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  1. that makes a ton of sense, and i think i exactly what i'm experiencing. thanks so much, StacyK!
  2. thanks! yes, i normally do use a cover scent, but i didn't this time since this was a maiden voyage and i wanted to learn first what Gotcha would be like on me on its own. and the cops smell almost as strong on me here as when i use other scents that are more cop-heavy or cop-focused. I'll shake and keep trying.
  3. that's what i was expecting!! which is why i was so surprised that i smelled the cops so strongly. i've only test-driven it once - one drop to the inside of each wrist, then smooshed on the inside of the opposite inside-elbow area, and could still smell the cops about 30 minutes later. again, this is the oil form in a Pherotine sample. maybe i just need to really REEEEAAAALLY shake it well next time?
  4. very excited to start some trials with my Pherotine sample of UN Gotcha. i find that it smells quite cop-heavy though - much more so than i expected given the description and most other people's reviews. so is this definitely one that i would only want to wear on the torso/away from the face, etc?
  5. It's going to take me some time to be able to identify which elements are coming to the fore, which are stronger initially, and which are more evident in the drydown.... but for now, this is perfectly recreating that elusive scent of my favorite Tibetan shops, where you're surrounded by fragrant wood furniture and bright folded silks and glittering jewelry and beautifully carved deities, and you can't QUITE identify what that wood/incense blend in the air is but you love love love it. this -- for me and on me -- is exactly that.
  6. hello all (this might be addressed in another thread already, so if so, please direct me): after being on a low-dose birth control fro 10 years i accidentally went off of it (for real!! completely and utterly forgot to resume it for the first time ever), and am spending a few months off of it while i decide if i want to resume. it's been about two months so far and things seem very back to normal, cycle-wise. i'd love to know what others have experienced with regards to whether and how the effects of their favorite scents changed after they went off of BC. i'll be 45 next week (woo-hoo!),
  7. thanks! what would you consider a "healthy dose"? thanks MissHazel! and yes, as far as i can tell it's the only blend that contains TC...i think, anyway... btw, Seer and TMI have had somewhat similar effects for me so far, but i haven't done a very good, specific comparison of of the two yet. xx
  8. that makes total sense, i bet it smells delicious...i just wish i were in that chemistry club, too! i'll give it some time and revisit, but if it doesn't work out eventually i know someone else could get great use from it. xx
  9. feeling a little heartbroken with this one: from the description and most everyone's reviews i was CONVINCED this one would knock it out of the park for me. sadly - and weirdly - i get almost no vanilla with this one, and my skin seems to amp up the honeycomb in a weird way (experienced something similar with my Sugared Honeycomb sample, but i haven't tried that out enough yet to review). i tried this one immediately upon receiving it a few days ago and was disappointed, but opted to simply wash it off and wait a few days to let things settle before trying again. i tried it again last night, s
  10. just got my sample of this two days ago. very candy-cinnamon sweet in the bottle, with the sugars and a hint of patchouli making an appearance. i used one swipe of the wand smeared onto the backs of both wrists as a starting point. cinnamon remained the high note on initial wearing...and two hours later it's settled down to a powdery-yet-creamy sweetness (vanilla and sugars, i'm thinking? and i don't seem to be getting much amber at all...) with the softest cinnamon bite on top. totally lovely!
  11. i love, love love the reviews on this thread! these reviews, plus the fact that i love foodie scents, made this my one of my first choices in my first sample order from LP. i love the scent in the vial and LOVE it on my skin. (sorry to be redundant but can you tell that i love this? ha!) like some of the other folks, i got little-to-no orange in the scent on my skin at all. and i adore how the chocolate and coffee come out on me - sweet, but not overly so, because of a "dusty-ness" that keeps things interesting - by "dusty" i mean more like cocoa powder, and coffee beans with just a hint of th
  12. since i've never met a vanilla i didn't love, i assumed OCCO White would be a no-brainer from the get-go. the jury is still out, but i'll definitely have to to give this one a few more trials before deciding. one swipe on my torso (and then used that as the source for swiping my wrists)... and after the initial dry-down time (about 15 minutes before the initial cop-fruitiness started to fade) the vanilla started to emerge, but something on my skin gave it a somewhat plasticky scent, almost like a vanilla-scented candle (but not the good kind). a few hours later i could barely detect it at all,
  13. Hello! I'm brand new to the LPMP world, and the only one of my samples (received about a week ago) that I've test-driven with any regularity so far is Seer. I love the scent in the bottle, and when I first put it on it gives me a soft, insence-y vibe with some woody vanilla. Thoroughly lovely. But I don't notice the smell that much because I've been mostly wearing it in my hair (about two wands' worth swiped through my hair) during my social experiemnts - whcih have been quite amazing. During the past week: -I met up with two close friends on two separate occaisions, and each told me some
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