in the air.
  15. wow, that sounds good. Can someone please create this scent...... I love smell goodzzzzzz :-)
  16. I can't wait for my order, I'm going crazy already.... I'm on both forums also, I can't get enough of pheromones, love scents, and etc....
  17. Hello ladies, I’m new to love potion perfume, but not new to pheromones. My friend introduced me to this site and so I decided to give it a try. I’ve been using pheromones since I was a teen. I started out with Realm perfume; the Neroli scent drives me crazy. It was my favorite until I ran into Instant Sexiness A for women. I’m not a pheromone princess when it comes to mixes, but I’ve gotten greats results with a few of my favorite mixes. I’ve tried Mx274 from Androtics website and it smells so good. I also tried IS/A, MX108, and P79. The results were crazy. There’s been a time when I was afraid to leave my house because the results I was getting made me uncomfortable. Super Attention wise….lol Do not mix Mx108 and P79 unless you want to give men woodies….I’ve it and it works. Lol :banana054: This is my fourth or fifth post so I do not know if I’m entitled to the free samples. I went ahead and ordered Phero Girl, Super Sexy, and BFF. I like this site, there’s more mixes and scents to choose from. I plan to build a collection for special occasions. I love sexy, grown, and mature seductive scents. I also love sweets like vanilla, and candy. Are the effects just as strong as the Instant line? When I wear pheromones I usually use four to five sprays. I usually spray my hair, inner wrist, neck, inner elbow, and behind ears. Is it possible to OD with your mixes? What’s the limit one can use application wise? Do you have any mixes similar to Instant shine for the center of attention? What’s the sexiest mix ever?
  18. wow, I must grab me a sample, sounds like the scent alone is driving people crazy. Yum yum, I sure do love vanilla or sweet scentes mixes.
  19. thaks ladies.... I'm glad to be here.... can't wait to receive my orde.... :-)
  20. I love instant sexiness especially IS/A after I ordered I just discovered Love Potion Red, The notes sounds yummy and I could see myself wearing this mix. Next time I will have to order it. J
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