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  1. Mara, I'm going to have to cancel for my reservation for the Bath Salt. I couldn't fit it within my budget while putting a list together for the invoice I'm about to send you. I hope that is alright.
  2. Thanks, Mara. My skin does prefer lighter products in general since I live in always sunny and humid Florida, but I much prefer the scents offered for the body butters. I'm probably going to apply them like I would my perfume and just at places that are bit more dry or my pulse points before putting on my perfume oil/spray. Thank you so much for the response.
  3. I would like to reserve 2 of Aphrodesia Body Butter and 2 of LP: Original with Cops Body Butter. Oh, and if it wouldn't hurt to ask, are there expiration dates on them that I need to be aware of? I got a body butter from another seller a few years back, and I didn't use it for about 3 months, and it got rancid and really greasy, so I would just like to take precautionary measures if possible.
  4. This is such a beautiful scent. I was so lucky to snag a bottle of this during the sale. It's a sheer vanilla with a crisp, clean quality formed from the white amber and white musk. The only quips I have with this is that burns off rather quickly on my skin, even in oil form (about 3-4 hours). Otherwise, this is a lovely fragrance - delicate and elegant. Any possibility that this will be rebrewed in the future?
  5. bubble0330

    Totem: Bunny

    I wasn't really sure what to expect when I got this bottle. I'll admit, I was a little worried how this would've turned out since my skin does NOT typically play well with Benzoin or Marshmallow Root. But against my better judgement, I got a full bottle of this anyway during the sale, and OMG, I absolutely do not regret it. This is a wonderful cuddle scent. The description for this is just on point. There really is a sort of optimistic and playful nature to this scent. It's bright and cheerful, but at the same time very soft and subtle. It gives me a lot of happy vibes. Personally, I think this is a scent best worn for spring, but I'll probably wear this whenever I need something to uplift my spirits. So happy I was able to snag a bottle of this. Sad that I only have one, but I'm determined to make this one last.
  6. I decided to slather some of this blend on for work, and on first application, it was an immediate burst of ripe fruits and berries. I was a little worried that the scent would turn plastic on my skin but after about 20-30 minutes of wear, it blossomed to a beautiful rich and dark berries. It smells really yummy. And the wear of this scent is amazing on my skin. Though I prefer my fruits more soft and light, I find myself liking this scent a lot.
  7. I just received this in a full bottle as part of the Threebies package yesterday, and oh my goodness, I am in love with this scent. It's a beautiful, delicate fruity scent. And while I'm not the best at detecting specific fragrances, the whole blend combined creates this gorgeous harmonious scent that distinctly reminds me of ripened and tart Lychee berries that my family harvests every summer. And even better, the scent is not overwhelming so it doesn't aggravate my boyfriend's sensitive nose but strong enough that I can sniff myself throughout the day. I can't believe I just discovered this fragrance now. I'm going to have to remember this blend for future references.
  8. WHAT??? I don't post anything here, ever, but this is my favorite blend, hands down. It's the only pheromone that has ever worked for me and my chemistry (And I've used Gotcha!, Perfect Match, and Treasured Hearts). And what's worse is that I can't even reserve it since my next paycheck isn't until the end of the month.... my heart aches.
  9. Oh, thank you so much. Everything here looks so wonderful, though incredibly overwhelming, so I definitely need all the help I could get.
  10. Hey Shelly, I know this is a relatively old post so I don't know how much it has changed in the past 7 years, but I just have a question. When you're referring to Cougar 2x in alcohol, are you talking about Stone Cougar 2x, the scented Cougar Potion boosted with Stone Cougar, or an older formula? I'm still a newbie when it comes to using pheromones (though I made an account 4 years ago because I love lurking and reading everyone's experiments and experiences but didn't have the nerve to actually try it out myself until recently).
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