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  1. that makes a ton of sense, and i think i exactly what i'm experiencing. thanks so much, StacyK!
  2. thanks! yes, i normally do use a cover scent, but i didn't this time since this was a maiden voyage and i wanted to learn first what Gotcha would be like on me on its own. and the cops smell almost as strong on me here as when i use other scents that are more cop-heavy or cop-focused. I'll shake and keep trying.
  3. that's what i was expecting!! which is why i was so surprised that i smelled the cops so strongly. i've only test-driven it once - one drop to the inside of each wrist, then smooshed on the inside of the opposite inside-elbow area, and could still smell the cops about 30 minutes later. again, this is the oil form in a Pherotine sample. maybe i just need to really REEEEAAAALLY shake it well next time?
  4. very excited to start some trials with my Pherotine sample of UN Gotcha. i find that it smells quite cop-heavy though - much more so than i expected given the description and most other people's reviews. so is this definitely one that i would only want to wear on the torso/away from the face, etc?
  5. SSFW often helps me feel confident when I'm heading into unknown territory, and does so without amping up the sexy factor too much when it's unwarranted. I also second hearts' vote for OW, especially without knowing what vibe you're going for. Good luck and have fun! (and report back! )
  6. Hey all. Apologies if this appears in another thread. Although it's been a few yeas since I've gone the spray route (and I do plan on revisiting them and trying again), I've found that throughout my phero use I almost never got any hits when using a spray (the ones I tried were OW, PP, and DHEAS), whereas I was able to see relatively measurable hits when wearing oils (especially SSFW, H&S, TMI, and CB when I wear Velvet Kisses). And I totally understand that everyone is different, and that some fall in the less-is-more camp while others need more. But I think the only time I ever maybe noticed a possible difference with a spray was the one time I wore 5 (maybe 6) sprays of PP. I generally tend to start out small with the oils and build up, and while I tried to do the same with the sprays I just felt like I never really had any results at all. Just wanted to put this out there to se if anyone else had a similar experience re: sprays vs. oil. And I think I remember someone telling a similar story about TH, and how they never had a hit with it until they finally went with something like 7 or 8 sprays (I also realize that I haven't tried the sprays I mentioned above in an oil form, to see if maybe I just don't respond to those blends at all.) Thanks for any feedback. xx
  7. i'm having almost exactly the same experience so far! tried one spray for a test drive, put it aside for number of weeks, and recently came back around to try it again. i got a lot of marshmallow, a lot of licorice, and a bright flash of grapefruit, but each scent seemed to exist singly on its own, rather than playing with or melding with the others. and after the drydown it coalesced into something that felt strangely familiar, and i couldn't quite place it...until it hit me: on me, it smells just like Wrigley's Juicyfruit gum. kind of appealing actually, but not what i was expecting.
  8. It's going to take me some time to be able to identify which elements are coming to the fore, which are stronger initially, and which are more evident in the drydown.... but for now, this is perfectly recreating that elusive scent of my favorite Tibetan shops, where you're surrounded by fragrant wood furniture and bright folded silks and glittering jewelry and beautifully carved deities, and you can't QUITE identify what that wood/incense blend in the air is but you love love love it. this -- for me and on me -- is exactly that.
  9. iolite

    Distant Calliope

    This is lovely. It has the powdery/dusty/wood-y feel of my beloved Velvet Kisses, but instead of VK's overt chocolate-ness this one showcases a gorgeous soft creaminess, with a subtle drop of brightness from the orange blossom honey. Wonderful. And what is this Cocoa Honey of which you speak? I missed that one, and can't find it in the Perfumerie or in the sold-out archive. Could someone direct me to its page? x
  10. hello all (this might be addressed in another thread already, so if so, please direct me): after being on a low-dose birth control fro 10 years i accidentally went off of it (for real!! completely and utterly forgot to resume it for the first time ever), and am spending a few months off of it while i decide if i want to resume. it's been about two months so far and things seem very back to normal, cycle-wise. i'd love to know what others have experienced with regards to whether and how the effects of their favorite scents changed after they went off of BC. i'll be 45 next week (woo-hoo!), and my favorite scents/effects so far have been with SSFW (un), Velvet Kisses, and brown sugar LAM. thanks so much! xo iolite
  11. thanks so much, everyone!! i forgot to mention in my original post that i was concerned about giving off the "unclean" vibe when wearing these on wrists, etc., but with so many others doing the same i think i can rest easy. and i too am sometimes too impatient to wait for the drydown, so this is just what i wanted to hear. and yes, this definitely bears repeating - thank you StacyK!
  12. hello all. i KNOW this is answered somewhere already, but i can't find it, and my computer's temporarily slow speed is driving me up the wall. big apologies for asking such a basic question: is it actually okay to wear scented cops scents (ex: Velvet Kisses, Brown Sugar LAM (yum) ) on wrists/forearms, collarbones/cleavage etc? or should they also be strictly kept to the torso, back of the knees, "as far away from the face and hair areas as possible" etc? thanks so much.
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